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2009 Honda Civic - Not locking after start

Hi, I purchased a Fortin Evo-One with the THAR-HON-A2 T-harness for my 2009 Honda Civic (automatic) with facory Alarm. I went through the Options in the Fortin App and flashed it with the latest firmware. I configured the option to LOCK the door after it remote starts. I also configured the option to not stop the car when the door is opened. The car starts up fine, but it does NOT lock the door after the remote start and it stops the engine when i open the door. It seems to be ignoring all the options I have set. It is not clear to me if I need to tap into the drivers door lock harness or not. I was under the impression that the door locks would be controlled by the CANBUS and this hookup was no longer required with the newer firmware. Any suggestions?


2015 Jetta Push To Start can't operate door looks with RF-KIT 642W

I just installed an EVO-All with Crimestopper RF-KIT 642W using a T-Harness in my 2015 Jetta TDI with Push to Start. The factory fob still works and can remote start by pressing lock 3 times. The 642w fob can only remote start and remote stop the car. It has no control over the door locks or trunk. When I press the lock or unlock button on the 642w fob I see the blue led on the EVO-All come on slightly. What am I missing? Thank You!


Evo all 2015 volkswagen jetta door locks not working

Door locks inop. Using rfkit. Unit response to command from remote via unit, but no output. Checked connection and matches guide perfect. Stand alone install tried multiple firmware and updated to newest. Starting ok trunk pop ok


2017 ford transit cargo van locks not working after setting for a long period of time.

Hello i have installed a evo-all and viprer 5706 2 way alarm on my 2017 ford transit cargo van using thar1 harness. after setting for a long period of time or overnight the doors will not unlock with the viper fob and its a 2 way fob indicating the doors are unlocked but i have to ude factory fob to unlock them. if i go into astore for a short time the viper fob unlocks doors with no prblem. The evo-all is programed in can bus only becuase the van has no immobillizer. I noticed in the qustions ans answers sectioun that someone was having a similar problem and tech said you may have to add a relay to wake bcm. If this is the case were would relay be wired in and what would trigger it the alarm or module and were would connections be made? Just FYI when i remote sart the van after setting overnight doors unlock with alar fob just fine every time so im assuming this is my problem. any information would be greatly appreciated Tank You Eric


Door Locks not working

I did an install of aftermarket door locks with actuators and relays on a 2016 RAM 1500 Tradesman with manual locks and manual windows. I have installed EVO-All with the THAR-CHR6 and fortin FTX64-2W. The remote start starts but will not turn off, the doors will not lock or unlock. I have checked and rechecked all connections and have reprogrammed the EVO-ALL several times. Seems like the module is not sending a negative signal thru the purple and purple and white wires to tell the locks what to do. I do not know what is going on with the remote start portion. Help!


2009 Lexus RX350 door locks

I am having trouble with a 2009 Lexus RX350 door locks. I hardwired the locks with the purple and purple/white and I can hear the module click when I press lock or unlock but the doors don't lock or unlock. I know it's the right harness because the door locks didn't work at all when I unplugged the connector. I am using an EVO ONE and the firmware is 4.18 which tech support told me to use because otherwise the vehicle cranks but does not start.


2006 ford f150 rf kit door locks

Hello, I have a 2006 ford 150 that I would like to install the evo one into. I see the 3X option is not avaliable for this truck. Is there anyway to wire one of the inputs to the door lock negative/positive to trigger the 3x start and use it that way? Or if I install the rf kit with the evo one can I use the spare on board dpdt relay to actuate the door locks on this truck? I want to get away from carrying two remotes if I can. Any ideas to achieve this welcome! Thanks Shawn


nissan murano autolocking

recently did a 2006 murano regular key with a compustar remote starter. locks/arm/disarm works fine until i get in the car for takeover and its locks the vehicle but doesnt unlock unless you do it manually. i tried changing ignition locks on/off etc but nothing seemed to work.


Jeep KOZ (750Pts.)


08 Jeep Gr Cherokee Diesel - alarm goes off on second start.

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee - EVO-ALL standalone First cycle of RS with 3xlock works fine. If runtime expires or is canceled the second cycle sets off the factory alarm. Option D2 is on - but acts funny. Unstead of just a single unlock before RS, it unlocks then locks immediately. After key take over, drive and shut down, EVO still relocks/rearms doors. I've downgraded several firmware back to .14 but no change. Unit programs fine etc.

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