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Being able to add an rf kit and Parking Light t Harness

Im looking at adding a parking light t harness for my 2018 Ford Focus I found a parking t harness but the end of the Blue connetor that that plugs into the Evo- one is being currently occupied by my rf kit. Im wanting to add my rf kit and my Parking light t harness could i get a spliter that would be male to the Evo and split to two female ends allowing me to plug in the rf kit and the parking light harness. Finally in the end would i just need to get the evo all?


Where is the parking lights wire

Its not the red wire I tested it it only gives 12+


Infiniti A L (180Pts.)


Remote started the car, but parking light not on

I installed EVO-ALL in a 2017 Infiniti QX70 with THARN-NIS1 harness using guide #90131. It is a stand alone remote starter programmed with 3X lock on OEM fob to remote start the car. The brown wire from the T harness is connected to the only red wire(pin 8) on the only 10-pin white connector at the BCM as it is depicted in the installation guide. I also confirmed with WIRECOLOR.COM picture and diagram, the red wire is the parking light wire for the car. I test the brown with a meter when the car has remote started and I don't see 12V at the brown wire. I see 12V on the red wire when I turn the car light switch to parking light position. Should there be 12V on the brown wire from the THARN-NIS1 harness when the remote is running the car?


2014 malibu t-harness installation parking light

hello, i am installing a evo-all on a 2014 malibu and the flashlink software shows A14 as the parking lamp. however the instructions i'm following 63361 state the parking lamp is wired differently with a module i am not using. can i safely use the a14 wire to the suggested gray parking light wire?


2009 - 2014 Audi S4 Parking/Marker Light

Hey Fellas, I installed an EVO-ALL w/ AUD1 T-Harness on a 2011 Audi S4 as standalone using Guide # 77161. Remote starter works great but park lights don't turn on when its running. I had the parking light control ON the settings/options using through the flash-link updater and I don't see an analog wire to actually connect the EVO-ALL/EVO-ONE into vehicle's parking light circuit. Am i missing anything? Thanks!


Where is the parking light harness so I can get to the negative parking light wire on 2010 Dodge Charger?

EVO-ALL Stand alone install with T- Harness.


Is ignition connection required from evo all to remote start?

Guide # 68991 shows ignition in/out from remote start can be required in dotted line and guide # 68941 shows it connected to evo all purple/yellow A16. No connections from remote start to car required only data cable from evo all? Are parking lights done through data? On 2015 f150?


Is the parking light suppose to stay on after remote start?

My parking lights isn’t on when it is remote started. I would like to have it on until I drive off. Is there a way to do this?


Lexus G M (14080Pts.)


2017 GX 460 parking brake wire

where to find the parking brake wire on the 2017 Lexus GX 460?


Can the parking light wire be hooked up to another source?

I have a 2010 Ram 2500 with gas engine. I have a set of Rock lights underneath my truck for an awesome look when it is parked. Can I hook up the Signal wire from the 20 pin harness of a EVO-CHRT4 to these lights instead of to the parking lights? these Rock lights draw 4.5 amps. Could I connect the signal wire to the ground of these rock lights?


Is the parking light relay required on 2013 escape

Do I need to install a parking light relay for the stand alone with a rf kit and evo fort1


2012 F150 Parking light wire location and colour and connector pls .

I cant find the wire for parking light for 2012 F150 xlt 5L engine 4*4 . I cant find the connector on pass kik panel


parking brake light stays on

with evo-one parking brake light stays on... if I remove evo-one the parking brake light works fine


Connected parking light wire and they do not turn on.


I bought the EVO-ALL with THAR-NIS1 for my Nissan Juke 2012 ( PTS ) I was able to get every other connection working except the parking lights. I plugged the brown wire from the harness to the purple wire shown in the Wire-Color pictures and even confirmed that it is the correct wire because I get a constant 12v when I turn on the parking lights and probe that wire. Is there something I am missing that would cause the lights not to turn on?