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evo-one all three LED lights keep on blinking

evo-one all three LED lights keep on blinking While programming the device


Why do all three lights flash when I put on the 4 pin connector CHRT5?


2010 Ford Taurus standalone no tach signal

|nstalled EVO-ALL and THAR FOR4 into 2010 Ford Taurus standard key, standalone. Car will start and die after 5 seconds with evo red light flashing 3x for no tach detected. Used latest firmware and have tried backdating as well. Have also tried 2 other EVO-ALL modules with no success. Using Decryptor one key method. Serial # 001A07 153393.


All 3 LEDs on EVO-FORT4 with first key in

2014 Ford Flex Std. Key w/EVO-FORT4 Soon as the fist key is inserted all 3 LED's stay lit solid...even all through 2nd key and back to the 1st key during programming. Vehicle can be put in 3rd key programming mode without module installed (door locks will cycle). Key sense wire is good, ignition chime comes on when key is inserted. Tried programming also without red plug plugged into the module. And checked with tech support using SN to make sure the module was programmed correctly. ?? Thank you.


3 X Lock engine start on 2001 lexus ES300

Working on a 2001 Lexus ES300 and using guide #58481. Is there an updated version of the software which will support the 3 x lock to start the car without using an additional fortin remote kit? 





Immobilizer wire color and pin location do not match diagram downloaded from fortin website.


EVO-ONE not responding to programming (2008 Mazdaspeed3)


During 2x key programming on my 2008 Mazdaspeed:

1. Hold program button, plug in main power connector, release when LED is red.

2. Plug in main 20 pin connector and 5 pin communication (CAN) connector into fortin.

3. Cycle first key into IG-ON (2) position and wait 3 seconds -> EVO Red light turns off, yellow light turns on.

4. Remove first key -> EVO yellow light turns off, red light turns on.

5. Insert second key into IG-ON (2) position and wait 3 seconds -> EVO red light stays on.

6. remove second key and within 5 seconds press and release program button ->  After this I can get different results, but the ignition never engages on its own:

a. EVO clicks once (relay?) and red light stays on. Car alarm is armed and will not allow me to start vehicle. Unplugging main EVO power connector reverts the car alarm to functional.

b. Nothing happens, LED remains Red.

In step 8 of the guide, it says the cars ignition will turn on (does not indicate that I should turn it on). This does NOT occur.

However, If I (within the 5 seconds after pressing program button) insert the key into IG-ON(2), The red light blinks 10 times, then the blue light blinks rapidly. Then they both go off, the unit clicks (relay) and only the yellow light stays on solid. This is what the guide says should happen without me turning on the ignition.

More info:

Trunk (I have hatchback) and hood safety switch are not connected.

I am programming the OEM remote for 3x lock remote starting.

Firmware updated November 4th with:

- Unit options: C1 and D2

- Function 8-5, 34-3

All wires pass continuity check between EVO and vehicle connector pin.


2015 Mazda 3 PTS no yellow light during programming

Under hood there is a pin where instructions show a blank pin for jumper. Installing Evo-All with mazt1 t harness



bonjour par érreur jai appuyé sur la touche Fonction et démarrage et maintenent quand je démarre lauto avec le démarreur et que je déverrouille mes portières le clason bip 3 fois. Sur la manette du démarreur il avait un signal clinote vert avec des bip et maintenant jai une del rouge et un son grave.Comme remettre avec la programation du débu svp


How to restore the Daytime Running Lights on 2017 Toyota Rav4 with H key?

After Installing my Evo-one Remote Starter with the Thar Toy 3 on my 2017 Toyota Rav4 LE the Daytime Running Light was not working anymore. Is there anybody have an idea how to restore the lights?


how can i fix evo issue tried resetting her

i cant program her anymore i tried to prgram her but instead of giving me yellow and red lights its just flashing red and when i am trying last step its all lights flashing alternatively . help please


Mazda 3 2013

Peut on cacher une clé pour contourner le système?


Compatibility and functions Renault Megane 3 key-card

Hello.   I have a Renault Megane 3 2013 Diesel with key-card (keyless-entry & keyless-go), manual 6+1 gearbox, and I intend to buy the EVO-ALL and Flash Link Updater, with target to start the engine remotely with ready mode 2. I readed all documentation about your product and looks to be a great product. Distance betwen my hause and car is about 30m so I can (want) use the OEM remote with 3x press lock button to start/stop the engine. I don't want to use any RF remote, but I want to use a GSM unit that can provide negative signal / pulse for 3 sec or how much it's necesary, to pin A13 to start/stop the engine when it receive a specific SMS password for start or stop. This GSM module is similar to METRA AXXESS TRIGGER. This is for some situation when I am far from my car. So my questions is:   It's compatible EVO-ALL with my car ?   Will work the 3x press lock of my OEM remote to start / stop the engine ?   Will affect the instalation and use of EVO-ALL, keyless-entry and keyless-go function  (cause I use this great function every day)?   Can I activate and use external trigger on pin A13 to start or stop the engine with my GSM unit?   My GSM unit also have a serial port. It's posible to connect and comunicate by serial port with EVO-ALL to start / stop the engine, lock / unlock doors, get status... ?   Like I said, it seems to be a great product, cause I did not found in my country and near, another product with all the characteristics of your product. I look forward to your response.   Thanks, Angel.