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CX30 GX vs GT

I have a 2023 Mazda CX30 Select... not sure what a GX or GT Push Start is. Trying to figure out which THAR-ONE-MAZ5 is the correct harness for my EVO-ONE


When will THAR TOY-14 be available?

T-harness is holding up my install.


2010 Ford Taurus standalone no tach signal

|nstalled EVO-ALL and THAR FOR4 into 2010 Ford Taurus standard key, standalone. Car will start and die after 5 seconds with evo red light flashing 3x for no tach detected. Used latest firmware and have tried backdating as well. Have also tried 2 other EVO-ALL modules with no success. Using Decryptor one key method. Serial # 001A07 153393.


2011 infiniti m56 evo-nist1 install

I bought evo-nist1 for 2011 infiniti m56. In flash manager the connection method selected 'wire to wire' only. But in this home page, I found thar1 connection. Can I flash thar1 wire connection? Or after flash with 'wire to wire' and then use thar connectors during install. I already installed this in my 2010 g37. At that time I flash evo-all with thar connection.


How to restore the Daytime Running Lights on 2017 Toyota Rav4 with H key?

After Installing my Evo-one Remote Starter with the Thar Toy 3 on my 2017 Toyota Rav4 LE the Daytime Running Light was not working anymore. Is there anybody have an idea how to restore the lights?

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