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There is no Red Data key wire in My Mazda 3 2016

I tried connecting the wire to the 8th pin on the 32pin connector but I found out that my mazda doesnot have the red data key wire.I have three other wires in the 10(grey),11(white) and 12(brown) pin. It is a middle east model mazda 3 hatchback. I read one of the answers to the questions about not having a red wire was to use a seperate remote starter or get the Evo one with a T harness for the My mazda 3, I just wanted to ask is it possible that the red data key is a different color and a different pin number than the ones in North Amera on the 32 pin connector in my mazda.


Fuse rating for EVO-ALL power supply

I am about to install EVO-ALL for Standalone installation ( without the T-Harness ) for a nissan Qashqai ( Rogue sport in CA ) with push to start ( Guide # 83931 )

S/N of my EVO-All is : 001A07026604

I have three main questions so i can complete the installation :

1- Fuse rating for the power supply of the module ( between B4 pin and 12v battery )

2- Diodes direction is confusing me as the Ignition A4 pin is an output pin which means that Current should flow from EVOALL to the car BCM pins while the Diodes direction says the opposite  ( cathode at top meaning current flows from BCM pins to EVOALL )

3- Which is more recommended for a way of control to disable remote starting when needed ( i cannot have Alarm functions beside remote starting for this vehcile ) where 2nd option would completey shut off the power to EVOALL :

- Adding ON/OFF switch on the Hood Pin A8( connecting other switch end to ground )

- Adding ON/OFF switch on B4 pin on the same line of the Fuse ( connecting other switch end to ground )

  Many thanks in advance for your support & cooperation


What kind of connector is the red 6-pin relay harness for the EVO-ALL?

I have misplaced the red 6-pin relay harness that came with the EVO-ALL. I was wondering what kind of physical connector it is? (Ex. JST-XH, 1.0mm pitch, etc.). Thank you!


What does the hood pin connect to on the vehicle?

I have an '07 Accord and see that the hood pin is listed to be connected to pin A15 on the Evo One. My kit did not come with a hood pin but I would like to install a manual switch inside the cabin to toggle off when performing maintenance on the vehicle. My question is this: If I connect pin A15 to one pole on the switch where does the other lead go? To a ground point in the vehicle or is there another pin that it needs to go back in to?


Max current rating of +12V pin in shock sensor port on EVO-ONE.

What is the maxiumum current (mA) I can draw from the +12V line in the shock sensor port of an EVO-ONE? Thanks, Jeff


2018 Toyota Tundra Evo One hood pin connection

Hello, I am installing the Fortin Evo One with THAR-ONE-TOY10 wire harness on my 2018 Toyota Tundra. It is not clear where the Pink/Black wire is supposed to connect to the hood pin in the wiring diagram? Thanks for help,


where does the A8 (dark Blue) wire connects on 2015 Nissan Armada Intelligent Key?

I just want to make sure that the meant by "The Driver Door Pin" where the A8 Dk. Blue wire connects is that switch located at the body frame and controls the inside capin lights? is this is the correct interpretation? Thanks


What is the easiest way to connect a door pin wire on a 2014 Nissan Maxima?

I've installed a evo combo ( EVO-NIST1) and the only connection I haven't done is the door pin because I don't know where the BCM plug is located on the vehicle. Some say behind the cluster and other say behind the glovebox. It's funtion is for the auto lights.


mazda 6 2016 have not wire data key in 32-pin connector white in car how i connect blue-black wire

mazda 6 2016 have not wire data key in 32-pin connector white in car how i connect blue-black wire


EVO ONE Defective PIN A8

I installed evo one on my 2011 Nissan Rogue and been using it for 3 weeks from now. I added some DEI voice alarm module but it didn't work because the PIN A8 (Ground-when-armed Dark Blue wire) has a constant ground even the system has been disarmed.

I used an LED Bulb to test PIN A8 by connecting the negative wire of the LED BULB on the PIN A8 wire and the positive wire on the battery and the LED BULB lights up both on Disarmed and Armed.

And because the PIN A8 is defective, I temporarily removed it on the driver side door pin wire because when I close the driver door, the module reads it as open (remote start will not work) and when I open the driver door, the system reads it as closed (remote start will work).

Is there any way to fix the issue on my evo one.




Is the Driver door pin connection required for 2008 Escape

Installed Standalone. Did not make the Driver door pin connection. At end of programming sequence the ignition does not turn on while holding the programming button. I can hear the fuel pump activing but no igntiion. Is this a programming problem or is the door pin connection required ?


What is the specific name of the plastic 3 pin shock sensor connector on an evo-one

I have been to several electronic stores, auto parts stores, and searched the internet. It would help tremendously if I had the specific name of the type of connector used for the 3 pin shock sensor port on the evo-one. I would prefer to have the plastic connector instead of hard wiring it or using butt connectors on the pins. Its hard enough to find a butt connector btw. I have my sensors and the wiring ready to go all i need is the specific name of the plastic connector. Thanks in advance


Location of the parking brake wire and reverse wire on 2016 Outlander?

the parking brake location is offered only at the EVO-ALL but not on the car