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2015 outlander euro

Hello. I also tried the master reset as you told me. I tried another device, which I tried on Ford before (001A07391859), but "take over" is not possible... it says on the monitor that the immobilizer system needs service.


2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Evo-all with evo-start lte and rf642 kit

Hello there guys, i have a 2014 mitsubishi outlander with evo-all and rf442 kit. All works fine and well. And then i added an evo-start lte module. I was able to program it with the rf442 kit. RF kit works fine as before. Then the app for the evo-start works fine as well except for the remote stop/engine off function. Lock, unlock, and remote start/engine on function works. But when i try to do and remote stop/engine off. It doesnt work. Is this a bug on the app? Or is there a programming issue? Again. Lock, unlock, and remote start/engine on works. Its just the remote stop/engine off function that is not working. any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Btw im using it on ios device.


2016 outlander

I want to install evo-all on 2016 outlander(PTS...standalone). On the car, the module can not be programmed. After opening the ignition, the blue LED goes out and a lot of errors are written in the devices. The module I reflashed several times (001A07311845). I also tried another module ... Some kind of Japanese autorun PZ 113-04221 was installed on this car earlier P.S. When trying to program, the ignition does not turn off unless we disconnect the CAN connector When I turn on the ignition and wait for the blue LED to start flashing, then it writes errors ... and the ignition does not turn off with the start button if I do not remove the CAN connector from the module. And the blue LED is not visible (when I remove the CAN connector and turn off the ignition, the blue LED lights up ---


2011 Mitsubishi Outlander ES (2.4L) KEY TO START - What to buy for remote start

Hello experts, please suggest what to order for remote start on my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander ES 2.4L key-to-start vehicle. I would want to use the factory remotes key fobs.


mitsubishi outlander 2020 pushstar

my modulo se programa muy bien el problema que tengo esque no reconose las can 1 hight y low no veo datos de imobilizador ..ise otras pruebasde salida de voltage como ignicion y star.y estan bien ay salida de voltage per el inmobilizador no manda la señal de bypas al inmo del carro..lo e echo muchas veces el procedimiento que ast me bloquearon el poder hacer el decryptor dice que mucho lo e intentado me gustaria me dieran el soporte tecnico para mi vehiculo ya le cambie 3 tipos de firware y lo e reiniciado y nada..numero de by pass sn-001a07 226844


wiring issue on 2020 Mitsubishi outlander

I am trying to wire an evo one to a 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander.  The wiring colors does not match for the can high/low 2 compared to the instructions and pics.  If I wire to the locations on the specific harness it won't program.  The connector is #5 on the instructions.  Any help would be appreciated


2020 Mitsubishi Outlander

I am trying to wire the canbus connections and according to the diagram there on the connection that is being tapped for Can2 high has a yellow/pink wire in the connector and Can2 low is a red/white wire on that same connector. This year must have changed since the wire in the harnass is blue white/wire in in its location of the yellow/pink wire. Can anyone give any insite on what wire i should be connecting this to? I tried the blue white wire and that doesnt work. My unit doesnt flash as it should to use the decryptor plus the vehicle then kicks off all sorts of errors! All the wire colors match up except for this one. The unit I am using is the EVO-ONE. Thanks, John


EVO-START2 Installation with EVO-ONE on Mitsubishi Outlander: Which connection model?

Car is a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander GT 3.0 PTS. Everything was installed as per the instructions (EVO-ONE) and the software was updated as reccomended. The OEM key turns on the car without any problems. When adding the EVO-START2, I realized that the BLACK 4-PIN CONNECTOR was not included with the EVO-START2 packaging. Before ordering the proper cable, I was wondering which connection (1. high powered, 2. low powered RF2A, 3. low powered with THarness) model I need to do with my car (as per the EVO-START2 installation guide). I searched and saw that you don't sell a Mitsubishi Outlander THarness of any kind... so connections 1 and 3 seems out of the question, but I wanted to double check before ordering the RFA2A connector for connection 2.


2011 outlander wont start 3x oem fob

I just installed evo one in a mitsubishi outlander 2011 push start w oem alarm, the programing went well,but when i push the oem lock 3 times wont start, i did the troubleshoting and i dont see a red light when i lock it three times, i don't know if i flash it right ,if i have to reflash it, do i have to program it every time i plug it again to the car?


where are the can bus wires and power wire on a 2017 mitsubishi outlander

I am adding an aftermarket power liftgate and I need to know where I can find the can bus H and can bus L wires as well as the power wire under the dash.


Location of the parking brake wire and reverse wire on 2016 Outlander?

the parking brake location is offered only at the EVO-ALL but not on the car


2005 Mitsubishi Outlander, Zenesis 202S what's best bypass product combo?

I've been reading up and researching on your website on an option for transponder bypass for my car. I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Outlander with Transponder key (Unfortunately only 1 key, do I absolutely need a 2nd?). I see that TBMITS2 can be programmed as a transponder and is listed to be compatible with my vehicle. It says to plug it in to a CAL-SL-PL or EVO-ALL but those products say they are only compatible with Outlander 2007 and newer. I have a zenesis 202S 2-way Remote Starter with RS232 data link port ... Is the data link port usable in this application only using the bypass ? I appreciate your helping me pick out the right combo for my vehicle with the easiest installation.


Transponder Key

I bought the Evo-All and my car is 2007 mitsubish outlander using Transponder  key.

Should I buy the Transponder  box as well?