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Does evo start 2 not work anymore?

I have two vehicles that have this evo start 2 installed and worked well but I’ve noticed that recently nothing on the app itself connects to them. The remotes will start no problem. It’s just through the phone app


Mazda Mmk005 (130Pts.)


Evo Start 2 not working with Evo one with T Harness Thar one Maz3


I recently bought Evo start 2 for my Evo one which I have been using for more than 2 years on my Mazda cx 3 2019 with T harness. At that time I did not choose the app start option while programming the Evo one. Can some please help me where should i be connecting the Yellow wire. Does it goes into the A1. Also none of the other options like door unlock are not working. Do I have to reprogram the Evo one again. I know that the firmware should be atleast 1.21. When i push start from the app the green light on the evo start 2 is turning on but nothing is happening.

I have followed the following steps and it was not working.

Ignition ON - OFF - ON (While holding the brake?)

Press and release brake 4 times

Press and hold the Evo start button until green

Turn OFF Ignition

Thank you for reading any kind of help or suggestions is much appreciated 


Evo all with T-Harness adding Evo Start 2

Hi, I'm looking to add an Evo Start 2 to a Evo all with T-Harness and wanted to confirm that the yellow wire on the T-Harness is in fact the same one that needs to be connected to the Evo Start 2.


evo start 2

I bought an EVO-START2 to add to my EVONE + THAR-ONE-MAZ3 installation. After re-flashing do I need to do the whole decrypt process again? Also do I connect the yellow wire to A1 or E5 onto the harness? Thanks.


Toyota akm (850Pts.)


Evo Start 2 Installation on other car without code

Planning to install Evo Start 2 on other car. For app installation, i don't know the code. Please let me know how to proceed as it is couple of year old and i don't have a box / original code. Thanks for help.


is there an advanced Evo

Hello, is there an advanced Evo with which I can open the door of a 2020 Camry without stopping the engine after starting the vehicle using the remote?


Evo all with Start 2 For Corolla 2022 Push Start

I havs install evo all with start 2 for mobile support. The module is programmed when i press lock key on remote the blue led indicates with each click and after red led turned on same is with remote start app but my car is not starting. is anyone here help me to troubleshoot pls?



Je viens d'acheter un Véhicule avec le EVO-START2 J'ai eu un nouveau code activation mais sa ne fonctionne pas... sa me dit qu' il est expiré mais je ne peux plus rejoindre l'ancien propriétaire donc voici ma question ???? Qu'est-ce que je dois faire maintenant ???? Quel est le procécus ???? Nathalie


Evo start 2 app doesn't work north of Toronto.

Even 25km north is well not work. Not Aurora, barrie or orillia. In Toronto it's fine.


Evo mobile app alowed to used on Kuwait

I buy evo start 2 I want use on my GMC Sierra 2021


Evo Start 2 says running for a few seconds then says off but car is running

Installed Evo all with twvw1 harness and Evo start 2 yellow wire from Evo start 2 connected to purple/yelllow wire from Evo All (ign + out) Evo start will say "Engine On" but the tach needle doesn't change, and then it says that the engine is off the next status request I send. But the car is running. It will show that the voltage is 14+ and the temp rising in the car. But shows the engine off.


evo-all flash jaune et rouge apres avoir programmer l'antenne evo-start 2

J'ai achete evo-all pour avoir un demarreur a distance sur la cle oem mais il manquais de distance alors jai acheter l'antenne evo start 2 toute fonctionnais il decollait apres 3 lock mais apres avoir programmer l'antenne evo start 2 mon module evo all flash rouge et jaune meme apres avoir deconnecter le connecteur 4 pin mais quand je clique sur verouiller ou deverouiller les porte la lumiere de lantenne allume verte mais il ce passe rien


7 secondes de démarrage

Avec l'application ou avec la clef (barre-débarre-barre) l'auto démarre 7 secondes et s'arrête et flash les lumières 3 fois. Il y a une 2e tentative et même résultat. Ça fait 3 ans que le démarreur fonctionne sans problème. Merci.


Is there a way too use aux function on evo start 2 app for ignition kill so it doesnt start the car