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2018 Ford Focus Turbo Timer

Hi there, I want to set up a turbo timer for my ford focus its an automatic transmission with the Evo-One. What settings do I need to enable on the evo one to allow me to do this? As well how do I use the turbo timer on an automatic transmission. Do I just need to put the car in park set the E brake and hold the start button on my rfk912 remotes then promptly exit the vehicle and locking the vehicle behind me.


2018 Ford Focus Evo One Functions to allow a rf remote to work with lock and unlock functions

I was able to get the lock and unlock wires figured out but i don't know what setting i need to turn on to allow me to be able to use the lock and unlock on the Rf remote


2011 Ford Focus Manual transmission possible with EVO-FORT1 ?

is it possible to install evo-fort1 on a manual 2011 focus?


2018 Ford Focus Evo all Lock wiring

I'm looking at the wiring diagram to be able to use the lock and unlock funtion for my evo but im a bit lost after i cut the wires do i run the wires back to the evo or do I add a relay switch at the wires i cut?


Evo-Fort1 with RFK942 only locks with RF remote on 2012 Ford Focus

When I hit lock button on the RFK942 remotes, the EVO-FORT1 locks fine. When I hit unlock on the RFK942 remotes, it will not unlock. OEM remotes both work fine and EVO-FORT1 starts with all remotes. Only issue is it will not unlock with the RFK942 remotes.


DCryptor Process - 2013 Ford Focus

Hello, I have a 2013 Focus Standard Key. I am using a EVO RS FORT 1 system with flashlink 4. The car will act like it is about to start, will say no key detected. I have looked in the installation guide and we do all insturctions, then when we plug it into the flashlink manager to clone the key through the dcryptor process, it will say no key info. How do I get the module to have 'key info'? Any info helps. Thanks


Difference in Evo-one and Evo-all for 2012 ford focus?

When I input information for vehicle (2012 Ford Focus, auto). The Evo-All and Evo-one were 2 products that came up. I don't understand what the difference between this 2 are for my application? I just want to be able to start the car using the OEM 3X lock function, so do I go with the EVO-All or Evo-One module? Your description say's that the EVO-One module is N/A for standalone but diagram and programming for it indicates it can be a standalone option?


Ford Focus 2017 Remote start trigger seat warmers? Evo-All

Hello! I have the Evo-All T harness updated with the flashlink-2 in my 2017 Ford Focus and I see a setting on the programmer to turn on the seat warmer on in cold weather. Currently it is 6 degrees and it still wont turn on. Is this a feature my car is compatible with or did i miss a wire? Thank You!


Why are datalink protocols F1 F2 F3 off?


I have been having issues with my remote starter system. My setup is a regular type with an Evoall and a crimestopper LC1 unit. Remote start doesn’t work after car battery replacement. 3x lock doesn’t do anything.

I tried to start the car with the remote that came with the LC1 unit and it does work! The OEM remote (3x press) does nothing but blue led flashes everytime i press it.

Im looking at the enabled features on my evoall unit and noticed that all data protocols (F1, F2 and F3) are off. Im curious if this is normal?

What else could i check on my setup?





Issues after battery replacement

Hello im having issues when remote start after a battery replacement on my car. Everything used to work very well. Wiring is intact. My setup is a regular type with an Evo all and a crimestopper LC1 unit. Remote start doesn’t work at all after the battery replacement. 3x lock doesn’t do anything. Blue led does flash on evo all when I lock - I lock car. Can you please give me some ideas on what to check? Thanks


2013 Ford Focus EVO-ALL won't complete programming

I am trying to program an EVO-ALL in a 2013 Ford Focus with two original working factory keys. I get to step 5 and insert the first key. The yellow light comes on and goes off. When I insert the second key the yellow light does not come on. I press the program button in step 8 and the ignition comes on. The red light remains solid. The blue light blinks 20 times and then everything shuts off. I have verified the wiring is correct. Any suggestions on why the module key bypass will not program? Regards Travis


2013 Ford Focus Driver Door Pin Wire

I need to hook up wires A17 & A18 on a 2013 Ford Focus. I see the location in the WireColor guide. However, the guide shows two Green/Purple wires labeled 117 & 148. How do I determine which one is the correct one?


2002 Ford Focus / Key-Override-All / Will Not Program

Installed a Key-Override-All with a Crime Stopper 'CoolStart RS4-G5'. The Crime stopper works great with a key in the ignition only to satisfy the transponder. I have tried several time to program the Override unit with no success. I am using Connection (1) with the Data Link. The RX,TX and IGN wires are connected directly to the ignition switch transponder. The Blue wire is connected to the Yellow/Black on the Crime Stopper (Ground When Running (Bypass Module). I am using Program (2). I press the programming button and plug in the 'Black Connector' and the (6) pin connector. The red light comes on. I than program the keys and than hit the remote start. The red light blinks (3) quick blinks and thats it. The car never remote starts with teh 'Override' however the car will remote start and perform predictably as long as there is a PATS key in range of the transponder ring give me the understanding all is will except the 'Override' module. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?