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Fortin Evo Start - No fuel reading - 2012 Sonata

Installed Fortin EVO ALL + Fortin EVO Start. Everything works except for fuel gauge reading on app. 

I am able use all available app functions for remote start, door close, lock/unlock, GPS, internal temperature. On the App I am unable to get fuel level to be displayed. (see attached screenshot)


Does LTE module control turning heater/AC on/off, heated seats on/off, temperature control? 2010 Audi A4 Key-Port

I just installed the AUDT harness and Evo All module for remote start into my 2010 Audi A4 with key-port. I want to add LTE. Do I just purchase the Fortin Evo start module and program and connect it to my existing EVO All with T-harness? In addition to App control of remote start, GPS, will I be able to turn the heat and AC on and off, control the temperature, and also turn the heated seats on and off? I just want to know the additional features / controls I can have in the app. Thank you.


EvoStart iSO App

Can I change the temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit? How do I get the gas to show the correct percentage? It always says 0%.


Lte upgrade

I already have the Evo all in my 2016 ram. Wondering if it's just another module to add for lte or if it's a whole new setup. Thank you


Lexus NX300 - Fortin EVO one with EVO start LTE cannot remote start with app

My EVO Start LTE can only see the status of the car but cannot control it. The remote control works for the EVO ONE with 3x lock, but using the app for EVO start cannot remote control my car. One thing I notice is when flashing the firmware, there is no option to select EVO start LTE but only EVO start 2. Could this be the problem?


FAQ AGDS (210Pts.)


Evo-Start LTE offline

Hello, i installed the EVo-Start LTE January 12th everything was working great (LTE, GPS, Bluetooth). On February 2nd it went offline while the car had been parked at 2109hrs(MST), no GPS connection no LTE, only bluetooth connection works. On the app, the unit is listed offline, is there any way to reboot the unit? Or is it a network issue. Device ID:8**************


Officially supported add-ons (3rd party) for Evo-All? Esp. cellular/US.

What 3rd party cellular+whatever kits are compatible with Evo All Details: HW rev 7 Nissan Sentra 2015 in the US if it matters.

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