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Fortin Evo Start - No fuel reading - 2012 Sonata

Installed Fortin EVO ALL + Fortin EVO Start. Everything works except for fuel gauge reading on app. 

I am able use all available app functions for remote start, door close, lock/unlock, GPS, internal temperature. On the App I am unable to get fuel level to be displayed. (see attached screenshot)


Some questions regarding +12V connection, fuse size, etc. ('14 A6)

Just a couple of questions on a '14 A6 install (EVO ONE + MyCar smartphone). The two +12V wires (E3 & D3) are to be connected at the OBD-II harness. Since this is a faily low current application so I'm wondering what the appropriate size fuse should be. Nothing in the quide regarding fuse size. In a few of the low-current EVO-ALL installs they specify a 5A fuse, would that be suitable here too? On the same topic, I imagine the OBD-II wires would likely be thin-gauge, (EDIT: +12V looks like 18gauge from the guide photo)... It looks like the E3 wire is 14g. Since this is a low-current application, I'd like to step it down to a smaller gauge so it's not such a bulky connection at the OBD-II +12v wire. How small could I adequetly go on that? One last question: Does the EVO-ONE provide power & ground to the MyCar smartphone addon through the data connector? They have optional power & ground wires for modules that don't provide power... Just want to get an idea before going into the install.

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