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Mycar2 with rfkit 411

I recently installed mycar2 app with Fortin e400 module. The app is working fine along with the module. However is it possible to install RFkit 411 or 441 to the same system. Is it either my car2 or rf kit?


2010 Lexus RX 350 – EVO-ALL Stand Alone with ASCL6 CARLINK: Remote Start Not Working ( NO IGNITION, NO CRANK)

Issue: Remote start does not work when initiating the remote start command via factory remote (3X lock) and/or CARLINK App.

A few things that I noticed when trying to remote start the car:

    The transmitter and CARLINK app are communicating with the EVO-ALL - when the remote start is initiated, the blue LED on the EVO flashes once and a solid red light illuminates after.  During this time, no lights on the cluster/dash turns on and there is no crank.The EVO attempts this process again with the same results. After the second failed attempt, the red LED on the module and the car’s parking lights flashed 3 times.  Next, I tried remote starting the vehicle using the idle mode. 
      I started the car by stepping on the foot brake and pushing the START/STOP button.  Once the car was running, I activated the remote start with the CARLINK app.The remote start count-down timer appeared on the CARLINK app which tells me that the command was sent, and the module is in the remote start mode.I stepped out of the vehicle and the dash screen notified me there was no key (car remained idling)CARLINK app still showed the count-down timer for the run time.I deactivated the remote start using the CARLINK app and the vehicle turned off.

I also checked to see if all the other commands were working properly by using the CARLINK app.

    Lock/unlock doors – good.Open/close back trunk/door – goodParking lights – goodVehicle lock and unlock status - good, shows on the app when the doors are locked or unlocked. Battery voltage shows on app, (13V)

I’ve doubled and TRIPLE checked the wiring, making sure they were terminated as shown in the installation guide (GUIDE # 77041) and that all connections were secured.

I don’t know if I am having issues with the installation or programing. I tried resetting the evo and re-flashing it and also down-grading the firmware to 79.66 to match the firmware on the guide. I think I might have tried a different firmware version as well (in between 79.70 and 79.66) with no luck. I eventually got locked out of the EVO-ALL because the flash limit was reached. I ended up ordering a second EVO-ALL to started from scratch again and I encountered the same problem.

I confirmed that the car does not have a factory remote starter by pressing the factory remote Lock button 2X and holding it after;  the car did not start. Furthermore, I removed the glove box to check if a factory remote start was present, and as far as I can tell, I did not see one. The location of the factory remote starter was referenced from an Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (FLCAN and ALCA TL2) installation guide. If you have more details about where else this might be, please let me know and I can check again.

Please HELP! What should I check next?

Here are some details about the EVO-All that is currently installed.

     Manf Date: 04/2023  SN: 001A07499141Firmware Flashed: 79.70Hardware Inside 7.0 Setup Configuration
         *** SETTING PROTECTION = OFFA1-A11 = ONA12-A14 = OFF B1-B3 = OFFC1 = OND1 = ON
          D1.8 = ON D1.10 = ONAll other D1.X = OFF D2-D5 = OFF (Guide shows D4, Hybrid Mode- do I need to turn this on?)
    Wire Connection (connected according to diagram):
      A8: Not connected - vehicle is equipped with factory hood pin so that status is provided via can bus, correct?


2014 Audi RS7 EVO ONE with Carlink ASCL6 4G

What remote start firmware should I used if I am adding a ascl6 carlink to my Evo-One?


Unable to program MyCar telematics module to EVO-ALL

When trying to learn MyCar telematics module to the EVO-ALL, at the point after switching the ignition ON when the RED & BLUE LED's are supposed to flash, they never do. I have waited upwards of 10 minutes, but they never flash. My MyCar app reads the GPS position of the car but Start/Stop and Lock/Unlock does not work. The telematics module LED's show that the module is connected to both GPS and Cellular. The OEM remote start works as it should with Lock/Lock/Lock. 2021 Toyota Corolla, Push Start, Automatic with T-Harness. EVO Serial N.: 001A07 220406 Any suggestions?


Mycar not working properly with evo

Mycar Lt2 won't work properly on evo one I believe it's paired as I can send commands,shows gps,battery. So problem is if I ready car then later send start signal it will start run a few seconds then shut down and unready vehicle also when I send lock/unlock it sends it three times on either senario as well as it always shows green unlock doors in the middle no matter what state car is in volt and gps seem to work okay I'm trying to get this module up and running please


Alarm input detection myCar

Does anyone know how many pulse the alarm input detection on mycar need to see before it notify the app? Also is there anyway for me to use any aux option myxar have with an evo-all installed in 2014 camry pts. Thank you so much


FAQ AGDS (210Pts.)


Switching from Evo-start2 to Mycar

I currently have EVO-Start2 installed in my car and want to switch to Mycar due to relocating out of Ontario to British Columbia. Is it a simple plug and play, or will the Evo unit need to be reprogrammed for the new telematics?


Linkr Yellow Wire

Would I be able to connect the yellow wire from the LINKR-LT2 module harness to my Evo-all instead of the horn if so which wire would it connect to? Unit is set as standalone alarm / remote start Thank you in advance!



To program your carlink,
    make sure to follow their instructions on how to connect it to the EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE using their own HRN-LLRS-01 harness setup the app for fortin follow programming in car

Here is a copy of their guide. Please read attentively every step of programming since their is setup in the app you must first do.

  EVO-ONE Programming
  Following the RED LED on the BACK of the unit, not the one on top.  
    Igniton ON-OFF-ON  (red led on evo will turn on solid) Hit brake 4 times (red led will flash on each brake press) At this point wait 10 seconds then shut off the car.


EVO-ALL Programming

Please first try the EVO-ONE. It was added to the EVO-ALL firmwares. 

Otherwise, this older method is still functional.

    Disconnect the 20-pin connector Disconnect the 4-pin black connector Press and Hold programming while inserting 4 pin connector.  Release when the LEDs are BLUE and RED Press and HOLD programming button, wait until the BLUE and RED LEDs turn and then BACK ON. Release when they turn back ON. Plug in 20-pin connector Turn ignition ON, all three LEDS will turn ON Wait 10 seconds, then turn off ignition. 


I have Mycar app starter with idatastart module in jetta 2018, want to switch keyless evo all module

I ave got installed Mycar app starter which has idatastart module, in which we need to put one key for bypass. i lost one key and now i want to replace idatastart module with evoall for key less starter. In vw jetta 2018 key start Q1. Can i use myapp with evo all? Q2. Are Evoall,TD VW and flash updater products all i meed to buy ? Do i need to biy anything else? Like T harness ( Because there already one harness put with my car starter) Q3. What all any additional tools do i required? evo-all, mycarapp, vwJetta2018 keystart


Evo one does not enter program mode to program telematics unit.

2020 rdx push to start. Nothing happens after holding the button for 5 sec with ignition on.


FAQ Jim (850Pts.)


Programming EVO-ONE to use MyCar telematics and RFK441

Is it possible to have the MyCar and the RFK441 coexist? It seems the answer is no. I can have both the MyCar and the RFK441 programmed to the EVO-ONE. And inidivually they will work and operate the EVO-ONE. But if I plug in the RFK441 into the harness of the MyCar to have both of them attached to the EVO-ONE, only the RFK441 controls the EVO-ONE. If it is possible, what steps can be taken to make this happen. Or do I need a different remote kit for this to work? Thank you. Jim


Evo all & ascl6 program issue

2014 ram 1500 (standard key start) after successful programming, vehicle can be remote started by 3x lock only....H2 - fortin 2 is selected on in flashlink setting, ascl6 app protocol is set to fortin, RFA2A adaptor is connected but still no luck, both red and green led on ascl6 are on solid, been trying to get the evo all to pair with ascl6 with no success.


evo all led lights are stuck at step 8, will not go to step 9 

1 - Disconnect the Black 4 pin power connector from the Evo-All.

2 - Press and Hold the Programming button on the Evo-All while plugging back the Black 4 pin connector.

3 - The LED’s on the Evo-All will begin to cycle. Keep pressing the programming button until the RED and BLUE LED’s are On.

4 - Release the programming button.

5 - Press and Hold the programming button again for 5 seconds. The BLUE and RED LED’s will blink once.

6 - Release the programming button.

7 - Cycle the ignition to the ON position.

8 - The RED, YELLOW and BLUE LED’s will be ON.

9 - Seconds later the RED and BLUE LED’s will blink once to confirm that the MyCar ID has been learned to the Evo-All.

10 - Cycle the vehicle’s ignition to the OFF position to Exit EVO-ALL programming.