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Will the Evo-All work with easyguard EC002 in a 2012 Ram 1500?

I have been using the EVO-ALL for remote start, on my 2012 Ram 1500, but wanted to add the Easyguard EC002-F02-NS, are these compatible and if so can I get the required wiring to connect the two?


Ford G M (12070Pts.)



There was a broken wire in the underwing connector going to the underhood button. We fixed it and the remote start worked. Thanks for support.


Toyota DMPNJ (130Pts.)


2007 Toyota RAV4- No immobilizer

I’m installing an Evo One in a 2007 Toyota Rav4. The car does not have an immobilizer. What are the steps to program the module? I’m not finding it anywhere. Thanks


Evo One LTE will not remote start, unlock and lock doors from phone.

Hello, I recently installed the Evo One LTE USA. The oem remote works fine to remote start the vehicle but anything to do with the evo start module won't work. It shows the doors being unlocked and opened, battery voltage, and temperature. I configured the RF kit as the Evo Start 2 when flashing my Evo One, could that be the issue? I also could not find a wiring diagram anywhere on either of your websites which would probably help me. I could only find the wiring diagram for the canadian version with the antenna. Vehicle is a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Using Gm7 T-harness.


When will THAR TOY-14 be available?

T-harness is holding up my install.


2007 City Golf evo one 411 install

I am going to be installing an evo one 441 into a 2007 City Golf manual, for the handbrake reading another question I am on my own for the clutch bypass which is easy enough, however the guide says that lock/unlock/arm/disarm/foot brake are not supported, I was under the impression this car is electrically identical to a 2002-04 mk4 Golf which has those features supported. I don't mind making the extra connections if need be however obviously rather have it all done via CAN So does the City Golf support lock/unlock/arm/disarm via CAN like the earlier 02-04 Golf or no? Thanks


2015 Dodge Charger will not remote start

Hello. Referring to this guide I have set up my EVO-ALL

Here is what I have done:
- Flashed the unit with the latest firmware
- Selected my vehicle in the flashlink software
- Connected the T harness and ignition wires

When programming:
- Let go of programming button on BLUE
- Press programming button once to turn off BLUE
- Turn ignition to RUN
Now the BLUE led starts flashing. According to the guide, the RED led should also be flashing, which it is not. That leads me to believe that CAN2 is not being detected, is that correct? How do I fix this issue?


Fortin RM422 Kit - Can the beeps on the remote be enabled or disabled?

I just added the Fortin RM422 kit to my EVO-ONE on my 2009 Honda Civic. Everything is working as expected except for 1 of the remotes (it comes with 2 remotes) does not beep/chime at all when used. However, it does appear to function properly and starts the car. The other remote works as expected and does chime/beep when the car is started. My question... is there a sequence of buttons that I need to push on the remote to enable or disable the chime? Not sure if I hit some button by mistake and disabled the beeping on the remote. Is the remote defective and I need to get it exchanged? Thanks, Jason


Mazda jenom (160Pts.)


Install Guide #68261 Thar-One-Maz3 2017 Mazda CX-5 Automatic Push Start

I am following steps in Guide #68261.

1) As per large yellow "ATTENTION" warning, disconnected - terminal from battery.

2) Removed covers

3) Made the following connections: #4,#5,#6

7) Made the other required connections: Diagram on page 4 (Connect everything else)

6) Reconnect - battery terminal

Page 7 Step 1: Connect the 6-pin Main Harness

--already connected everything to Evo-One control at #7, however diagram show Evo-One control with NOTHING connected !

Are those connectors magically disconnected by themselves ? Maybe  missing instructions ? 

....disconnect battery - terminal ?   .....disconnect all connections from Evo_One control ? ...reconnect - battery terminal ?


sienna 2021 + evo one + evo start lte = power sliding door control possible?

using the evo-one model. Is it possible to control the power sliding door on the sienna 2021 model with evo-start lte?


Flashlink Manager won't recognize Evo-One Module

Just purchased a flashlink 4 updater. Downloaded the software but it won't detect that the evo-one is plugged in. Updater is on latest software.


2016 Toyota Tundra - Evo One Hood Switch don't shut down vehicle when hood is opened

I have a 2016 Toyota Tundra with the Evo One installed with the THAR-ONE-TOY7 harness. The problem I have is that the vehicle don't shutdown when it has been remote started and then the hood is opened. The vehicle will not remote start if the hood is opened, so I know the hood switch is functioning. SN: 002B04637646


Vehicle locks itself after couple of seconds, when I exit.

I installed Evo-one with RFK411 on my 2012 Subaru Impreza Standard key manual transmission. Everything works fine but When I exit the vehicle after parking following the ready mode sequence:

     Vehicle keeps running even when I take the key off of the ignition barrel and it shuts off only when I shut the door after exiting.

            Is it possible to turn off the vehicle with the key without exiting the door?

     The door locks itself after couple of seconds.

           Is it possible to keep the vehicle unlocked when I exit even after the ready mode is activated. and I should have to lock it manually form the remote? Incase I forget the keys in                 the car.

P.S. : I've read Active and Passive Alarm and starter kill function. Is there anything to do with that?

Thanks in advance.


Flash limit 9/8

I've reached the flash memory limit I've been experimenting with firmware Serial number 001A07 389952 What should I do next? Why is the number of firmware updates limited in the first place? I'm not an experienced user, and I wanted to understand how it works but hit the reprogramming limits.


Evo-one runs 45 seconds then shuts off

Corolla h/b 2020 push-to-start manuel. Je viens de remplacer tout le filage et le evo-one. Decryptor et programmation se passent bien. Moteur démarre et fonctionne pendant 45 secondes, s'éteint, puis redémarre et fonctionne encore 45 secondes. Problème de tach en data link? Pourtant l'ancien kit a fonctionné 3 ans avec les mêmes branchements. 70.66 les door locks ne fonctionnent plus et le evo-one devient défectueux .. 70.70 roule 45 secondes et door lock ok. 1.25 ok. 1.24 pas de door lock fonctionnels. 1.26 decryptor impossible. En tachless ne démarre pas.





  What does it mean this phrase ?


2020 Toyota Camry park lights

I’m installing an evo-all with the t harness as a stand alone remote start. In the install guide it shows the - output for the park lights but no wire from the evo-all and no connection point listed. Do I need to connect wiring for the park lights to work or is this control through data? In flash link manager there is an option to turn the park lights on or off.


2017 S3 - First Time Installer/User want to make sure I have the correct parts!

Hey everyone! First time user/installer here and I am doing a mini project to install the remote starter on my own. I was originally quoted over $600 to do an install and after some research, I've found that it's a relatively easy DIY install. Given it's my first time, I'd like to make sure I've got all the parts needed to get it working the way I want.

My car:
2017 Audi S3 Prestige (Push to Start) - Initial Delivery date of Feb 2017 (in case manufacture date matters)

How I'd like it to work:
Simple ~50 feet (~20 meters) distance to remote start using 3 presses of the lock button with the OEM Remote.
I do not want to install a spare-key in my vehicle or sacrifice one of the key fobs
I'd like both key fobs to be able to remote-start the car
I'd like the car to run for 15-20 minutes before turning off

To do the install, I've purchased two items so far: 
Fortin EVO-ONE  From Amazon [OR Fortin VW-T1 (from Walmart, sold w/ THAR)]
Fortin FLU-100.2 From Amazon (Crimestopper)
Fortin THAR-VW1

I read in the installation instructions that the Key Bypass - TB-VW Module is not supported with the Virtual cockpit (or virtual cluster). Are there any workarounds?
Are there are special parts that I require?
Are there any concerns with respect to my battery? (I already have a dash cam & radar detector installed directly to the fuse box)
Are there different versions for American or Canadian cars?

Thanks so much!


Vw teramont 2021 evo-all

I'm trying to install an Evo-All module on a Teramont, which is the European version of the VW Atlas, model year 2021. Could I encounter any issues if I follow the instructions for the Atlas? The blue LED doesn't blink rapidly after turning on the ignition. The car schematics are identical.


2019 Veloster PTS Manual, Bypass wont program

2019 Veloster PTS Manual. Wire to wire according to Bypass wont program when ignition is pressed twice. Any advice on troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.


How do I connect rfk442 to the flashlink?

I’m trying to connect rfk442 to the flashlink but it’s not detecting it. Is there a procedure to follow when connecting the wire to the flashlink?


2012 Ford Explorer EVO-ALL The engine won't start.

I installed EVO-ALL on a 2012 Ford Explorer.

The wiring diagram is on page 3 of #94851 (WIRING CONNECTION) and I have completed the wiring and key programming.

When I press the lock button on the key 3 times the ignition turns on but the engine does not start.Nor does the cell.The cell won't turn either.





best regards


Evo-all for atlas 2021 can’t programmed

I bought the evo-vwt6 kit and followed the instructions at I opted for the steering wheel heating version. I loaded firmware version 61.28. I followed the programming instructions, but on step 5, I never saw a rapidly flashing blue LED. What might I have done wrong? I read on forums that this could be a sign that it's not detecting the CAN bus. I also found discussions about VW removing the CAN bus from the steering column. Please help me find a solution to this issue.


2008 volvo s60

Hi, I have 2008 volvo s60 std key automatic and i want to install evo all. Can you help me to find correct installation manual?


2006 chevrolet impala using evo-all stand alone install - no lock/unlock and accessory connection

Hello all, good day. Just wanna ask if i do the evo-all stand alone install with rf642 on this 2006 chevy impala, will the lock and unlock and accessory work through the vdata cable? Without physical connection? i experienced this with a 2007 nissan xtrail, it has a data connection but lock/unlock doesnt work. I had to physically find and connect them. (Using. Evo-one) thanks in advance.

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