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Interior lights stay on

Altima 2008 coupe lights stay on, even if vehicle is off and locked. Once driving interior lights stay on as well. Evo nist1.


Nissan XainK (130Pts.)


Brakes light up when remote starting but the 2010 Hybrid Altima does not start

This is a weird one, because the car remote starts pretty much every other remote start session. I'm not sure what's causing that as I checked the wiring and it doesnt seem like anything is wrong. So here it goes, when i try to remote start the car from far I see my brake lights turn on* (as in the brakes are being pressed) but the car does not start. the problem is mainly that the brake lights STAY ON unless I actually go to the car and start it myself, however even when i get to the car nothing pretty much works. I press the brakes myself and when I press the the push to start button it stays on lock (it goes LOCK-ACC-ON) so i pretty much freak out, unlock and lock mulitple times, press and depress the brake while keep hitting the push to start untill it goes off and then I manually start it. INFO: 2010 Hybrid Altima (Push to start) EVO-ALL using RL1 red connector in the module * passanger side brake light does not LIGHT UP, the bulb itself works only when i run the headlights but not when i press the brakes


2007 Nissan Altima red light flashing 3 times when trying to start

I have completed the install and programming everything seems to be done correctly. I did not connect the 3 wires to the bcm foot lock unlock and door pin because I don't want to. When I hit the lock button 3 times the unit clicks and attempts to start but then red light flashes 3 times and doesn't start.


installing Evo-All in 2008 Nissan Altima PTS Hybrid module not finishing programming

using installation guide #84521. get to last step in programming(# 8 flashing yellow) which I get once I turn off ignition (by pressing the PTS button once) i get a Red & Yellow alternating flash. which would mean Decryptor is ready right? steps do not mention decryptor at all. And I dont get the decryptor option in the Flashlink Software. Have confirmed Hybrid mode is on and even attempting rolling FW back for minimum required as listed in guide


Why doesn't 3X lock turn off my vehicle?

Nissan Altima 2008 PTS EVO-ALL-NIST1 001A06848886 Guide # 84551 Blue led blinks twice while off from fob lock/unlock command. Red led blinks and brake lights turn on after 3x lock, engine starts. Red and Yellow led remain on while in remote start. Blue led flashes twice from unlock, but not lock, command. A1-A6 enabled A7-A11 disabled (No support for OEM fob takeover before 2009) B1-B2 disabled C1 enabled D1 enabled (15 minute runtime) D2 disabled (this didn't help) D3 disabled (so vehicle will stay on) D4 disabled (not a hybrid) Protocol - Fortin No special functions No RF kit


09 altima evo-all w/thar-nis1 tharness. Wanted to add siren and shock sensor need wiring diag.

Evo,all w/thar-nis1 t harness, oem remote, standalone. Green wires are for lock n unlock. Where is siren wire ?


OEM Remote Control for Altima 2007/2008

Has anyone been able to figure out a workaround to have OEM Remote Control ("Lock Lock Lock") work for the Altima 2007/2008. I plan to use a cell phone starter, and my biggest reason for wanting a workaround is so that I can use the "keyless" entry method of unlocking the car once I actually walk up to the car. I want to avoid having to unlock the car soley thru the cell phone app, but instead press the button on the door handle to unlock the car and not have it shutdown. Is this possible?


2015 Nissan Altima Ignition Ignition 2 wire

Not a question so much as an update to your notes. On the installation instructions it shows Ignition 2 as Pin 9 Black 24 Pin plug as a Pink wire. Vehicle I had it is not a Pink Wire it is Brown but when tested goes + when PTS is hit for ACC or IGN.


Remote Start for Nissan Altima 2008. Which product?

Hello, I am just interested in installing a remote start for my NIssan Altima 2008. After using the website to show me which products are compatible, it gives me the EVO-ALL or the EVO-ONE and I'm not sure which one to choose. Is choosing one of these products all I need? or is there something else I need? I am just interested in the remote start and nothing else. Also, I prefer to use the original key FOB to remotely start the car. Thanks,


Got the evo rs evo-nist4. The diagram doesnt really explain what wires get cut and sliced were

I need help with the wires and what I'm adding them with.


I want to turn on alarm and add shock sensor and siren

I would like to add a shock sensor and siren to my Evo All. What do I need to make this happen? I know I have to go in and turn on the settings and I have the flash link.


Unable to program the key

Hi, I want to reset because I am unable to copy the key slide




Exceeded the limit for this car

unit number



نموذج رقم الوحدة : EVO-ONE

SN: 002B04016358



Can I use LINKR LT2 with EVO-NIST4

I ordred an EVO-NIST4 with flash link. It says it is compatible with most telematic & GPS modules including Smart Phone and compatiable with Long Range Kits. Will the LINKR LT2 work with this particular unit?