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Interior lights stay on

Altima 2008 coupe lights stay on, even if vehicle is off and locked. Once driving interior lights stay on as well. Evo nist1.


Interior lights are coming on and off, radio on and off, cluster on and off

When remote start is activated, the interior lights will come on and go off when Remote Start is activated. They do this every 15-20 seconds/ the radio comes on and goes off/ the IPanel splash screen comes on and goes off/ they do it separately from each other. Happens the entire time Remote Start is in control of the vehicle. Once I retake control, the interior lights behave normal, radio normal, IP cluster splash screen normal. I have a 30 second video if you would like to see. I do not recall this happening when I installed it. I only noticed it a few days ago. All wiring was soldered, except for the 3 1ohm resistors to the push button start switch. 2021 Sienna Hybrid EVO One Serial # - its installed in the vehicle.


Lights stay on even when car is off!!!

Bought the Fortin Evo for the max...flashed it...everything works but when the car is off and locked, all interior lights including the outside factory courtesy lights stay on! Any suggestions?

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