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Vehicle does not stop when key is removed or brake applied or 3X remote pressed

2007 Jeep Compass. Installation was successful. Evo-All and THAR-CHR5 4 days later car would not shut off. Key removed, brake applied, remote activated 3x. No shut off. I had to unplug the Evo-All for the car to shut off. I plugged Evo-All back in and I could only get a flashing Blue light. Not able to use Evo-All. I currently have the unit removed and using key only.


HELP Nissan Altima 2013 Push Start

I ordered Nist4 with Evo all for a Nissan Altima 2013 Push Start. Its a plug and play on the BCM behind the cluster. Everything went fine with programming, but when I try to start the car while I am inside with press brake and push button to start gives me error i-key start error, the engine ticks no turn over.

When I am outside to remote strt 3xLock, it starts!! but inside using the normal car starting keyfob it doesn’t? I decrypted the module twice and also and sometimes it ticks no start. I programed it to car twice everything went well, all the flashing when I was programming went exactly per book, help please??

- Option D6 is on

- ignition turns on but error message i-key error refer to user manual

- car ticks when I press brake and push start, but no start and error message i-key error refer to user manual

- sometimes with remote start 3xlock the car starts sometimes it just ticks like I am inside the car

- SN: 001A07 119247 EVO-ALL


Radio stays on after vehicle times out or is shut off

When evo-all times out and engine shuts down the radio remains on


2016 Toyota Corolla Evo One

I have used the Toy 8 Harness that came with the Evo One,Module (TOY 8 79/xx/1.xx C1, D5 38.2 Progam Lock). I followed all the steps and when I plug the 20 Pin Connector in the Evo Module, the noise sounds and the dash board warning message says, TURN LIGHS OFF and when I try to Press the button 10 times, the RED and BLUE LEDs fade out by the time I get to 6. I can't get Pass Step 3! I reset it a few times and still the same thing! I switch the Pins and try to use it as a TOY 3 Harness and the same Thing! I even Hard Wired the module using the Diagram and still the same thing! I'm thinking this was a bad Module from the beginnig! I have listen to TECH Support ideas and tried them and nothing works! I've made 7 attempts on wire this Evo One, trying different ways and the Module keeps doing the same thing every time. I'm ready to give up! Any idea, why this Warning Light coming on? Do this warning light be the reason why I can't ger pass Step 3?


2016 Toyota Corolla with H key,

After following the diagram and I go through the steps! When I go to plug the 20 Pin connector in the EVO ONE, it makes a noise like the lights are left on and the Dash Board warning say's TURN LIGHTS OFF! When I unplug the 20 Pin connector, the noise goes awayand the dash bord warning for TURN LIGHTS OFF, goes away! I try to program the EVO ONE Module with the noise and TURN LIGHTS OFF, by pressing 10 times, the light stop around the 5th to 6th press and it won't let me get pass Step 3. I reset the Module and did and Master rest and still have the same problem!


2015 Malibu will not shut down after remote start

2015 Malibu flip key. Evo all gmt1 installed. Vehicle starts correctly with 3x lock. Then will not shut down and will shift and drive without key in the ignition. It will then run indefinitely. Does not shut down after the 15 minute run time. Can not stop the engine from running unless I actually unplug the evo module from the vehicle. While running the red light is on on the evo and does not respond to the key being inserted into the ignition, the brake pedal or the fob. Brake lights function correctly on the car. sn: 001A07 065502


2013 Tacoma Evo one lights won't turn off after time out until doors are opened

Everything work except when remote starter times out the lights stay on and wind go off unless the door is opened


Unable to shut vehicle off with 3X lock remote start

2013 Honda Accord with PTS. Starts great, but unable to cancel during run time cycle.


Vehicle doesnt shut off unless the lock 3x is used or timer runs out. 07 ford edge

I followed the install instructions and programmed with two keys, and the it'll start, but I either have to way until the timer runs down or hit lock 3x. 2007 ford edge with evo all standalone.


Vehicle does not switch off when key is removed

Just finished installing EVO ONE with THAR ONE HON2 t harness. Enabled C1 and 38.2, programmed and the vehicle starts with 3x lock. However when placing key into ignition turning to on and then turning off the vehicle continues to run until the 15 minute timer passes. I can press lock 3 more times and it shuts off. If I leave the key in the run position and wait longer than 15 minutes the vehicle will stay running and then shut off with the key. Am am I missing a setting? Also as a result the EVO keeps the parking lights on during the 15 minutes even with key on and this causes the auto headlights not to function until the 15 minutes has passed. Probably related to the system not switching over to the vehicle ignition as well.

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