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2016 Toyota Corolla Evo One

I have used the Toy 8 Harness that came with the Evo One,Module (TOY 8 79/xx/1.xx C1, D5 38.2 Progam Lock). I followed all the steps and when I plug the 20 Pin Connector in the Evo Module, the noise sounds and the dash board warning message says, TURN LIGHS OFF and when I try to Press the button 10 times, the RED and BLUE LEDs fade out by the time I get to 6. I can't get Pass Step 3! I reset it a few times and still the same thing! I switch the Pins and try to use it as a TOY 3 Harness and the same Thing! I even Hard Wired the module using the Diagram and still the same thing! I'm thinking this was a bad Module from the beginnig! I have listen to TECH Support ideas and tried them and nothing works! I've made 7 attempts on wire this Evo One, trying different ways and the Module keeps doing the same thing every time. I'm ready to give up! Any idea, why this Warning Light coming on? Do this warning light be the reason why I can't ger pass Step 3?


2016 Toyota Corolla with H key,

After following the diagram and I go through the steps! When I go to plug the 20 Pin connector in the EVO ONE, it makes a noise like the lights are left on and the Dash Board warning say's TURN LIGHTS OFF! When I unplug the 20 Pin connector, the noise goes awayand the dash bord warning for TURN LIGHTS OFF, goes away! I try to program the EVO ONE Module with the noise and TURN LIGHTS OFF, by pressing 10 times, the light stop around the 5th to 6th press and it won't let me get pass Step 3. I reset the Module and did and Master rest and still have the same problem!

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