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decipher qas completed and vech still wont statr

ceicpher was completed amd passed reinstalled evo and prceeded to finsh set up step 4 test the system perform lock Unlock lock did not see the blue light com on alternates yellow /red lights what am I doing warong some help needed


Any Idea, why EVO-ALL won't start Toyota Sienna 2020 Push-To-Start?

Evo-All does Lock/Unlock, but dosen't start the engine. When press lock three times, the module's Red LED comes on soild and then blue LED;locks vehicle, but doesn't crank (the engine does't start).


2015 Malibu will not shut down after remote start

2015 Malibu flip key. Evo all gmt1 installed. Vehicle starts correctly with 3x lock. Then will not shut down and will shift and drive without key in the ignition. It will then run indefinitely. Does not shut down after the 15 minute run time. Can not stop the engine from running unless I actually unplug the evo module from the vehicle. While running the red light is on on the evo and does not respond to the key being inserted into the ignition, the brake pedal or the fob. Brake lights function correctly on the car. sn: 001A07 065502


2019 HR-V remote starts, but OEM remote won't unlock evo-one

Okay, after reprogramming the unit a third time, remote start works properly, but the oem remote will not unlock the vehicle. When I use the key to unlock the door, the car shuts down, is this because I am using the kley to open the door? Setting is on disable for kill engine when door opens. Any help? Evo-one with Honda T harness


2013 Tacoma Evo one lights won't turn off after time out until doors are opened

Everything work except when remote starter times out the lights stay on and wind go off unless the door is opened



I am asking this question again as the last answer simply asked for my number and I provided it and received nofurther assistance. I have made it successfully through all stages of installment. I repeat successfully through all stages of installment. The blue light flashes rapidly after the test to confirm my Can/Data/Immo connections are good. Also my hood is not open. Thanks for your assistance. This seems like a great product it just should have a troubleshooting guide for problems and how to fix them without going back and forth over the internet for days at a time. Thanks for all your help guys.001a06 886522


2015 accord push to start wont start

have gone through programming and all seems fine. went through the decryptor thing. put the evo all back on the car. push 3 times to start and blue light flashes and then red light comes on solid for a few seconds then yellow light blinks twice and process is over. Help


FAQ HAI TRAN (210Pts.)


LINKR-LT2 (VS-4LU) 4G won't work with EVO ONE

I just got a Linkr-LT2. It came with the Linkr-LT1 quick install guide. I followed the steps in the quick install guide but the unit does not work.
The Linkr LT app only shows my car battery voltage and connection signal. The GPS tracking is working fine. The START/STOP/LOCK/UNLOCK
don't work. I searched the internet and found the "mycar installation guide". I followed the steps to learn the Linkr-lt2 to the Evo one. I turned on the "Fortin 2" function on the EVE ONe.  I pressed and held the valet button for 5 seconds but the RED led light on the Evo One did not turn on.


Problem SOLVED. .Linkr LT2 is working fine now...

I found the video on youtube 12voltsolution.  The guy pressed the UNLOCK button on car key several times to neutralize the EVO ONE before he did the following steps.


In order to communicate with the remote starter, the telematic system must be learned to the EVO-ONE.
1 - Cycle the ignition to the ON position.
2 - The YELLOW LED on top of the EVO-ONE should come ON.
3 - Press & Hold the EVO-ONE programming Valet button for 5 seconds.
4 - The RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will Flash rapidly.
5 - Release the push button.
6 - Press & Release the push button 5x times. Everytime the push button is pressed the parking lights
& the RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will blink.
7 - Then Press & Release the Brake pedal.
8 - At that same moment the RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will blink once to confirm that the
Telematic device ID has been learned to the EVO-ONE.
9 - Cycle the vehicle’s ignition to the OFF position to Exit the EVO-ONE programming.






Toyota Rav4 2018 Push To start won't shut down when door is open.

I bought the Evo All with the Fortin T6 harness for my Toyota Rav4 2018 Push To start.

I updated the Evo with the newest firmware.  I turned on the  option "Engine Shut down when door is open".  The problem is the engine DOES NOT shut down when I open the door.  I step on the brake and move the out of park, the engine shut down and then automatically starts up the engine again. 


Problem solved.

I stood too close to my car when I remotely started it.  My car did not start so I turned off some of the options.  I reloaded  the suggested options.  My car starts up and shuts down when I open the door.


Thank you !!...............




2013 Impreza with eco one and rfw642 will not lunlock door when remote started.

Hello! I just installed an evo one on a 2013 Impreza. My problem is when I remote start the vehicle the rf kit will not unlock the doors. It works fine when it’s not on. I’ve checked all wires many times and they’re all connected properly. When I press the fob when the car is on, there is no blue light lighting up but it beeps and the lights flash like they normally do. The oem remote will unlock the door when it’s remote started but will not turn it off with 3xlock.


2013 Explorer wont complete programing

installed EVO-FORT 1/EVO RS to EVO ALL specifications found on web site, on 2013 ford explorer standard key, everything appears fine untill the final program step, when doing final flash the blue ligt blinks 10 times as it should, but instead of going off then goes to a constant yellow light? Ive cross checked wiring mulfibple times, I have verified 12amp power at the yellow wire and still nothing? any help would be greatley appricatied.


EVO One; after remote start vehicle will not shut down

I've installed two of these, within a month of each other. Both installs went smoothly. However, this last one is a 2007 Expedition. I can start it with the fob w/3x Lock, and kill it with the 3x Lock. But it is letting me drive the vehicle without the key and will not shut off with by pushing the brake, or with the key. After the full run time, it stops like normal. I have not tried driving it for 15 minutes, as i'm afraid it will shut down while driving. A1-A11 are active.


2013 Jeep Compass will start remotely but will not turn off and has a transmission controller fault code. What is wrong?