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For a ford edge 2012 SE. So far it's been working as expected but I do have planned modifications and plans. Please refer to the following questions below: 1.) Can the run timer be modified? Say i remote start it and if there's no interaction from driver within 10 mins, it'll turn off and keep the doors locked. 2.) OBD2 pinouts if I prefer to keep the oem obd2 connector 3.) it's currently press lock button 3x to remote start it, how do I make it lock unlock lock? Can I have both options or must be one or the other only?


Wire to Keysense

Hello guy, What wire, to connect on the keysense wire of the car? Thanks.


Key Fob and Cluster

2007 A4. The key fob and instrument cluster was not original. So the immo cause the vehicle not start (cranks only). Can anyone recommend which one to purchase to defeat or bypass the immobilizer to get the vehicle to start?


When and where Fortin-SL2 V2 Blue wire connect to?

Is this question answered by users only or also Site admin?   I just bought fortin passlock-sl2 v2 for my 2005 colorado. per manual, i need to follow option #6. BLUE wire - connect to remote starter while running. 1.  is that running with remote starter or running with a key? 2.  is this blue wire connect to remote starter STARTER wire or remote starter 30a output wire? 3. same as above, Where do i connect my remote starter STARTER WIRE(violet)? 4. is accessories wire required?   During programming, car won't start. press prog button, plug, light comes on, release turn ignition, light flashes, start/on(doesn't start) light blink 4 time.  


DCryptor procedure / Acquire data - Evo-One module


I forgot to Acquire data from the car and the module Evo-One was already updated, so during the installation page 6/10 step 4 the BLUE LED switchs off when i turn the ignition ON 

So i am wondering if i should to do factory reset the module AND HOW to do it! According this answer the module must be installed on the vehicle which is not in my case.

I could'nt find those following connecters:

12. immobilizer data purple/blue

17.  start/stop black/blue

18. start/stop 2 black/red

19. start/stop 3 grey/blue

25. key release Grey/yellow

and more.


Wire connection connections to controll oem remote after start Evo-all with GMT1.v2 T-harness

I have a chevrolet sonic/aveo 2012 and have now the evo all with GMT1.v2 installed and also already make the connection to the obd port1 and make the connection to my lightswitch. But my oem remote is not functional after i remote started. But there must be an modificiation to shut down also with the oem remote. Somebody can help me?


Why won’t the EVO-ALL program in my 2013 Infiniti M37?

Standalone installation with T harness. I follow the steps exactly as they are written. Step 6 says hold key by start button and step on brake. Step 7 is the exact same process, but the BLUE and RED LEDs should illuminate. The RED illuminates briefly before turning off, and only the blue remains. The rest of the process does not work and the BLUE LED stays solid. In addition to this, the security/Immobilizer light on my dash is on solid when the car is running. Please, can anyone offer assistance?


Has my immobilizer been damaged/reset?

I have an EVO-ALL and EVO-NIST1 T-harness. I integrated the harness into my car with all necessary t-connections and soldered connections in place. When I attempted to follow the programming procedure, at step 7, I was only getting a solid blue LED. I re-attempted the procedure, same result. I started the car afterwards (with EVO-ALL disconnected), and my security light is now on solid red, indicating an immobilizer malfunction. I have tried leaving the battery disconnected (for at least 15 minutes), I left the car sit overnight (battery connected, another user here had a similar issue and it resolved itself overnight), and the light is still on when the car is started. If I pull the battery from either of my keys and attempt to start it by holding it near the start button, the car will give a "NO KEY" message. What went wrong and how can I fix it? Currently I'm concerned that the device caused permanent damage to my car.


how do i find the immobilizer on a 2006 jeep commander

i am going crazy trying to find the immobilizer on my 2006 jeep commander . ive read the manual and instructions but there is hardly any space back there. i cant find anything that looks like an immobilizer and there is hardly any space behind the key cylinder. how do you get in there to mess with the wires.? the space is insanely small or my hands are huge. I read i need to connect the yellow wire to yellow wire. i did that. but the other 4 wires do i just use a t-tap to connect them to the wire at the ignition harness? white/red - Orange Brown 72 Green/Red - Purple /Brown 46 Yellow/Red - Pink/Green 54 Blue/White - battery 12 v ( pictures shows connecting to kick pannel istead of Blue/red in ignition harness) None of the videos of installation online show anybody connecting any of the wires in the 20 pic connector. also, the instructions in the pdf show using the 12v battery wire nearthe kick panel instead in the 12v battery wire that is in the ignition harness(blue/Red) Help me please!


Lexus Es350 2010 Evo all alongside avital. this pin-out is incorrect for a 2010 ES350

Lexus Es350 2010 Evo all alongside avital. The IMI wire is color correct But the IMO and the harness looks different two Immobilizer wire Both Green also wire below pink and yellow are swapped this pin-out is incorrect for a 2010 ES350 Flashed for vehicle D2D enabled latest firmware installed


Why won't the vehicle sense tach on network?

Wired system and programmed bypass without issue. When using the 3x remote start function, vehicle powers on and give no-tach flash code. How do I configure the tach on the Spark?


Need an immobilizer for 2016 Jeep Renegade Std key Manual Trans.


EVO-ONE Install into 2003 Audi Allroad?

EVO-ONE remote start into an 03 Audi Allroad. Can it be done and if so,How? Can't find much info. Any problems outside of the ordinary with the install and use of EVO-ONE on this particular car?