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Nissan KS (130Pts.)


Car Shutoff after 15 minutes - even when driving

I've installed EVO-NIST1 in Nissan Altima 2012 2.5S (Push to Start), connect all the cables as per installating guide. I'm using my OEM Key Fob to remote start by pressing lock 3x. I've configured EVO to run time 15mins. It's working fine after 15min car shutoff if you don't drive. But if I start remotely and dirve within 15mins ( unlocak car using Remote and dirve), Car SHUTOFF exactly 15min after I started remotely, even I'm driving. It happened with me more than 4 times, thank GOD I was on signal stop when 2 times it happned and the two time when I drove and was in parking lot. Car shutoff. I've to start by push to start.

These days what I'm doing is start car remotely so car can heat up and when I need to drive, I've to shut off by pressing break and start again to make sure car doesnt shutoff in middle of highway.

Let me know if I'm missing any configuraiton.




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