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Subaru Jim (850Pts.)


2015 Subaru Legacy STD key alarms when opening door after unlock with key fob but not with smart-phone module unlock.

I have a 2015 Subaru Legacy that I have install an EVO-ONE (002B07172969) on with the T-Harness and have an issue with the car alarming when the door is opened after unlocking it with the key fob. If I use the smart-phone module to unlock the car, no alarm sounds when the door is opened. If I disable the alarm feature (change from option 14.2 to 14.1) everything works fine. Any ideas? On another note, the troubleshooting app for android does not exist on the Google Play Store.


Passenger side sliding door opens when take over done.

2011 Honda odessy, evo one RF642 All works good but passenger side sliding door opens when remote start take over done. Any idea?


Evo-All Door Open Shutdown

I recently installed an Evo-ALL on a 2016 MAZDA 3. I haven't been able to get the engine to not shut down when I unlock and open the door. I have Parameter D3 'door open shutdown" OFF. I've tried switching D3 to ON and then OFF again, didn't work. Is there a way to get this to work?


disable the option when the door is opened shutdown the engine

Hello, good evening, a remote start was installed on the 2020 Camry Hybrid, but the engine stops when the door is opened like the factory system, but I would like to make the engine run even with the door open. It stops with the brake or transmission, or pressing the start button with the key present, like the Dodge system. I tried to disable the option when the door is opened shutdown the engine, but it did not work, or the option may be disabled Also, opening and closing the door from the remote while the engine is running


Will not lock driver side door

When using auto start or just locking doors. The vehicle will not lock or unlock the driver side door. 2016l5 Toyota rav4.


Driver door unlocks after engine starts Subaru outback

Just installed t harness on 2016 Subaru outback and after engine starts it unlocks the driver door


2008 chev express van dash lights stay on after remote start is shut off till door is opened. Evo-all

    Evo-all is hooked up wire to wire to a avital remote start, 4103

  i just timed it, when the remote start ends, the dome light comes on, the radio shuts off and the exit illumination activated, about 30 secs later the dome light shuts off, then about a min later the exterior lights shut off. However the dash lights remain on for another nine mins. They time out and turn off then.


Reprogram auto shutdown after door opening

After opening a door, the car stops running. Can this feature be reprogramed on Honda Accord 2019?


Toyota with pts how to keep engine run after door open?

2017 toyota rav4 with evo all and t harness... I want keep engine running with driver door open


2016 Honda Odyssey Shutdown as soon as I opened the door after I remote started it

Hi there, I have installed the EVO one, remote start works very well, but as soon as I open the door, the car shutdown, so I have to start the car from inside in order to go somewhere... Thank you Service NO 002B07273184


vehicle starts with door open

vehicle starts with the door open. Also if you remote start the vehicle with the door open then turn the key on then off to shut down the engine a few seconds later the vehicle starts again. the brake pedal was not pressed at any time.


CX9 Starts when doors are open

I have a 2018 Mazda CX9 with the EVO ONE installed using the T harness. The vehicle starts without any issue using the OEM remote. The only concern I have is that it also starts while the doors are open and im putting my child in his car seat and I accidentally tapped lock button on the remote three times. Doesn’t the EVO ONE sense that the vehicle is disarmed and the doors are open and it should not start the vehicle?


Ram sam heer (130Pts.)


2013 ram 1500 only works with driver door open

i installed the evo all according to the instructions and connected to the purple wire on the bcm by the firewall. The remote start will only work with the driver door open and will turn off as soon as the door is closed. is there a different wire i should be connecting to?


Mazda turn off as soon as door are open, even after unlock with remote

Hi, I've got the Evo one installed on two simmilar car, a mazda 3 2014 and a mazda 3 2015. On the 2015, I have a problem, as soon as the door is open, the car turn off immediatly and we need to restart again once inside the vehicule. As per the instruction we unlock with the remote before getting in but it still turn off, while the other (the 2014) works flawlessly. I also have a problem while programming the module as the switch seems to induce bouncing in the circuit. I mean that when I have to click like 33 time the programming switch to get to the option #33, i have to listen to carefully to the relay in the module as, sometimes, when i press once, i hear the relay click twice, which means that it did register two pushing of the button. It's kind of more difficult to get to the option you want. Thanks !