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2008 chev express van dash lights stay on after remote start is shut off till door is opened. Evo-all

    Evo-all is hooked up wire to wire to a avital remote start, 4103

  i just timed it, when the remote start ends, the dome light comes on, the radio shuts off and the exit illumination activated, about 30 secs later the dome light shuts off, then about a min later the exterior lights shut off. However the dash lights remain on for another nine mins. They time out and turn off then.


Dash lights on even though the evo one with telematic works fine

Hi I have a 2015 Honda accord (push to start) I'm using the evo one with the telematic system it works good with the app. But no matter what I do I get the same dash lights including brake, the vehicles lane warning, traction control and ect.


Flickering Dash/Instrument lights after install.

After installing a Fortin Evo One on a 2020 Kia Soul Standard Key with T harness, I am getting flickering illumanation lights and the rear veiw camera is intermittently working. If I unplug the canbus wire to the Evo one, everything returns to normal. The remote starter appears to operate like it should, I am able to remote start from OEM fob, and a Revo 5 button. Also am able to take over remote start with key. and I do have brake supervision. I was able to flash the Evo one with the most recent software. Please assist if you have some insight. I have double checked to make sure I have wired the canbus wiring according to the sheet. I have not wired in a realy and cut, From my understanding that is only so I can use my OEM remotes while engine is running, or is that the cause of my issue?


Wired correctly, works, but dash goes nuts.

I have a 2014 ram 1500 with a tip key. I have the chrt6 evo all. Everything is hooked up correctly. But after it’s started the check engine light now is on and a bunch of other light come on including the TPMS, traction control, saying my fuel gauge sensor is bad. Blinker light on the dash not working. Etc... The directions call for a diode but doesn’t show where to put it in the schematics. Is this my issue? PLEASE HELP!


Remote start doesn't turn on dash lights or air conditioning/heat

Hello all. I have a 2005 Infiniti G35 (automatic; not intellikey, not push start) and I just installed a Fortin EVO-ONE with the NIS2 T-Harness and a Compustar Slice Remote. I can lock, unlock, release the trunk, and remote start/stop the car. My problem is that when I remote start, the A/C does not turn on (and neither do the dash lights). I have to physically insert my key and turn it to on in order for the A/C to turn on. Regarding connected wires:

    A8 (Dk. Blue) (- GRW) is not connected to anything A15 (Pink/Black) (- Hood pin) is not connected to anything D6 (White/Red) (Security light) is not connected to anything D4 (White/Green) (Security light) is not connected to anything Lt. Blue on the T-Harness isn't connected to anything Lt. Blue/Black on the T-Harness isn't connected to anything I cut the security light wire in the g35 (identified via wirecolor diagrams). The wires aren't connected to anything.

Is there anything I'm missing or do I have to turn on a specific setting via Flashlink Updater 2 (which I have)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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