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FAQ: How do I reset my EVO-ALL?

The master reset is very simple on the EVO-ALL, but be warned that a reset will also reset all the options back to default if Settings Protection was not enabled. So if you have any special options enabled (such as the all famous D1 and C1 for 3x lock start), or if the vehicle programming requires the use of the DCryptor, make sure that you have access to the Flash-Link Manager!

So here it is...

    Hold down programming button while plugging in datalink connector. Let go of button when LED is RED. Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate. Disconnect unit, it is now reset.


FAQ - Getting Started - Vehicle Wire Color and Photograph FAQ

Fortin Electronic Systems has released a new online vehicle wiring database. Below are answers to common questions regarding access to this service.

What is this service used for?
Fortin Electronic Systems has decided to provide additional wiring information to our customers who purchase our premier products. Since our objective is to simplify remote-starter and alarm-system installations we felt that this additional information would be beneficial to those installers who use our products to make their jobs easier.

Can I use this service if I don't have a Fortin product?
We only provide this service to those who purchase our premier products. You will need an activation key to unlock vehicle wiring information and photographs. See: Where do I get my activation key?

What is an activation key used for?

An activation key is used to unlock free vehicle wiring information and photographs of any vehicle of your choice. Vehicles that have at least 10 wires or 1 photograph are locked and require this key to unlock. Vehicles with less than 10 wires or no photographs are not locked and do not require an activation key.

The 20-digit registration key received after my account registration doesn't unlock wiring.
The 20-digit email confirmation key used during registration is not the same as the 16-digit activation key required to unlock wiring. See: Where do I get my activation key?

Where do I get my activation key?
Activation keys are printed on a black card (3" x 5") and included in the packaging with premier FLASH-LINK update-able Fortin bypass and interface modules. The activation keys are currently only being packaged with the following products: EVO-ALL, EVO-CAN, INT-SL+, KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL

My Fortin product didn't come with an activation key, what now?
Activation keys are only provided with the products listed above. If you purchased a product that is not listed above then all of the information required to install the product is already listed in the generic installation manual including all relevant wire colors required for the installation of the product. If you require additional connection information for the remote-starter you will require to contact the manufacturer of the remote-starter.

My Fortin product is listed but still didn't come with an activation key, what now?
These keys have only been available since December 1st 2008. If you purchased one of the products listed above and it did not include an activation key then your supplier has stock which was packaged before the date in which we started including activation keys. A resellers stock will take much longer to rotate. If you purchase from a reseller and wish to receive more recent stock then you should purchase our products from a direct distributor instead of purchasing from a reseller. Refer to the list of direct distributors or by clicking on the distributor tab above.

I  didn't purchase a Fortin product but I still need wiring information for my vehicle, can you help me?
See: Can I get a free activation key?

Can I get a free activation key?
Although the card with the activation key has little monetary value the vehicle wiring service is not free and there are costs associated with the setup, the maintenance and upgrades for this service. Because there are costs associated with providing this service to our customers we are unable to provide free activation keys upon request. Activation keys are only available with the products listed above and are not for individual or bulk sale.

I'm curious to view how the service works. If you wish to see how the service works there is a demo available for the Mitsubishi Lancer - Fast Kelss (2008-2014).

I lost my activation key, where can I get a new one?
We cannot retrieve lost or missing activation keys. Every activation key is unique and is independent of the products that are packaged with. We are unable provide a replacement activation key if one is lost. See: Where do I get my activation key?

How do I use my activation key to unlock vehicle wiring?
Go to >Register a new account and verify your email address by clicking on the link provided in the email that is sent to your email address after registration. If you are already registered and have verified your account continue below. Log in to your account. If you have forgotten your password use the forgot password link to learn how to change your password.Choose a vehicle from the drop-down list at the top-right of the page. Enter your 16-digit activation key.

How many vehicles does my activation key unlock?
Only one vehicle can be unlocked for each unqiue activation key. The vehicle must be selected and you must be logged in to your account to enter the activation key. See: How do I use my activation key to unlock vehicle wiring?

When can I use my activation key to unlock a vehicle?
An activation key will can be used at any time to unlock any vehicle of your choice. Once the activation key has expired it can no longer be used.

Why do I need to be logged in to my account to use my activation key?
Once an activation key is used it is automatically assigned to your account so you do not need to re-enter your activation key when you revisit a previously unlocked vehicle.

Once I use my activation key to unlock a vehicle how long is it valid for?
Once an activation key is used to unlock a vehicle, that vehicle is available from your account for 2 days.

How often should I check for new information?
New vehicles and information on existing vehicles are added often, so check back frequently for new and updated information.



When a module is stuck on the RED LED. 

    flash version 0.99 disconnect unit from the flasher and power cycle it in the car (connect/disconnect power connector) connect module back to the flash link and flash whatever firmware you need Turn settings protection OFF if it's on and SAVE the options. Reset the unit following the reset procedure. (this cannot be done while module is connected to the flash link) : Connect module back to the flash link and enable required options. Reprogram module to the vehicle following instructions in the installation guide.


Reasons this happened.

    Unit was connected WHILE doing the install. Unit was disconnected during CAN programming before the blue led started to flash. Power was disconnected while all other connectors were still connected.  during an update or save of options, the flash link lost connection to the module or the internet RF protocols not setup correctly, or RF device not paired to unit correctly. Datalink protocols not setup correctly. Bad ground. Loss of power during writing of data to the module.


FAQ: How do I know/how to test if my vehicle has an OEM alarm.

Just figured I would post this as I have often been asked...


" How do I know/how to test if my vehicle has an OEM alarm?"


Really simple to check, perform the following test:.



1- Put down the drivers window.


2- Ensure all doors are closed, including the hood and trunk.


3- Lock the vehicle using the OEM remote.


4- Wait between 45-60 seconds after you have locked the vehicle to allow the system to arm itself.


5- Once you have waited the time period reach inside the drivers door and open the drivers door from the inside handle. (basically replicating someone trying to steal your belongings/vehicle).


6- At this point your alarm will either go off or it won't, answering the question if your vehicle is equipped with a factory alarm!


Side note: good way to also test to see if your vehicle has a factory hood pin that is part of the alarm system is to do the above test but instead of opening the door first, reach in and pull the hood release latch. (useful on newer Mazda vehicles with factory hood pins that are part of the OEM alarm). If no alarm goes off, then open the drivers door. If the alarm goes off when you open the drivers door and not when you open the hood. Then this answers your question if the factory hood pin is part of the alarm system.



FAQ: How to program 3x Lock Start on the EVO-ONE

Your best bet here is to follow the step-by-step guide available here : EVO-ONE & OEM Remotes

    That guide covers basic option setting for 3x Lock Start on Automatic vehicles. If your vehicle is Manual/Standard transmission, you will also have to enable option 33.2. Flash-Link Updater REQUIRED

Quick Run down.

The EVO-ONE has two sets of options. There are options for the remote starter portion while there are also options for the bypass portion of the unit. The remote starter options are used mainly for convenience features such as enabling 3x lock start, alarm functions, cold timers etc... while the bypass options are there to set various DATA / Can-Bus features such as the all important OEM Remote Monitoring.


To toggle between remote starter and bypass options (and firmware updates) via the Flash-Link Manager, you must press the TOGGLE button in the flash-link manager program while the unit is disconnected. There is a text on the bottom right corner that will tell you if you are in Connection Mode : Bypass or Connection Mode : Remote Starter.


While Connection Mode : Remote Starter is active, go to the EVO-ONE Options tab and enable the following option(s).

    Option 38.2 - Enable 3x Lock Start (this tells the remote starter that it will be controlled via the oem remote commands detected and then sent via the integrated bypass module) Option 33.2 - Enable this option only if you have a manual transmission vehicle. While here, if the vehicle specific install guide also mentions other required options, please set them now. Don't forget to SAVE OPTIONS.


While Connection Mode : Bypass is active,

    First, make sure you have selected and flashed the unit to the latest firmware for your vehicle. You will find the latest firmware under the EVO-ONE Updates tab. Go to EVO-ONE Options Scroll through the options and enable Option C1 - OEM Remote Monitoring (this option allows the bypass portion to actually monitor the oem remotes so that the previous 38.2 option can actually work). Attention! Please leave all the A1-A11 options untouched unless told otherwise. Don't forget to SAVE OPTIONS




hi, i worked on  a 2016 mazda CX-3, AUTO transimission ,push to start.

i use EVO ALL+MYCAR mobile control.

flashed the EVO ALL with 71.[44] firmware. STAND ALONE CONFIGURATION: D1,H2

connected all the wires. EXCEPT: parking lights(optional), hood pin

now I'm stucked at programing step 13. The vehicle's ignition turn ON, then nothing happened, The Yellow and Red LED’s will NOT come on. then ignition turns off.

when connect the EVO ALL back to computer, it says DCryptor: THE IMMOBILIZER DATA RECEIVED FROM THE MODULE IS INCOMPLETE.

i have tried 2 different EVO-ALL , same problem.


Do I need the Flash-Link Updater?

Every profession has its tools. The Flash-Link Updater device, and the Flash-Link Manager software, are no exception to this rule.


The Flash Link Updater (FLU) allows you to update the firmware on your Fortin bypass modules and remote-starters in a matter of seconds. The FLU will work with modules that have bar codes or QR codes stamped on the label. It's compatible with Windows software, and allows you to upgrade/downgrade the firmware version on any of our supported modules through a USB cable, PC and Internet connection..


The Flash-Link Updater device is available through all Fortin authorized distributors.

The Flash-Link Manager software is available for free download here:




How to check if my vehicle's key has an immobilizer chip.

Just figured i would post this up as i have been asked a few times on how to test if the vehicles key has an immobilizer chip inside it.


Pretty simple, wrap the key in alluminum foil insert it into the ignition and try to start the vehicle. If the vehicle starts then your vehicle does not have an immobilizer.


Here is a picture to refrence on how this would be done.



FAQ (Pts.)


Volkswagen & Audi programming diagnostics

Trouble programming an Audi or Volkswagen?


VW/Audi that use 75.XX and 67.XX firmware (non-RLink programmer)


    2x Red LED Flash = CAN2 not connected properly 3x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle , cluster unknown, check CAN2 4x Red LED Flash = TB-VW not connected, or not connected properly 5x Red LED Flash = Dcryptor 1 did not work (for vehicles that require 2 Dcryptors') 6x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle, cluster unknown, check CAN2. If bcm is not original or has been modded, consider a keywrap.   

VW/Audi using 64.XX / 65.XX (with R-Link programmer)
    Red LED toggle 1sec On/Off = no communication with RLink or it's connection or key placement. If the vehicle is PTS, DO NOT leave the key tapped on the ring. Also if PTS, take battery out of the remote. On all vehicles, be sure to use PIN 2 of the transponder connector, do not go by color. 2x red LED flash = Connection problem with CAN2 3x red LED flash = Not able to access cluster information. Call tech support. 5x red LED flash = Cluster is on protection function, Reconnect TB-VW , keep ING ON and wait 15 minutes



Informational: Interfacing Compustar T11/T12-style remotes to EVO-ONE

I'm not a Fortin rep but someone might find this useful -- I struggled with making these types of Compustar remotes work with the EVO-ONE. There are a few reports here of success with these remotes, and I had to do alot of experimentation to get satisfactory results, because these reports were somewhat vague and didn't cite which Firmware revisions were used when these observations were made. I can report that Firmware 7.1.24 (latest as of this thread) allows full function of these remotes without any drama, with the exception of a missing "remote start ready" (engine icon) indicator, which to me isn't any type of deal-breaker considering the capabilities of these units. Temperature, voltage, trunk, remote valet, alarm paging, etc. all work. The Fortin documentation states that FW 7.0.96 must be flashed for (supported) Compustar remotes, but this FW level is not sufficient to get full function from the (unsupported) T11/T12 remotes. 7.0.96 - Couldn't program remotes with Mode 1 or Mode 5. 7.1.16 - Remotes programmed immediately on Mode 5 and function, but temperature and voltage status reported erroneous numbers. 7.1.24 - Remotes programmed immediately on Mode 5 and all functions appear to work, with the exception of the "ready" engine icon which indicates a remote start is possible. IMHO, might be an issue for manual-transmission vehicles. Remote start functions regardless. To get this remote to work, flash the EVO-ONE to 7.1.24, and program the remotes with Mode 5. That's it. ** IMPORTANT ** -- There's no LED or valet switch on the antenna, even though the plastic housing looks like these features are there. This seriously confused me. I was trying to press that plastic square over-and-over thinking this was a valet switch, but it's a cosmetic feature, and does nothing, and there's no LED. I had to pop the antenna open to confirm this. Just flash to 7.1.24 and follow the instructions in the Compustar document from Fortin to program the remotes using Mode 5.


Flash Link Updater not connecting to EVO-ALL

I bought this Flash Link updater along with an EVO-CHRT4 to install in my 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan. I installed the FlashLink Manager 3.62, opened the software, plugged in the Flash Link and that was recognized. The drivers installed on the computer, and the Flash Link updater status was there. I checked for updates (for the Flash Link updater) and it came up with a recommended update. I attempted to flash the update and it never went passed 1% completed. I left it overnight (12+ hours), and nothing. I had to force the program to quit, and re-opened. I cancelled the Flash Link update, was prompted to unplug the unit, then plug back in. The software will find my Flash Link updater, says Hardware 4, Firmware 4.03. If I go back to the prompt to plug in the EVO-ALL with the data link connector, it will not recognize the EVO-ALL (update is cancelled). The connection mode will say By-Pass, and it won't toggle to Remote Start, just goes back to By-Pass. I don't get any lights on the EVO-ALL and I only get a solid red light on the Flash Link. What is wrong with the updater? I have tried a different USB cable, I tried a different computer as well (both run Windows 7). I get power to the 2 middle wires on the data link connector (2.89 volts and 4.96 volts). I can get the EVO-ALL to power up when installed in the van, but it won't remote start (from what I understand, options C1 and D1 are not turned on, so I can't get it to remote start...and I can't check the options with this Flash Link not letting me connect to EVO-ALL). Beyond this, I am out of ideas...and need help!  Thanks.


EVO-FORT1 wiring information

The biggest question I hear when it comes to the EVO-FORT1 combo is that the module "will not program"....9 times out of 10 it is that the 3 main connections were left out!!! So below is the 3 types of connections that are done between the evo and the t-harness.


In the above image commonly used on the 40 bit type systems its basically match the colors between the t-harness and the 20 pin connector. Be sure to isolate the Yellow/Black wire from the T-Harness as it is not connected.


In the image above commonly used on 80 bit systems we match the colors EXCEPT you are not connecting yellow to yellow rather the yellow/black from the t-harness connects to the yellow wire from the 20 pin connector and you isolate the Yellow wire in the T-Harness.


In the above image it is exactly the same as connection 2 but in addition to the Yellow/Black being connected to the Yellow of the evo-all, we are also connecting the Purple/Yellow along with the Yellow. Isolate the Yellow wire from the T-Harness.


2013 Excape, ignition powers up, no crank

2013 Ford Escape. Using the EVO-FORT1 with THarness. Have the flashlink updater. Unit is updated to 71.34. I have the THarness wired to the 4 wires from the 20 pin. The locks work. I did have a hard time getting it programmed to the car. I used the 2 key method. It was always the second key would not register the bypass. But it is programmed now. I hit the 3xlock, the red light turns on solid, then the yellow light comes on solid and the iginition powers up. after about 5-6 secs. both lights go out, and the iginition powers down. Then it retrys. solid red light, then solid yellow light, iginition powers up, after 5-6 sec, the red light flashes 3 times, then everything powers down. The 2 CAN-BUS wires are connected. When it attempts to starts, the are 7.3v at the yellow/black wire that is connected to 20pin yellow wire (A1) and Purple/Yellow (16).