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2015 outlander euro

Hello. I also tried the master reset as you told me. I tried another device, which I tried on Ford before (001A07391859), but "take over" is not possible... it says on the monitor that the immobilizer system needs service.


2015 outlander take over

Hello. I installed Evo-Al for 2015 Outlander (PTS) Standalone. After remote start-up, we go in the car, I click 2 times on the Start-Stop button and he writes that he does not see the immobilizer (like this), and the engine turns off when pressing the brake.


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)


2022 fortuner

Hello. Which instructions are suitable for Fortuner 2022? PTS.


2019 Elantra PTS, unable to program CanBus to Evo-One

Installed Evo-One on a 2019 Hyundai Elantra PTS. Verified wiring many times. When it comes to programming the module, all goes well till it’s time to program canbus section. I get it to the point the red led is flashing 5X then pauses. Push the PTS button twice to turn on ignition for canbus programming and nothing. No red led 10x then turning to blue. Any ideas into why this is happening would be great. Can usually get these figured out, but no luck here. Car has 2 different canbus hook ups, one at the obd connector and one behind the fuse panel.


Idle mode take over no longer working? 2019 Subaru Ascent PTS

I have a 2019 Subaru Ascent push to start. I installed the Evo One with the plug and play harness. everything was working fine... I could activate idle mode by: While vehicle is running, Activate Remote Start...Lights flash...Push the PTS Button once, orange light on PTS button would come on then off... get out and lock the doors... Then Idle mode take over: I would come back to the vehicle... unlock the doors... push the PTS button once, orange light would come on then off... press the brake pedal and then be able to go without shutdown) I don't know what happened, but out of no where I can no longer do the take over after initiating idle mode.... when i press the PTS button nothing happens... no light comes on then off.... and when I press the brake the car shuts down.... I have tried reprogramming the module.... ive tried re adding the key to the module... same outcome. I am able to take over after a normal remote start... but not when I activate idle mode....


2022 citroen C5 aircross

What firmware is suitable for 2022 citroen c5 aircross?


No take over procedure for 2022 Civic PTS

I see no take over is available for 2022 Civic PTS. Is that because it's physically impossible or can a possible future firmware update add that feature?


VALET mode from crimestopper REVO4.1 remote :: Turbo mode activation

I have an EVO-ONE for remote start and built in Alarm ( using the horn ) EVO-ONE S/N : 002B04198955 The setup is configured for a Nissan Qashqai ( rogue sport ) 2019 with a PTS ( using T harness ) I have installed the crimestopper REVO4.1 rf kit succesfully and i have two questions : 1- How to enter the Valet mode from the REVO remote ( their guide is very basic and did not mention how to do so , Though i discovered by luck that holding the trunk button would disarm the EVO only for temp time till i lock again but do not know how to trigger the Valet to stop the starter and alarm completely ) 2- I cannot find a way to activate turbo mode ( it is already enabled in option 19 with 2 minutes runtime ), while the engine is running and i am inside the vehicle, i press the remote start on Revo remote ,The Car acknowledge by 3 parking light flashes then if i press the ignition push button the car shutsdown ( while it should keep running and then i should leave the car and lock it to activate turbo for the 2 minutes ) I am stuck on the part that it shouldnot shutdown when i press the push button I tested also with the same procedure but without pressing the push button , the car keeps running for more than 5 minutes ( i believe it should be in idle mode and will shutdown after the full 15 minutes but i didnot test to wait for 15 minutes ) Sorry for the long description and thanks for your support


Wires seem miss-labeled in 2015 Sonata PTS instructions

Wire colors labeled differently on 2 pages for CAN1, description section says blu/wht install illustration has yel/brn


Evo one on 2020 Civic cranks but does not start

I added an Evo one to a 2020 Civic push button, using Thor07 harness. Programmes with 73.31, unable to get 73.33. The car starts normally after the install. 3 x lock, the engine turns over but does not start. It then stops and cranks again but does not start. Any thoughts?


It's official, EVO-ALL NIST1 is useless

I've tried everything. Resets/reprogramming, wires connected/not connected... when it's all said and done I have a t-harness that seems to work, brake lights come on - dash shows the 'push brake' icon and it never starts. Nothing. Lights flash 3 times and it's done. 2016 Juke AWD CVT. What a waste of my time and money.


pts wire connection


I'm installing evo all on a 2011 Lexus RX350. Its really hard to get to the wires behind push to start button. I'd like to know if I really need to connect this wire or the module works without it as a stand alone remote starter. I'm using this giud. is this latest version ?




Focus RS 2017 PTS manuel Install guide

Ford Focus RS 2017 PTS manuel, guide d'installation disponible? Pas trouver