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how much parisitic drain does the EVO-START LTE add to Evo All or Evo One and does it goe into sleep mode to minimize it


EVO-ONE: car starts, then stops, hazard lights flash 3x, then starts, then stops finally

Hey everyone! I'm using an EVO-ONE with T-Harness for the 2020 Kia Sorento PTS. When I do the 3x lock, the car turns on, then stops after a few seconds, flashes the hazard lights 3x, then turns back on, then stops after a few seconds with no hazard lights flashing. Any help would be great, thanks!


2015 Silverado work truck with no fobs. Can i add a remote start with fortin remotes?


Trying to add RF kit RK441 to EVO ALL 2015 Infiniti Q50

Trying to add RF kit RFK441 to my remote start using EVO ALL and T harness. I flashed it and the remote start is working great using OEM remote. I have the option selected for RF Kit -Fortin 2. I setup EVO ALL to receive the RF kit programming and the red, yellow and blue stay solid during the process and dont flash after pressing the program button listed on instructions. The antenna blink once when I press buttons to program it, but the car doesnt respond to key presses on the RF remote. Any suggestions? 2015 Infiniti Q50, push button start.


Wire colors for passlock for 2008 Chevy Impala


Subaru Jim (850Pts.)


2015 Subaru Legacy STD key alarms when opening door after unlock with key fob but not with smart-phone module unlock.

I have a 2015 Subaru Legacy that I have install an EVO-ONE (002B07172969) on with the T-Harness and have an issue with the car alarming when the door is opened after unlocking it with the key fob. If I use the smart-phone module to unlock the car, no alarm sounds when the door is opened. If I disable the alarm feature (change from option 14.2 to 14.1) everything works fine. Any ideas? On another note, the troubleshooting app for android does not exist on the Google Play Store.


2023 Camry Push to Start

I have an Evo-All module flashed for a 2020 Camry, but have a 2023 Camry. I need a new wiring Harness. Would I need the Toy-16 harness. Also would the module being flashed for 2020 and not 2023 work? Thank you



Bought from a ebay seller selling your stuff. I contacted them an they said plug and play so i bought. Well i got it hooked it up tried to program and i get yellow light on and turn key and the red light dont come on to program. I did hook it up to my computer with the flah device and programmed it and flashed it. Still nothing. Ebay seller has been giving me a run around saying its your problem not theres. I just need some troublshooring help toi get it to work. The ebay seller then told me i needed a rf so i got one of them from them and re flashed the device for it installed it back in and still does nothing. Whats best way to get help troublshooting


TPMS Light after EVO-ONE install; lots of Communication Lost codes

Hi, so after my remote install, the TPMS light is on all the time. I understand during remote start this is normal, but this is all the time. I have checked all my tires, they are within normal range. So I ran a code pull on all CANBUS systems, and the result was CURRENT/HISTORY lost communications codes on several modules, one being the TPMS system. It is system code B1247, Main Body ECU Lost Communication... however there are several others too, a dozen or so, to other systems. I thought perhaps they were historical from when I disconnected everything to connect the T harness, but I cleared them and all came back, after I tried clearing just the TPMS code unsuccessfully. I attempted clearing the current/history lost communication code. The light went out for about half a second, and it came back quickly. Checked codes again, it was back. Not sure if that screen shot is visible, all I can see is a placeholder symbol. I will place a share link in my google drive to the code list. VIN removed, but it is a 2018 Toyota Corolla H-Key using THAR-T18 (think the kit i bought was EVO-ONE-T18?, I'll reference and update, but it was the EVO-ONE kit containing the T18 harness) I am presuming this is possibly a programming issue with the EVO-ONE module since the OBD2 port passes thru, but not sure. This is my first experience with Fortin products and do not want to start messing randomly with settings I do not fully understand yet. I've done remote starts before but this is my first Fortin system, switched because of the quality level; I do have a EVO-FLASH unit and have the ability to flash/reprogram everything myself, I have all tools and interfaces needed to make it work, thanks in advance. Details are below: 2018 Toyota Corolla H-key, EVO-ONE, THAR-3 / THAR-18, RF442 installed, TPMS-hijack installed to allow OEM remote start (working OK since installed) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wVWxhNDwFs4chpdfGXHE7lqC3UKpKHwd/view?usp=sharing


I there a t-harness for a 2004 Mazda RX8

Is there a T-harness for a 2004 rx8, I only see for push to start


Manual CX-5 Crank no start

2014 Mazda CX5 ; manual push to start ; Evo-one w/MAZ THAR ; SN 002b04 638289

Cranks but doesn't start. All fob functions work, car runs normally, and it goes into ready mode and shuts down after exiting. Won't autostart after getting out of the vehicle - what am I missing? Valet mode off.

Using default settings with the plug&play harness.

Firmware 85.14

A1 through A-10 : ON

A11 OFF ; B1 OFF ; C1 ON


D3-D5 : OFF ; D6 ON

Firmware 1.26

2 through 15 : option 1 (default)

16.5 ; 18.1 ; 19.1 ; 20.8 ; 21.2 ; 24.1 ; 25 (off) ; 26.1 ; 29.1 ; 30.1 ; 31.1 ; 32.1 ; 33.2 ; 34.1 ; 35.1 36.3 ; 37.1 ; 38.1 ; 39.1


2018 Honda HRV (push to start) cannot locate steering lock module for a connection on the T-harness

Hello, We were installing our EVO-ONE unit in a 2018 Honda HRV (push to start) vehicle and could not locate the silver box in the instructions depicting the steering lock module. A portion of the T-harness is supposed to plug into the back of it. We found a plug in the same general area, but it only had 10 pins while our T-harness plug has 12.


2020 Toyota Corolla THAR-TOY13 Install Guide ?

Does anyone know-where or has step by step instructions on where the connect the harness within the car? I find this video online but the quality's a bit crappy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXubJ6NOrGs&list=WL&index=1&t=25s Anything helps... Pls and Thanks