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FAQ Ark :D (130Pts.)


Possible to install an EVO-ALL module for transponder bypass, with no remote start unit?

Hello, A more complete version of my question is; I am looking to purchase a Fortin EVO-ALL unit to install in my car and I have no need or want for remote starting functionality; I ONLY need the key transponder bypass functionality. Is it possible to install the Fortin EVO-ALL unit alone, with no remote starter unit connected, to simply store and emulate the transponder key? Background: a couple years ago, I built a tube-frame kit car using a Chevy with PK3+ donor car, and I would like to add a push-button starter to the car now. One of my requirements for this project is that the factory ignition switch is to be removed. I have a custom PCB in my possession that handles the ignition switch side, but now I need to handle emulation of the key transponder/immobilizer bypass side. I understand that there's plenty of other products available to do this, but I need one that will not rely on a resistance loop around the transponder ring, since the factory ignition will be removed. Thanks in advance!


Pathfinder '22 EvoALL wont start,lock,unlock

Hi, I installed Evo ALL on Pathfinder 2022 using TNIS7 harness and Crimestopper rf kit. Installation was straight forward, programming was easy as well. When I try to start car it will not. Using factory fob, car receives CAN signals (blue led blinks) and dashboard lights up. Using rfkit remote, lock unlock dont work (only lights flash, door will not lock unlock). When try to start car using rf kit remote, first it locks door, dash turns on and thats all. Evo sends CAN signals(blue) and recognize Ignition (yellow). When I programed module I turned bypass hood switch on in options and picked Crimestopper rfkit (but this should not matter because 3xLock doesnt work either). I used firmware 92.05 (instructions states to use 92.04) s/n: 001A07019830 Any advice, what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance.


Jeep Nev (130Pts.)


Jeep has power but does not crank?

I have programmed the unit sn: 001A07 415854 Evo All. Installed with wiring harness THAR-CHR4 (Both Yellow wires on the harness are connected together). Programmed the unit. All these went according to the documentation, correct leds and all.

My vehicle is a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0CRD Limited with Start Button

I do the 3x Lock Blue Led comes on every time I press the lock button. Then all power comes on, a few seconds later the red and yellow led is solid and the radio shuts off just like it does while it cranks but no crank??

What could I be doing wrong?

Many Thanks!!


The Evo is connected and programmed, but the car does not start.

2021 Mazde Cx-30, push start Automatic EVO-One , Thar-one-MAZ5 Harness, Flash-link4 1) Installed, all connections checked and rechecked 2) Options set using Flashlink on a PC as per instructions (checked again) 3) dcryptor run, on a PC, it went to and updated the access code from the internet 4) finished the programming, all lights flashed the correct colours at the correct time in the process 5) testing; I stand >15 ft away, press lock lock lock. The horn sounds lights flas as a normal car lock. car does not start. nothing happens, no additional lighst or anything else Other points. I cut the yellow loop as started in the instructions how do I troubleshoot?


Nissan XainK (130Pts.)


Brakes light up when remote starting but the 2010 Hybrid Altima does not start

This is a weird one, because the car remote starts pretty much every other remote start session. I'm not sure what's causing that as I checked the wiring and it doesnt seem like anything is wrong. So here it goes, when i try to remote start the car from far I see my brake lights turn on* (as in the brakes are being pressed) but the car does not start. the problem is mainly that the brake lights STAY ON unless I actually go to the car and start it myself, however even when i get to the car nothing pretty much works. I press the brakes myself and when I press the the push to start button it stays on lock (it goes LOCK-ACC-ON) so i pretty much freak out, unlock and lock mulitple times, press and depress the brake while keep hitting the push to start untill it goes off and then I manually start it. INFO: 2010 Hybrid Altima (Push to start) EVO-ALL using RL1 red connector in the module * passanger side brake light does not LIGHT UP, the bulb itself works only when i run the headlights but not when i press the brakes


Remote not working to start or lock/unlock a Scion TC 2016

Just put new batteries in and remote doesn't seem to click in. Blue light flashes, then get a red at the end. Can't lock or unlock the car with remote.


2010 Tribute Evo all with T harness, remote starts 3x lock with oem remote but not with programmed remotes?

2010 Tribute with Evo-All and T-harness, remote starts with OEM remote 3x-lock but doesn't with programed one button remote.


Subaru Legacy will not remote start

I have a 2016 Subaruy Legacy Limited with key start. The EVO-1 with T-harness worked fine. After hitting a deer and vehicle being repaired(all body, no mechanical repairs), it does not remote start. Press lock button 3 times, the red light, then the blue light, then the yellow light comes on. Dash lights come on, parking lights come on, then all shut off. Parking lights flash 4 times, then reattempts starting, then same thing. I removed the unit and updated with flash-link, still does not work. I had read about valet mode adn pressing lock and unlock buttons to get it out of valet, nothing. I read about no tach signal, but there is not tach wire on Evo-1 I read. The unit is Service # 002B07 267043 I know I am overlooking something, I just cannot see what it is. THANK YOU!


vehicle wont remote start

installed module as per directiongot to step 6 the red andyellow light alternate back and forth like the direction said talk to tech said donot flash the module it was flashed at the factory vechile will not remote start recheck connection and reprogramed and again got to step 6 red and yellow light alternate but vechike does not remote start any help would great


remote start inop

Fortin Evo One 002B04 128202 AT loop not cut 2021 Nissan Versa Manual Transmission push button start Firmware: 7.48 A1, A2, A3, A4, A7, A8, A9, A10, B1, C1, D6 are on and all others are off including special functions RES firmware 1.25 2.1 3-1 4.1 6.1 7.1 8.1 9.1 10.1 11.1 11.4 12.1 13.2 14.2 15.1 16.5 18.1 19.1 20.6 21.1 24.1 26.1 29.1 30.1 31.1 32.1 33.1 35.1 36.2 37.1 38.2 39.2 when trying to activate (lock-lock-lock), the blue light comes on with each time the lock button is pressed and at the same time the red led next to the loop blinks rapidly. after the lock lock lock, the red light blinks twice and then goes back to blinking rapidly i have checked all the connectionsto make sure i did not miss anything


EVO ONE will not respond after remote start

Why EVO ONE will not respond after take over (pressing push to start) when remote started? Is there anything wrong in the programming stage?


Why won't the updated module start my 2016 Highlander?

I purchased an Evo-all remote start kit for my 2016 Toyota Highlander. After following the installation instructions, the module would not program. I completed the Dcrypter undate on the module and reinstalled the module. I pressed the lock button three times but the engine does not start. I don't know what else to try. PLease help...


EVO-ALL thar-toy13 harness connections all in do i need to leave any disconnected?

wont start and no led indications whatsoever on module when key fob button pushed 3times .

Any experienced with EVO-ALL thar-toy13 harness connections ,all plugs in do i need to leave any disconnected?