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Kia Mike Wes (160Pts.)


2009 Kia Borrego With Immobilizer DeActivated

Hello, I'm installing an EVO-One with THAR-ONE-KHY1 Harness on 2009 Kia Borrego. The vehicle is equipped with immobilizer and immobilizer RFID metal ignition key but the immobilizer function has been stripped from the ECU/ECM software so the vehicle starts with any metal (properly cut) key. When I install the EVO One can I ignore the PATS Data connection and use the "Program 2: Vehicle Without PATS Data Wire" programming instructions? Thanks


Kia jfehr (130Pts.)


Tach sensor 2009 Kia Spectra

2009 Kia Spectra. THAR-ONE-KHY1. I need to know which wire to connect the tach signal to. Yes, in the Wire Colour diagram it does tell me which wire on the ECM, but no-where can I find which wire on the EVO-one it must be connected to. I have by-passed it currently using programmable option 20.2, but the start quality is pathetic; in cold temperatures it requires more crank time, causing excessive starter drag in warmer conditions. Adjust for warm temperatures and the crank is in-sufficient for the cold mornings. Advice for me?


Does EVO-ONE Support Kia's New Anti-Theft Update

Hey guys,

So Kia has released a new firmware update for their cars in order to deal with the rise in car thefts. The update is applied at the dealership. I've been thinking about getting the update, but I need to make sure my Evo-One will still remote start the engine after the changes are made.

I have a 2020 Kia Forte with a push-button fob. From what I've gathered, after the update, the BMS must receive the unlock command from the KeyFob in order for the engine to start. If the car isn't unlocked and I were to try to start it, it would end up panicing for 60 seconds.

I know the EVO-One already unlocks the doors over CanBus, but does it support the update Kia is applying to our cars? Will it still remote start the car after changes are made?




peut on reprogrammer un evo-one 2015 pour une kia sorento 2021 push to start ?

Bonjour est ce qu un module evo-one 2015 peut etre re programmé pour une kia sorento 2021 push to start ? merci


Kia n h (230Pts.)


Key fobs won't program evo one installed in a 2013 kia soul

2013 kia soul, automatic w/o immobilizer. When entering programming I get the flashing blue light on the antenna but can not get the solid confirm light.


Problem with EVO-ONE

Problem with EVO-ONE Hello everyone I buy and connect my evo-one this instruction and programming But i have some problems and questions with this product. I used this instruction https://fortin.ca/en/download/24051/24051.pdf 1. On Flashlink manager show recommended firmware 76.31 but on pdf instruction 76.60 (only works 76.31 on 76.60 not programming) 2. On my car i select diesel mode and 6 minutes running but only work 4 minutes 3. Diesel mode function 18, Delay between ignition power up and starter mode not working. ( Work without delay ) 4. My big problem. When the remote started after 4 minutes engine shut down and open my car trunk. Car: Kia Sorento 2011 Push to Start Diesel Firmware version: 76.31 and 1.26 Evo One Serial number: 002B04 138126Problem with EVO-ONE


What size fuse for 12v postive wire on EVO-ONE-2021 Kia Sportage push start?

Wiring diagram shows a fuse on the 12v+ wire coming from the 34 pin connector on the fuse box and going into pin E3 on the EVO, but does not specify what the fuse rating should be. What size fuse should be used?



As anyone insttaled a Evo-All on a KIA Cee'd?




Evo-All Door Lock Control 2014 Kia Cadenza Push-to-Start

Guide #11931 (REV.: 20210525) only indicates that Alarm arm & Alarm disarm being supported features will the recommended Firmware also actuate the door-locks?




romete key connot progrsming after press 4x the brake or use valet switch and presshols engine will start


2016 Kia Soul. Remote start isn't engaging. Fortin Evo One

Having problems with the Evo One not kicking the remote starter on. Programming was did right Im assuming, the can connections are correct assuming becuase i was getting the flashing blue led and such when programming. I do not have the EMS wire so i did use option 2 in the installation diagram. Hit the oem remote 3 times but nothing. Not sure what needs to be checked in the firmware updater though. Kinda stumped and help would be appreciated.