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EVO-ONE Module not responding

Hello, I have a 2016 Kia Soul standard key. I have the EVO-ONE installed. The problem is when I try to remote start with the oem remote I am not getting any feedback at all from the bypass module. Usually the module will flash a led light. All my wires seem to be connected to the right vehicle wires and it also programmed fine when going through program option 2. Also all my settings seem to be right in the flashlink manager. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE for a 2016 Kia Soul Standard Key?

From doing a little research it seems that the EVO-ALL does not have the remote start? Thanks for any help.


2012 Kia Soul standard key rf641w not unlocking and locking vehicle

2012 Kia Soul standard key no immobilizer. Using thar-one-khy1. I am using the tachless mode. I have programmed 2 rf641w keys successfully, however they do not unlock and lock the vehicle properly. I even tested the wires to ground to verify ground control and that was better than the module was doing. So here's the behavior:

    Lock: will not work unless I lock the car with the oem remote period. making me think the evo module is storing status incorrectly or is unaware. Unlock. Works if I press the unlock button 3 times
      I have also tried adjusting option 8 for this with no luck. (unlock pulse adjustment)
    Kill start - I am unaware, but is there no feature to kill the remote start and turn the vehicle off via the remotes?

Thanks in advance.


2012 soul standard key no can bus communication evo one

2012 Kia Soul standard key no immobilizer. Using thar-one-khy1. Blue light won't flash when programming. I can read codes and voltage to the fortin module white 5 pin matches obd output at around 2.37v low can and 2.67v high. Module,flashlink all at the latest firmware. Evo one flashes successfully. Just when key on it fails to finish programming. Also wired in the fortin hood switch. Any help? Since it's such a simple install it's embarrassing to ask for help. Should work and great instructions as usual.


Need help programming REVO 1.1 to EVO-ONE


Hello,   I really need some assistance on the following.   I have been trying to get this REVO 1.1 to program to the EVO-ONE for the last two days. I have followed the instructions very closely. The only issue I potentially see is, and the instructions are unclear on this, do I need to use the power adapter?   My EVO-ONE was installed without a T-Harness, the guide states. "The power connections are only needed for the EVO-ALL and ADS-ALCA integration modules. The EVO-ONE will not require these connections." then later, in the same paragraph the guide states "If you are NOT using a T-Harness, then you WILL need to connect the power and ground wires."   So, do I need the power adapter, or not?   I can't get the REVO 1.1 to program using the steps in the guide. I turn the ignition to ON, I see the yellow LED turn on, on the EVO-ONE module. From there, I hold the valet switch until I can see the red LED turns on and flashes rapidly, and then press the valet switch 5 times, and using the parking lights to confirm each press, followed by pressing the brake one time.   Afterwards, I hold the remote button (the only button) for up to 3 seconds as stated in the guide, but I never see the red LED flash to confirm programming, followed by pressing the brake pedal, and turning off the vehicle. I continued with the steps in case I missed the red LED flash.   This install is on a KIA Soul 2016 - standard key - using the latest firmware for both the module (76.39) and the remote start (1.29).   I made sure to select Fortin2 on the remote start settings in the software as well.

If anything, I will call support on Monday, but I can't believe that I can't seem to get an answer on this anywhere.

I have also tried downgrading the firmware to 1.16, but that didn't work either - I was not even able to get the module to go into programming mode after that.

Here is the answer for anyone that needs it!

The guide leaves out information about having to select which wires were set up on the vehicle - somewhat odd to leave the information off entirely...

I have attached a link of a screenshot to the software option, these options should have been included within one of the steps shown on the installation instruction documentation.


i installed and i get all 3 led lites and remotes lites flash, but nothing on car flashes.

i installed the remote start, i have all 3 led lites flashing, and remote lites flash when pressed, but the vehicle lites dont flash, do i have to reset set and do the install proceedure over? this is a 2013 kia soul


Why doesn't my vehicle remote start?

I have just installed an AutoPage C3RS625 with an EVO ALL(I used D2D)on my 2014 PTS Kia Soul and I cannot get the vehicle to do anything when I press the remote start button. When i press the remote start button the remote beeps 3 times as soon as the button is pressed. I am not familiar with AutoPage and I am not sure if anyone else here is. I think my EVO ALL programmed but it does not do what Fortin's instructions say it should do. I press and hold the programming button plug in the data cable then plug allof my other cables in press programming button once then 6 times. I then turn the key on the Red LED flashes 10 times and then goes out, the blue LED flashes and continually flashes and never stop flashing and the red LED never comes back on like the instructions say it should. The lock, and unlock function properly but nothing for the remote start. I have Hardware 6 and the newest firmware. I am not sure what settings should be on and off and when I hook the flash link to my PC no settings are selected. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Is my EVO ALL not programming?

I have a Crimestopper DS-7 and an EVO ALL in my PTS 2014 Kia Soul. When I go to program the red light flashes rapidly and goes off, then the blue light flashes rapidly and just keeps on blinking. Am I doing something wrong? I have hardware version 6 and the latest firmware version. I can remote start the vehicle but when I press the Ignition button while the vehicle is running it only goes from ACC to OFF and also never sees the key in the car. Also for some reason my remote starter does not have an "(+) Accessory" or an "(+)Ignition2" wire. Could this be my issue? Lastly I cannot use any of my features such as my heated steering wheel, heated seats or even turn the heat on. Thanks!


2014 Kia Soul PTS. Not reading can on the gry/gryblk wires unbalanced can. It looks like

the bypass programmed. Is there any way to complete the install without the evo-all reading the can. Had the same problem on two different 2013 kia Soul PTS vehicles. If you have any info please call me at 440-610-3144. Thanks for your help.


Evo-All Module don't work propertly in kia soul 2013 (part 3)

I use EVO-ALL only as bypass module. All wires from the car-alarm I connected directly to wires of my car.

I use wires only depicted on that scheme. Wires marked green colour I don't use at all.

What wires should I cut?

Should I cut relay wires (marked as red) and restore integrity of datalink bus of my car? Should I connect blue and blue/black to data bus or I need only

CAN bus for bypass module?

Thank you!



Evo-All Module don't work propertly in kia soul 2013 (part 2)

Thank you for your answer. Probably I had found a possible reason, but know I don't know what to do.

I have disconnected the blue wire from my car alarm system, and I to put it mannually to the car ground before I do the start command  from my car alarm. And after that EVO-ALL module works all the time when I start my car via car-alarm (but I need every time before I start it disconnect and connect again the blue wire of EVO-ALL to the ground). And after that I tried more times to simulate possible reasons, and when I connect ignition earlier than GWR I see the same thing: I see the yellow and red leds are light and bypass doesn't work.

To connect EVO-ALL I use out in my car alarm that especially designed for bypass modules. Bellow that text the picture with my car alarm signals diagramm. And I think that delay between GWR and ignition isn't enough and EVO-ALL needs more time to swith on the bypass scheme.

What can I do to work Evo-All properly. Thank you.



Evo-All Module don't work propertly in kia soul 2013

I have Kia Soul 2013 without push-start button and with 2L gasoline engine. I have Installed Fortin Evo-all module with hardware version 6 (I want to use it only as bypass module, but I have connected CAN bus too). I have connected this module as described in manual and have rechecked it by wirecolour.com wire diagrams. When I was programming this module to programm number 3 in step 2 I didn't have 10-times flashes of Blue LED but I had 10-times flashes of Red LED and STEP number 3 was as described in manual.    After that I tried to start my car 10 times via my car-alarm. First 2 or 3 times it starts engine normally and then my car runs with variable success, Because sometimes it didn't see the key. I reprogrammed the module 3 times but got the same result.   Module behaves the same for all attempts to run. When I start my car via car alarm system on Evo-all module I see yellow and red light is on, and when I start it by the key I See only yellow flash is on. But sometimes my car sees bypass key and sometimes not. Please answer: What's wrong with my Evo-all or installation? Thank you for your answer.