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2012 Hyundai Sonata PTS - No ignition control - EVO All

2012 Hyundai PTS Fortin EVO All with Fortin LTE Connected all wires as per installation instructions. Bought Flash link and flashed to 17.31 following the wizard. Programmed Frotin Evo module to vehicle(blue LED blinks rapidly). When pressing starting lock 3x - module sounds internal relay is clicking and parking light flash however dash ignition does not come on. Checking EVO all diagram - RED Connected D2 yellow/blue start+ wires goes into 1n4004 diodes - strip facing towards PTS button - then to yellow/black and yellow/orange. ignition does not turn on. Disconnected the diodes to measure direct and yellow/blue wire for voltage output...getting zero volts when remote start is requested. Tried to reflash Fortin 4 times and still have not been able to get voltage output from d2 yellow/blue. I am missing something or is there internal module fault?


Wire colors for passlock for 2008 Chevy Impala


EVO ALL GUIDE #105331 - Confusing Language

Installing stand-alone on a 2020 Nissan Frontier PTS. The Frontier has a factory hood switch for alarm functions. The config / options section of the guide states to set A11 to OFF if no hood pin. Does this imply to set A11 to ON in this circumstance? And I assume the blue hood pin wire is moot in this situation, or does it require grounding as the full diagram illustrates? A little confused on the intent.


Audi a6c7 problems rmf411

I need help realy!!! I installed it evo-one + rm411, starting with the OEM key works.3 item close is car in run. I wanted to install rm411, the programming of the key fob is successful, but it does not react to it.no open, no close, no run engine... how should it be???maybe you need settings??? I have 2 of them, here is one of them, the other is in the car, bought this year. on this block 002B04 650369 need to reset the decryptor because I didn't understand what was wrong and tried many others...please help me to do it right...and to work rmf411, really needed maybe somewhere in the settings you need to put a point that there is an additional remote control and not OEM


2018 SUBARU OUTBACK (US Model) - EVO ONE - THAR-ONE-SUB1 & THAR-ONE-SUB3 - Module will not program

This is on my 2018 Subaru Outback, US model 

REGULAR KEY - Automatic Transmission - No factory alarm system (from what I can tell) - Yes factory immobilizer

Remote Start: Fortin EVO One. Firmware Version: 84.12. Using Flashlink USB programmer. 

Wire Harness: THAR-SUBONE-SUB1 & THAR-SUBONE-SUB3  (both SUB1 & SUB3 harnesses simultaneously I guess? Though initially unsure, I went forward & did order and installed both as shown in the diagram linked in the next line down. Specifically, on page 5 out of Ten, the page with the heading: THAR-ONE-SUB1 & THAR-ONE-SUB3 | AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CONNECTION )

I made the connections as indicated on this PDF I found on your website:  https://fortin.ca/download/99401/EVO-ONE_IG_RTO_BI_SUB1-SUB3_OUTBACK_2018_KEY_A_99401.pdf

Before connecting to the car, I:

1.  connected the evo one to my laptop & ran the flashlink software. 

2. The software recognized the USB programmer. 

3 Then I plugged in the Evo One module & confirmed it was detected in flashlink software

4. I logged in, then input the following vehicle data: 2018 subaru outback, regular key .

5. I let the flashlink software download the newest firmware & recommended settings for the 2018 subaru outback
6. I hit the program button to send the configuration to the Evo One

7. Disconnected Evo one from the flashlink programmer & held down the programming button 

8. While holding down the programming button, plugged in the 6 pin connector from the Sub-One harness, at this point installed in the car, to the Evo One

9. Continued holding down programming button while the red yellow & blue lights cycled, then released the button when the lights were lit up RED & Blue simultaneously 

10. Began to press the programming button 6 times to enter the programming mode

11. However, right after the very first push of the programming button the red & blue lights would blink once & then go back to solid red & blue so I continued pushing 5 more times to get a total of 6 presses.

13. At this point, the module is blinking red & blue simultaneously 5 times in a row > pause > blink red & blue 5x again > pause > red & blue 5x blink > continues in perpetuity until I insert the vehicle key & turn it to the Ignition 2 position (2 clicks/aka accessory mode)

12. Soon as key turns to ignition 2 setting, The RED & BLUE lights both light up & stay on continuously.

13. The instructions say to start the car at this point, but turning the key from Ignition 2 to Start does not cycle the starter. No lights dim, no clicking from relays, it is not even trying to start. 

14. I hold the key in start position for about 2-3 seconds, then release it back to ignition 2 which would leave the vehicle running normally if it had started at this point

15. The red & blue lights on the evo one continue to stay lit continuously & never reach the part where they flash 10 times, ostensibly because the engine never even started still which does make sense.

I guess my question is, does this have anything to do with the jumper that is shown in the PDF? I don't understand what the diagram is trying to say with the Jumper A & Jumper B section. Does the jumper in jumper A need to be removed? And then the cable in the jumper b position get plugged back into the Sub 3 harness? But only for the outback & legacy models of the car? I'm not quite clear what I'm supposed to do with the jumper A OR the Jumper B. So I just left them both plugged in. 

After a while sitting in ignition 2 position with the red & blue lights lit up on the evo still, I just gave up & turned the key off then unplugged the : 5p Data link wire > 6p red plug > 20p white plug > 6p main power plug from the evo to turn it off. Then plugged it back into the flashlink programmer & attempted to see if I could do the decryptor programming anyway, but as expected I get the notification that the module never received the datalink information

I also tried reflashing the module once or twice to be sure the settings stuck, the behavior of the vehicle stays the same. I have read through about 50 of the first quiestions that were relevant to this generation subaru that I could find on here and have not seen this answered elsewhere. I hope maybe someone can advise me on what tthe jumpers do, what I should do with the jumpers in jumper A & jumper B plugs, and how they would affect, if at all, the vehicle no longer starting with the regular key


2016 Hybrid Camry PTS Installed Evo-All with Harness, 4 red flashes which means Ignition before start error

2016 Hybrid Camry PTS Installed Evo-All with T-Harness, 4 red flashes on module which means Ignition before start error. What is wrong? Last firmware installed and SN: 001A07 484579 Thanks Previously did the same installation of Evo-All on 2014, works fine.


Audi Dsk (130Pts.)


EVO ALL - 2012 Audi A4 Step 7 flashes red 3 times

I am in the process of installing this and I get to step 7 and it is supposed to be solid red then in step 8 red and yellow alternating. At step 7 after Blue red yellow alternate it goes to 3 red flashes over and over. What could be causing this?


2014 audi a6 push to start unable to complete decryption process EVO-ONE

Im able to get the module into programing mode with the flashing red, yellow, and blue lights. The vehicle will shut down (key off) durring the process but will not key on. The key off happens near the end of the programing procedure i belive this is supposed to be a signal to key on and complete the key learning. I also notice the evo one will light blue when the fob is pressed but when remote start sequience is started no lights illuminate on the module. Im thinking firmware issue im running 60.10 as recomended and tried a few others. module # 002B04 266571


Mazda Mmk005 (130Pts.)


Evo Start 2 not working with Evo one with T Harness Thar one Maz3


I recently bought Evo start 2 for my Evo one which I have been using for more than 2 years on my Mazda cx 3 2019 with T harness. At that time I did not choose the app start option while programming the Evo one. Can some please help me where should i be connecting the Yellow wire. Does it goes into the A1. Also none of the other options like door unlock are not working. Do I have to reprogram the Evo one again. I know that the firmware should be atleast 1.21. When i push start from the app the green light on the evo start 2 is turning on but nothing is happening.

I have followed the following steps and it was not working.

Ignition ON - OFF - ON (While holding the brake?)

Press and release brake 4 times

Press and hold the Evo start button until green

Turn OFF Ignition

Thank you for reading any kind of help or suggestions is much appreciated 


Key fobs wont program

I have a 2006 Chev silverado 2500HD and i have installed the fortin EVO ONE. I can get the module to program once all the wires were hooked up under the dash but i cannot get the RF942 antenna to light up when trying to program the key fobs. is like it is not detecting it. i have tried both methods with the valet switch and cycling the key and foot brake 4 times. The only time i get a flicker from the antenna is just when you plug it in. This was pre programmed from the shop i bought it from and they dont have uch insight for me. Is it possibly a programming issue? I have gone through all my connections several times and they are all good on that end. Thanks




1-) I have two black car keys, one of which is a 3-button remote. Without transponder  Toyota Yaris 2007. Which module should I install? with keyless or without keyless?

2-) Is there a manual on how exactly I should do the wiring since there is no transponder in this vehicle?


Without transponder Toyota Yaris 2007

Hello, I need assistance. I don't have a transponder in my Toyota Yaris 2007. I have two black car keys, one of which is a 3-button remote. I selected Function 2-4 and Function 20-2. I installed the "without keyless" 2007 Yaris mod. I disconnected the yellow wires and connected the white one to the start input. During programming, I used the 3-button key, but the red light remains steady. The car isn't working; it only activates the any lights, and the lights flash irregularly. The device is "Evo One 2016" Ftx64-2w.


Evo-One for Mitsubishi Triton (pickup truck)

Hi, I want to buy Evo-One for my Mitsubishi Triton (pickup truck, diesel engine, automatic transmission) manufactured in Thailand, 2020. I used the card in Vietnam. I just want to know if I can use Evo-One Fortin product for my car, is it compatible. If yes, do i need to buy the Thar-One-Mit 2 (T-Harness for Mitsubishi vehicles) to work for connection or installation process with Evo-One. Thanks in advance,