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2013 Audi A7 Wont Start, key not recognised

I'm currently using an evo one SN: 002B04 079929 I'm trying to program this for an audi a7 2013. I've upgraded the correct firmware as per the manual however i'm getting an issue when attempting to remote start. It shows on the dash key not detected every time. I've done this 3 times now and the 3rd time the Decryptor limit has been reached. Can you advise and then reset please? The programming went fine, all the lights appeared as shown. If i leave the key in the car and remote start it, its fine. but if i do it outside the vehicle it displays key not recognised. Thanks


Audi SafetS (130Pts.)


Which product suits you for my car?

Hello, I have a question, I have an Audi Q7 2010 3.0 TDI S-line, which of your products is suitable for my car? Can I use the Fortin EVO-AUDT1 Preloaded Module and T-Harness Combo for Select Audi Vehicles


Audi a6c7 problems rmf411

I need help realy!!! I installed it evo-one + rm411, starting with the OEM key works.3 item close is car in run. I wanted to install rm411, the programming of the key fob is successful, but it does not react to it.no open, no close, no run engine... how should it be???maybe you need settings??? I have 2 of them, here is one of them, the other is in the car, bought this year. on this block 002B04 650369 need to reset the decryptor because I didn't understand what was wrong and tried many others...please help me to do it right...and to work rmf411, really needed maybe somewhere in the settings you need to put a point that there is an additional remote control and not OEM


A6 c7 2016

I installed it evo-one + rm411, starting with the OEM key works. I wanted to install rm411, the programming of the key fob is successful, but it does not react to it...how should it be???maybe you need settings???


Does LTE module control turning heater/AC on/off, heated seats on/off, temperature control? 2010 Audi A4 Key-Port

I just installed the AUDT harness and Evo All module for remote start into my 2010 Audi A4 with key-port. I want to add LTE. Do I just purchase the Fortin Evo start module and program and connect it to my existing EVO All with T-harness? In addition to App control of remote start, GPS, will I be able to turn the heat and AC on and off, control the temperature, and also turn the heated seats on and off? I just want to know the additional features / controls I can have in the app. Thank you.


2012 Audi A7 won't start

2012 Audi A7 using Evo One. The entire setup was successful, I was able to program the remote. After install, lock3x did nothing. Looking through Remote Starter options in flashlink, and "System Control by OEM remote" was disabled by default. Ok. Set to lock3x. Reinstalled, now pressing the button turns the ignition on, but does not start vehicle. It does its starting attempt, then turns off and relocks itself. What am I missing here? I'm sure there are other options that I need to change that were not shown in the instructions. Any help would be great.


2014 audi a6 push to start unable to complete decryption process EVO-ONE

Im able to get the module into programing mode with the flashing red, yellow, and blue lights. The vehicle will shut down (key off) durring the process but will not key on. The key off happens near the end of the programing procedure i belive this is supposed to be a signal to key on and complete the key learning. I also notice the evo one will light blue when the fob is pressed but when remote start sequience is started no lights illuminate on the module. Im thinking firmware issue im running 60.10 as recomended and tried a few others. module # 002B04 266571


Audi JW (160Pts.)


THAR-AUD2 & Evo-All, How to Program

I just want to use the remote start function of lock button*3.
I have an Evo-All module and a Thar-Aud2 harness.
I connected this harness to the cable in the trunk side while looking at the installation manual, and I connected the extra remote control key.
And I connected the black connector while pressing the module's program button, but the lights on the all LED are flashing blue, red, and green. It's the same when I take my hands off.

Even if I reconnect all the connectors, the same thing happens.
The program doesn't work at all. What's the problem?
Do I not have to use a black connector to just use the lock button*3?

Please help me


Audi 2013 S4 DSG - Fortin ALL getting stuck on step 7 with 3 x red flashing lights

Just installed a Fortin ALL with the Audi T Harness on a 2013 Audi S4 DSG. UK right hand drive car. When I go to try and get the unit to read the key data I am just getting 3 red light flashes on step 7, everything is fine up until that point and the car operates as normal. When I then put the flashlink back onto the PC software it says invalid key data. Any ideas? I have checked all wiring, also checked status of CANBUS with zero issues showing so I know that wiring is good. Serial no for module is : 001A07445150


2008 A4 can not program remote

EVO-ONE-912 I wired everything using guide #85631 Flashed the module with the Flash Link Manager Programed the module to the car... blue light flashing Cycle key on-off-on, LED on antenna solid blue, push brake pedal 4 times and nothing happens


2014 Audi Q7 Starting Sequence using

HI there,

I've recently purchased a 2014 Audi Q7 that came with the Fortin remote starter, I believe its a legacy version that you used to sell. Board Front: FAR 2006 XH29926. Is it possible to find a manual for this? I'm having a hard time figuring out what the remote starting sequence is?


Audi 2018 Q5 EVO all and EVO start LTE

Hello. Things are working fine with the Audi 2018 Q5 EVO all and EVO start LTE. But, a couple of questions: - is there a way to control the heated seats in the app? - the fuel gauge shows 0% in the app - I don’t see notifications on my Apple Watch. I thought I read that that was possible. Thank you


Audi exhango (160Pts.)


2017 SQ5 Evo-All do not run

Hi, I have install Fortin Evo-audt1 on my audi sq5 2017 but doesn't work. I have connect foot brake wire, Can H & Can L under steering column also I tried under hood clutch and harness on key port. I did the program but on the 8th step doesn't flash red and yellow light, only 3x red light. I try to remote start but nothing happen. if i put the key on key port the remote starter works. SN 001A07 481140. VIN:WA1CCAFP3HA009841. Can you help what can I do?