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Key bypass program for Volvo XC90 90?

2011 Volvo xc90 evo-one and rf942 remote start works only if key is placed in ignition. Lock unlock work correctly. I'm not sure can bus (data link) is working. I'm a bit of a novice any help would be appreciated.


Key programming

2015 doge ram 1500 key. Module will not go to ste 7 of programming key. ie the blue light will not turn on. key programming


Key bypass programming fail

I use EVO-ALL and Fort4 for the 2016 Ford focus. Following instruction 72871, the DCRYPTOR bypass programming is blocked at step 5. Turn the key to the Ignition ON/RUN position. The RED LED should be turned OFF, but it keeps turning on. I can't move to the next step. Please let me know how to fix it, thanks.


EVO-ONE key bypass programming issue - Honda Civic 2012

I am trying to setup key bypass programming on 2012 Honda Civic using EVO-One using T-harness. I am only able to go up to step 4 where the red-light is flashing once and pause. but when I goto step 5 and turn the ignition on all the lights go off. I tried reflshing the unit and still same issue. can someone help me?


Evo-Key: does a proper transponder key need to be in the ignition to drive or would a key that doesn't have a chip work?

We have a Toyota Matrix 2005 and it's transponder key only works intermitantly. I'm considering installing a tansponder bypass like this one (and maybe a remote start while i'm at it) with the hopes that it would fix this by sending a valid code to the immobilizer every time but I'm unclear how the module behaves once a key is placed in the ignition. If, for example, a key is placed in the ignition but it couldn't read a transponder code from it would it cut the engine? Could you still drive the car? Would installing a bypass potientionally solve our issue? After installing an Evo-Key/Evo-One and it is properly set up with a transponder code from a valid key, does a proper transponder key need to be in the ignition to drive the car or would a key that is cut properly but maybe doesn't have the transponder work as well?


Polarity of cable that wraps the key and ignition barrel on the Evo ALL for Subaru?

For reference Guide# 3034 and connection #5 I just bought an EVO-ALL but don't have it yet and want to know if you can you tell me the polarity of the cable that wraps the key and ignition barrel on the Evo ALL for Subaru? Is it a negative signal or positive? and is the same signal on both pins correct? Thank you


Can we bypass a 2008 Subaru Impreza without a factory key now ?

I got a costumer who wants a remote starter for 2008 Impreza. He went online and told meI-datalink has a decryptor for Subaru. Did you develope this function for Subaru so far and your website is not up to date. He told that would cover his 2008 Impreza also.

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