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2009 rx350 key sense

i have installed EVO-ONE-942 and INT-SL+. The car lock, unlock, remote starts. Everytime i remote start the alarm set off. i follow Guide # 90081. i did hook up the key sense wire. but i didint see any 2 pin white connector shown in the guide. when i remote start the alarm set off so i have unlock and lock and the car stay running. if i cant find the key sense wire. can i change the setting to unlock before start then lock after?


As a single install, is Bluetooth FlashLink Adapter worthwhile?

Hello, I purchased the Fortin EVO-ALL module to bypass my 2005 Ford Focus PATS system for remote starting my car through my Viper 5706v alarm/rs kit. It works flawlessly once I figured out my issue for decryptor. I can probably provide some updated/more clear diagrams for Fortin to offer for my vehicle, too. But all that aside... I used the USB FlashLink Update module to set up my EVO-ALL. I'm not sure if maintenance is recommended every so often to keep the firmware updated. If so, I would assume it's worth it to upgrade to the Bluetooth FlashLink device. I honestly want to ditch my Viper system out of disgust for DEI and have been looking at alternate systems. I don't remember but I might need to update the EVO-ALL firmware if I change to something that isn't the DEI D2D data bus. I was considering the Compustar T13 two-way system with LTE. I am not sure if Fortin actually provides a sufficient option for my older vehicle. I haven't looked in months, but I think it was only partially compatible with EVO-ONE. These are all reasons to consider the Bluetooth module, though I have no issue taking my laptop to my car and running FlashLink Update while plugged into the EVO-ALL without messing with my install. Aside from ditching the laptop for an android app, is there any other benefit to the Bluetooth module? Thanks.


Stuck on step 5, all 3 lights flashing Kia Niro

I am using a t-harness for install. Verified continuity on all my electrical connections. Soldered connections. During programming, I turn ignition on and red lights blink 10x as expected. Then short pause and the three LEDs all blink instead of the blue blinking indicating I'm not getting canbus communication. The COM wire was present and I verified I have the connections on the correct side of the cut. I flashed it with the most recent version of firmware and the recovered firmware, same result either way. Double checked my settings and everything kind like I'd expect it to buy correctly somethings amiss. SN-002B04 310063 This morning the car battery was dead as well


2009 Rx8 Key preogram

Installing cm900 with evo all on a Mazda RX8 atomatic standard key, evo won't program correctly. Try with 1 key and 2 still the same. Everything lights up but no cranck. Aso change protocal to Fortin still those the same thing. Not sure what I'm missing. Thank you


evo-all on 2009 audi s5 will not learn/decrypt key with T-harness

I have tapped all he correct color wires by the punch and twist method, The T-harness is fully seated into the keyport module. Per the guide I am using the recommended 60.10 firmware. when Igo through the process on learning/decrypting the key, the evo all only gets to the point where all there leds alternate. but instead of getting a solid red led and then the slowly alternating red and yellow. I only get the red led that blinks 3x. and it never changes. I have also tried the alternate firmwares [.08] through [.11] and have had the same results. I have put a brand new batttery in the vehicle and the remote as well. I tried programing the evo with the option A11 both on and off. What else can I try? serial# : 001A07321568 Best wishes,


page cannot be displayed when selecting Remote Start option on Flashlink Manager

Cannot Access Remote starter (Online Mode) option On Flashlink Manager. Keep getting "Page Not Found" with no other text on the page. I can However access Remote Start (Offline Mode) By selecting Configuration--Special Unit--Unit Options. Is There a Server Issue? is Anyone else havng this problem?


INT-SL+ won't program to 2000 Silverado or be discovered by Flashlink Manager

I have a Fortin INT-SL+. HW Ver 2 Firmware Ver 3.01 mfg date 04/2018 Service number 002102061867 I also purchased a Fortin flashlink-lite updater I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado with an older Chrime Stoppers remote start, and had on omega IB-GMBP.DB-PAS-23A Passkey override. The omega unit went bad and appears to be discontinued. I purchaesd the Fortin unit to replace it. I just need the passkey function of the Fortin. Wired it in configuration 5 without data link. When I follow the programming instructions, the red light will come on, but not start blinking when the key is switched on. I have checked my wiring. I'm pretty sure I have it right. The red light also does not go out after I start the engine. I read on this forum that GM trucks can be particularly hard to program and that there is a firmware version 3.06 that resolves the issue. I bought the Fortin flashlink-lite updater to upgrade my firmware from 3.01 to 3.06 The flashlink-lite updater seems to be working with my laptop correctly. The Flashlink manager 4 shows the flashlink-lite updater as connected. When I plug in my INT-SL+ the red light comes on for a few seconds and goes out. Flashlink Manager4 always shows the "module status" as disconnected. I tried holding the INT-SL programming button before plugging the INT-SL into the Flashlink-lite. The red light stays on but the "module status" doesn't change. I have seen youtube videos that show the Fortin modules connecting almost instantly when plugged into the Flashlink devices, so I think something is wrong. I suspect the INT-SL I don't want to buy more stuff until I'm sure that I'm going to solve the problem. I feel that I should troubleshoot the connection between INT-SL+ and Flashlink first, since those are Fortin factory connections. That eleminates my wiring as a potential issue in the flowchart. Is there a way to tell if the INT-SL+ is bad?


Solid yellow and red light

So im installing the evo all with the tb-vw module in a 2008 vw rabbit. ive been fighting with this thing for a few hours now trying to get the thing to read the key so i can use the dcryptor. ive manage to get past the setup 3 diffrent times but each time i end up with a solid yellow and red light when i apply power back to the evo all. when i go to start it, the yellow will go off then the red starts flashing and wont stop till i unplug it. any advice would be great. also ive tried factory resetting, flashing diffrent firmwares and ive now hit the limit on dcryptor and i believe im one flash away from the limit


Evo-ALL - try reset but getting 3 solid LED lights

Hello, I was getting the solid red light on my Evo-all. I decided to do a reset. I installed firmware 0.99 and while pressing programming button and connecting datalink from the car Instead of getting the solid red light I got all three solid lights. Can anyone tell me what does it mean and how do I get it to work ? I'm trying to install remote start to 2020 Rav4 XLE premium with push start.


bypass key programing

i have a 2012 nissan versa without intelegent key im using t harness. i plugged in all plugs and connected flash link updated module. now i was KEY BYPASS PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE . i did firs 2 steps now when i go to turn on key the yellow led is solid and red does not turn on. please help also i have not connected any lock unlock wires and driver door pin or the hood pin aswell as the parking light wire.


On bypass programming options, should I choose oem remote or aftermarket?

I am using the EVO-ALL as an immobilizer bypass for a 2010 Enclave CXL (that does have factory remote start) to install an aftermarket PKE system (ikey-premier from digital guard dawg. Which programming option do I choose for the bypass? The OEM remote start option or the aftermarket rfid option? I specifically ask because I don't see their key fob listed in the rfid compatibility, but I'm using the bypass for an aftermarket system, NOT the OEM remote. Should I still choose OEM? Alternatively, is it possible that their rf key could be compatible even though it isn't listed?


2019 Subaru Crosstrek wont program