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2012 VW Jetta would not start from any of the remotes and OEM remote after successful programming

I just installed the EVO-ALL with the VWT3 harness, programming went good but the vehicle doesn't start from any of the remotes, the module lights up ( red then yellow and both stay on ) and never get ignition or accessory turned on. The wiring is connected properly, I double-checked everything and tried different coding but still no result and it does not recognize the OEM remote 3 lock clicks or Lock-Unlock-Lock. I am out of ideas, only thing that comes to my mind is that my ignition switch has a different pinout, also after loading the recommended coding it started to give me a 4 RED LED blinks. I am out of ideas, any help would be greatly appreciated. SN: 001A07 367259


RF642W - Two way communication not working

In order to have a remote with each physical key, I purchased a 2nd RF642W kit. After pairing the remotes from the 2nd kit to the vehicle the remotes work in that they are able to preform all the functions. However, they don't appear to recieve 2 way confirmation. The most annoying part of this is when I press lock/unlock on one of the 2nd kit's remotes the vehicle locks/unlocks 3x before the remote says it did not work (even though it did). Is there a way to get the remotes from the 2nd kit to recieve the 2 way confirmations?


Signals, headlamps, etc not working after remote start.

2019 Elantra GT manual with EVO ALL, Compustar CMX. Vehicle starts properly, but after a remote start sequence the signal, headlamps and a few other accessories related to steering wheel mounted controls do not work. Only way to regain operation of these functions in to remove cars battery for a few minutes. Happens only after 5-8 remote start sequences. Removed parking light control from EVO and hard wired directly to Compustar with appropriate resistor with no change.


Remote 642w not working after successful pairing,but works from OEM remote

Installed new remote 642w and successfully paired with evo one module, but not working at all . Option for this remote H2 is on . Evo one works fine from OEM remote. What others hidden problems can be? It's for 2013 vw Passat. Thank you for replying!


BMW Mark B (130Pts.)


Programming or wiring?

A random shop installed this mobile start 3 years ago and ive had issues on and off with mobile connectivity for the past year(of course shop disappeared). 06 BMW 330xi manual transmission, with push start Just installed a new receiver to update the old one that is no longer supported. Mycar brand of mobile starter. Prior to installing the new receiver the car would function normally minus the mobile start would not connect. Changed the receiver out to the new 4g module and now car is connected to the app and all the functions work except for remote start. Car needs to be put into "ready mode". Go to manually start the car and it will not crank. If the program button on the evo-one controller was bumped, will that disable any of the starting functions? If this module needs to be programmed, could it block the clutch sensor and stop the car from starting? I didnt see any wires fall off and the "depress clutch" symbol popped up once on the dash. Looking for a spot to start diagnosising the no start issue.


Remote Start not working after programming

Just finished installing the remote starter kit on my 2019 Silverado 1500 LD. Followed all the instructions and everything went exactly as desicribed in the manual. After programming and reinstalling the RS Module, the truck will not remote start. No LEDs lighting up when I push the lock button 3x as instructed.


2007 highlander hybrid key bypass programming

I've followed the programming instructions and press and hold the programing button, plugged in the wiring and then let go of the programming button when it gets to RED, but it's stuck on RED and never starts blinking 10 times to start the programming. I've tried this both on my EVO ALL and EVO ONE with the same results. I've double check all my connections and metered between them to make sure the connection is good.


bypass key programing

i have a 2012 nissan versa without intelegent key im using t harness. i plugged in all plugs and connected flash link updated module. now i was KEY BYPASS PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE . i did firs 2 steps now when i go to turn on key the yellow led is solid and red does not turn on. please help also i have not connected any lock unlock wires and driver door pin or the hood pin aswell as the parking light wire.


Dot key + bypass not working

06 highlander dot key + Evo one 442. Not registering key signal upon insertion. I've been told this vehicle requires bypass, but am unsure how to program the remotes.



Normally when i press the rf kit remote it makes a sound that car recieved the order, but recently my remote is giving 2 more short beeps after the first one, though it might be low battery indicator but changed the battery and it remained the same, any ideas ?


Rav4 XSE. 2021

Rav 4. 2021. XSE. Hybride push avec un évo one et toy13. Tout fonctionne bien sauf que le. Remote Connect original avec application ne veut plus démarrer


Evo One won't start after 5 min or so but was working right after key bypass programming procedure

Hi, I'm kind of lost here, nobody seem to have the answer to my problem, not even Fortin when I call them for help. I installed my Evo One on my Hyundai Tucson 2020 standart key start, followed exactly all the wiring as per the guide, double check all my connection (EMS, CAN BUS, ignition wires, etc) and there's no loose cable. After that I did the key bypass programming procedure with EMS cable : hold down program button while plugging the 6 pin heavy gauge wire till it was red, plug all the others wires, press 7 times program button till it flash 6 times every second, put the key in and turn to ON. At this point the red led flashed 10 time quickly and after stayed on while the blue light started flashing quickly too. After that I turned Ignition to OFF and every light turn off. Right after that I tried to start the car by pressing LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK and the car started no problem. I then stop the car, close the door and wait... 5 min later, I tried to restart the car with the remote starter but it didn't work. The car got the lock unlock lock signal but no light is flashing on the module anymore like if it went into sleep mode or something. I tried many thing and here is what I found out : - If I unplug all cable from the Evo One and plug it straight back it then start receiving signal again for the next 5 min or so. - If I open the trunk and close it back, the module seem to start back receiving signal from oem remote. To me it feel like there is a cut off or something that stop the module from receiving any signal from the oem remote after a certain amount of time, kind if it was to prevent from draining the battery of the car. Could also be that the Evo One is loosing the key programming after current shutting off in the car but then it shouldn't start by just unplugging and replugging the 6 pin ignition wires. *Sorry if my english is not perfect, I usually speak french.