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Remote starts then shuts off in 20 seconds

Car will remote start in stand alone. Runs for 20 seconds then shuts off. Does not try to restart. Will run with key all the time. Remote start diirectly after and will run for 20 minutes. Firmwar is up to date and all connection are done wire to wire exept for data link. All lights on Evo All are on like described.


Key Fob and Cluster

2007 A4. The key fob and instrument cluster was not original. So the immo cause the vehicle not start (cranks only). Can anyone recommend which one to purchase to defeat or bypass the immobilizer to get the vehicle to start?


09 altima evo-all w/thar-nis1 tharness. Wanted to add siren and shock sensor need wiring diag.

Evo,all w/thar-nis1 t harness, oem remote, standalone. Green wires are for lock n unlock. Where is siren wire ?


Push button start install 2020 Ford Ranger

I am installing a Easyguard PKE Push to Start system on a 2020 Ford Ranger with standard key. The easyguard system requires a wire connection for the chip immobilizer. Where do I make the connections on the Evo All to communicate the chip immobilizer?


No remote start after install, no parking lights, brake lights light up.

Evo-ALL. 2012 Nissan Maxima I have all wires connected. Do i need to connect any of the red plugs? No other options installed. I get no parking lights or car does not start when remote is pressed 3x. The horn beeps and the brake lights light up. Car will start when im inside and press brakes but no remote start.


do i need a new t harness upgrading from a evo all to evo one 2016 chevy silverado

cant add a rf642 to the evo all manufacturing date 12/14


2018 Jeep Patriot Push to start auto remote start wont shut off passive error

I installed an all evo all in a 2018 jeep patriot push to start auto trans. Evo sn# 001a07 068469. Installed using sugested settings and current firmware that shows up in the desktop software. Vehicle starts fine with oem 3 lock but will not shut off with the oem 3 lock or after it should time out. Foot brake also does not seem to have any effect. Tried a reboot to factory and relearn security. Also occasionally getting a "service passive entry" on the dash.


2017 Highlander It Locks/Unlocks but DIDNT remotely start from Mobile.

2017 Highlander Push to start EVO All standalone with Tharness & Evo start2 It Locks/Unlocks but DIDNT remotely start from Mobile. I had evoall standalone with Tharness installed on the 2017 Toyota Highlander push to start working perfectly fine Purchased a evo start2 with flash Link Updator 4 Removed the evo all module and update the firmare to latest Save receommended options and save the options Checked the Option C1,D1 H & H2 are on on the module Try to decrypt thru decryptor, didnt succed Installed EVostart 2 Antenna in the car windshield NOTE: the antenna cable shown in installation guide is bit different from shown, have more connector and loose 4 cables red black yellow and green Using Connection1 from evostart2 guide for EVO ALl standalone Installation StepA:Connect 6 pin Antenna conector to Antenna Step B: Connect 4 pin female blue connector to 4 pin male black connector from T harness STep C: Connect Yellow wire from Antenna cable to Yellow wire going on A1 on 20pin white connector of T harness Program EVO All with EVO start2 and got a green light. (programming successful) Installed app on mobile and try to start, When trying to start from MObile, the evostart2 gets a signal, shows blue light in atenna , but do nothing I tried with OEM key fob for lock x3, it does nothing Factory Reset the module, flash the module using flash Link Updator 4 Turn on c1 d1 and d6 h2 Program the module again and works with oem remote Program the evo start2 Able to lock and Unlock, but not able to start from mobile Troubleshooting: I removed the yellow wire sttached to tharness DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WRONG ALso checked grounding dark blue wire from 20 pin T harness to check if get red, NO D1 is enabled please help


no option h2 on 2011 kia sportage evo one

programming evo-one for 2011 kia sportage,push start ,trying to add fortin rf kit fmh series,asks to select option h2 on program by-pass option,but its not there in the programming prompts for the evo -one? I have an evo all here and it will show the h2 option,but will i need a remote starter kit as well as the rf kit and evo all ? or will it stand alone(evo-all + rf kit?)


Do you need extra wiring for a 2017 rav4 hybrid

Is there extra wiring required for push to start hybrid2017 Rav4? If yes, is it included with theT- harness. thank you


installation d'un siege chaufant

bonjour je veut savoir comment faire pour installer le siege chaffant sur un tucson 2019 push to start coté gauche doit on mettre une diode sur le jaune /noir qui sort du evo-one MERCI! FREDERIC GIRARD


Toyota akm (850Pts.)



Hi, I want to add dual stage shock sensor to my evo-one. Is that plug and play application. Is this complete security system which can be added to evo-one. Please let me know.