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2019 Mazda CX-5 (A/T & PTS) Alarm activating when remote starting (OEM keyfob/ 3xLock)

Sometimes when I try to activate remote start with my OEM key fob by pressing the lock button three times my car alarm will go off and then I press unlock and the car starts


Tundra Starts but door do not unlock with fob

2021 tundra Starts with oem fob and evo start2 but the fob doesn't unlock the doors


Remote Start Only Working from Inside the Car

2018 VW Atlas Push to Start. Car will only start when Fon is in the car.


2104 Honda Accord Remote Start does not work after programming and Installation

I have all the wires in place, have a toggle kill switch, programmed correctly and did the Flashlink Dcryptor. When I attempt to remote start, it does not start. I see a blue led light the controller when I hit lock on my key fob, but that's it. I have a 2014 Honda Acord Push Start. With the remote start in place, the car still operates as normal.


2013 Audi Q5 - Now has errors. "Implausible Brake Signal"

Successfully installed the system and it is working. Brake shutdown too. However, now the vehicle is throwing errors like 00526, which all seem to stem from the brake switch/signal. Would this likey be a programming error? Just need some guidance before pulling things apart. Also, yesterday on remote start it turned over for less than a second and did not start. tried again and it started. Brand new battery, so wondering if it is related to that brake signal somehow. EVO-AUDT1


EVO-ONE 2015 Mazda 3 Manual Transmission - Remote Start Will Not Activate

2015 Mazda 3 Grand Touring Hatchback, push-to-start, smart key, manual transmission.  I cannot get the module to start the vehicle with 3x OEM remote lock.  I've followed the instructions for manual transmission in Guide #68261.  My EVO-ONE serial number is 002B04 298695 and it is dated 09/2022.  Here's what I've done:

    EVO-ONE flashed with Firmware 85.12. Using T-Harness. Yellow loop wire NOT cut White wire labeled "for manual transmission only" on the T-harness is connected to the white wire coming out of the 20-pin connector.  These wires are just butt spliced with no other connection. DCryptor process to enable key bypass appears to have been successful from all FlashLink software messages. Remote starter option 33 is set to mode 2 for foot brake - handbrake - release foot brake Ready Mode process. Remote starter option 38 is set to mode 2 to enable 3x lock with OEM remote. Bypass option C1 is on for OEM remote status monitoring. I did not install a hood pin.  I am not concerned about remote starting while the hood is open.  Bypass option A11 is set to "off." Bypass options for foot brake, hand brake, door output monitoring are all set to "on."

To enable ready mode, I depress the foot brake, engage the hand brake, release the footbrake, and exit the car while it is still running without pushing the start button.  The car just sits there and runs, nothing happens when I close the door and walk so that the smart key is out of range.  I also tried doing this with shutting the car off before exiting and was still not able to remote start the vehicle.

When I press the lock button on the OEM remote, the blue LED on the EVO-ONE blinks indicating it is reading the CAN bus messages.

When the car is running, the yellow LED on the EVO-ONE is steadily illuminated.

At no point does the red LED on the EVO-ONE illuminate.  It does not turn on after pressing the OEM remote lock button 3x.

When I press the OEM lock button 3x after the above ready mode process, absolutely nothing happens except the car horn beeps on the 2nd and 3rd presses like it normally would.

Thanks in advance for your help.



vehicle will not stay running

sometimes the truck will not stay running when trying to remote start i have the rf kit aswell. when it happenes it doesnt matter which i use the rf or they factory fob the truck will try to start then shut down a second after firing. ive updated firmware performed factory reset and am still having the issue. everything is installed correctly by the book supplied by yall. to temporarily remedy this i have to unplug the unit then redo the holding down the programing button syncing both fobs which get rather annoying. when it happens the red an orange lights will come on while the blue light very faintly flashes the truck will try to fire then when it shuts off the blue light will flash. then the yellow light will become solid after a second the blue light will flash again and then it resets and tries to start again. also the security light on the truck will flash not sure if thats normal or not. i would like a remedy to this issue other than to keep reseting it every time which defets the purpose of having a remote starter.


2013 ford mustang (manual transmission) remote start does not work.

Vehicle - 2013 FORD Mustang manual transmission. Install - EVO ONE, T-harness, mobile link updater After key bypass programming, the engine does not start even when pressing the 3 x Lock button. But, If you press the lock button 3 times, the EVO ONE module will make a tick-tick and sound 3 times. Is the harness installation wrong?




where do i access the REMOTE STARTER options to enable option 38 to mode 2


2019 Subaru Outback remote starts but pops trunk continuously when not running till vehicle battery dies.

2019 Subaru Outback standard Key installed EVO One with sub1 and sub3 T-harness and RF kit. Will not remote start when rf kit is plugged in. Will remote start when it's unplugged but when vehicle is not in operation the hatch keeps unlocking causing vehicle battery drain and ultimately a dead battery overnight. The serial number for my unit is SN: 002B04 192340 Someone please help. I spent a good amount of money on this thing for it to not work.


Ford Gdrover (400Pts.)


2013 Ford Fiesta Evo All with THOR-For1 T-harness will not Activate/Respond when remote start attempted using OEM 3Xlock

2013 Ford Fiesta Evo-All with THOR-For1 T-harness will not Activate/Respond when remote start attempted using OEM 3X lock One OEM key Wiring completed per Instalation Guide #58161 Decryptor programed per process outlined starting Page 8 of Guide #58161 for one OEM key When completing steps 1 to 9 all lights correctly match the Guide #58161 with step 9 flashing blue and then to Step 10 alternating Flashing Red to Yellow when key turned off Completed Steps 11 to 13 using Flashlink Dispalys successfully Programed When reconnected to wiring harnesses and perform 3x lock on OEM Key there is no response of any kind from Remote start.. All wiring have been confirmed to be correct per Guide #58161 With ignion key off and key out there are no lights displayed on the Evo-All When engine is running with key the Yellow Evo-All light is dispalyed solid


2010 VW Tiguan THAR-VW6 compatability?

Trying to install an EVO-ALL on a 2010 Tiguan with the THAR-VW6, but I am not seeing where I can add the connector "A" as indicated in the instructions. Does this T-harness work with this vehicle or should I be going wire-to-wire?