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Question with 2009 Honda Accord

Hi I have a evo one that was used for Honda pilot. The T harness works for my Honda accord which I am using it on. I wired it all up but my car won’t start. I am assuming I have to reflash the evo one for my vehicle for this to work, correct? Thanks in advance.


Honda G M (13980Pts.)


2014 honda accord

Hello. I installed evo-all(001A07473343)+remote start, on a 2014 accord(hybrid-pts). Remote start opens doors and then doesn't close.


Request to Reset Fortin Unit

My car Honda Accord 2013 Standard Key i want to set the unit serial number 002b04166354


Honda drrck (130Pts.)


Takeover steps/procedures for 2013 Accord PTS

Hi. Is takeover possible on 2013 Accord PTS? If so what's the procedure? Currently it shuts off when I get in and push the brakes.


2104 Honda Accord Remote Start does not work after programming and Installation

I have all the wires in place, have a toggle kill switch, programmed correctly and did the Flashlink Dcryptor. When I attempt to remote start, it does not start. I see a blue led light the controller when I hit lock on my key fob, but that's it. I have a 2014 Honda Acord Push Start. With the remote start in place, the car still operates as normal.


2015 Honda Accord push to start cranks and will not start. Installed remote start.


2003 honda accord cranks only

Hello everyone, I just installed the evo one on a 2003 honda accord but the car only cranks when I try to remote start it. If I put the key near the ignition it starts sometimes. Also, I noticed when evo one is plugged in I cannot start the car with the key..it only makes a buzzing sound. If unplugged, car starts fine with key. Any help is appreciated! Ps. module was flashed with latest updates.


Car attempts to start but does not crank

2015 Honda Accord coupe ex. It has been programmed correctly. Using a T-harness the Thar-one-hon3. It's a manual transmission with push to start and I put the car in ready mode using foot brake and E-brake. Both red and yellow led on module come on when there are supposed to but after pressing my OEM remote 3 times it appears to start but will not crank. I'm about to return this and seek another option. Any help is appreciated.


Remote Start Takeover Alternate

Is there still no alternative to having the engine stop when the door is open on 2018-2021 Accords? Why is the bypass not using the same path as the remote start that is installed on all Accords? Every Honda Accord trim has remote start already, you just need the 5 button key fob to use it. Would it not be possible for the bypass unit to simply use the factory remote start protocol so that takeover would function as intended? Can the bypass not simply scan the canbus for the 3x lock signals and then send the same remote start signal as the factory remote does? This would easily solve the takeover situation for this car. It is interesting becuase without that fucntion, its simply a nicer remote start solution to buy the factory 5 button fob and have it programed.


11 accord not starting with remote start after program

So i have the Evo one hon5 that im installing on the 11 accord with a standard key. Install and poprogramming went fine. i have 38.2 activated. Not sure what I'm missing.


What does the hood pin connect to on the vehicle?

I have an '07 Accord and see that the hood pin is listed to be connected to pin A15 on the Evo One. My kit did not come with a hood pin but I would like to install a manual switch inside the cabin to toggle off when performing maintenance on the vehicle. My question is this: If I connect pin A15 to one pole on the switch where does the other lead go? To a ground point in the vehicle or is there another pin that it needs to go back in to?


2020 Honda Accord (-) horn wire

I have evo-one working great with 3X remote start and now want to hook up a shock sensor and vehicle horn for alarm....Where can I find the (-) horn wire and what color is it? 2020 Accord Sport 1.5T.


2007 Honda Accord won’t remote start consistently

Installed evo all with avital 4105 by wire to wire. The white and blue wires on data port have been cut. Module seem to have been programmed successfully according to the led flashes. No taps were used. Light blue/black wire (a10) is connected to immo data wire. Door locks and everything else works. Whenever car is remote start the red led on the module comes on like it's supposed to but the car will not always start only crank. The car will remote start every time with the key in the barrel. Module is flashed to 73.31. Not sure what to do next.