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Idle mode take over no longer working? 2019 Subaru Ascent PTS

I have a 2019 Subaru Ascent push to start. I installed the Evo One with the plug and play harness. everything was working fine... I could activate idle mode by: While vehicle is running, Activate Remote Start...Lights flash...Push the PTS Button once, orange light on PTS button would come on then off... get out and lock the doors... Then Idle mode take over: I would come back to the vehicle... unlock the doors... push the PTS button once, orange light would come on then off... press the brake pedal and then be able to go without shutdown) I don't know what happened, but out of no where I can no longer do the take over after initiating idle mode.... when i press the PTS button nothing happens... no light comes on then off.... and when I press the brake the car shuts down.... I have tried reprogramming the module.... ive tried re adding the key to the module... same outcome. I am able to take over after a normal remote start... but not when I activate idle mode....


EVO-ONE idle mode?

Is idle mode supported on mazda push to start vehicles? 2015 mazda 6 with automatic transmission. if it's supported how do i go about activating it on the oem key fob?


Idle Mode without an RF kit?

Is idle mode available with an EVO-CHRT4 that can be activated with just the OEM remote somehow? Thanks


Harness for OBD2 connector? (re: +12V/GND) ...and do I need IDLE MODE wire?

I'm installing an EVO-ONE with T-harness into my 2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. However, the installation manual (https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/71281/evo-one_ig_thr_bi_toy6-rav4-hyb_2017_pts_a_71281.pdf) shows an optional wire for "IDLE MODE" that connectrs to the wiring behind the PTS button? It says optional but what am I missing if I don't connect it? Is it worth connecting? Also, even though I've purchased the T-harness, the instructions show that I need to connect to the OBD2 wires for +12V and GND. Do I need to cut these wires behind the OBD2 connector or is there an easier or other recommended place to connect the wires?


2014 Honda Accord PTS Idle Mode

2014 Honda Accord Push to Start Evo-One Does this model support Idle Mode with or without an RF kit (using OEM fob?) If so, how to use it? Also, is there a list of all features the Evo-One is capable of vs what my vehicle can use?


Shut down on Idle Mode

As I'm working on an installation that's still giving me problems, I have a new question which may solve my others problems. Using an evo-one, programmed and setup as tachless, upon trying to use Idle Mode, the car turns off after about 5 seconds after turning the ignition off and I get 4 flashes meaning no tach signal. What could cause this during Idle Mode?


Does evo all with thar for3 support idle mode?

Installing evo all with thar for3 on 2018 f150 and would like to know if idle mode is supported.stand alone installation.


Rav4 PTS Idle Mode

How does idle mode function (and how is it activated) with a toyota PTS vehicle (and an evo-all installed as a standalone unit) assuming I’d like to use a compustar RF kit?


2008 g35x no longer needs OEM keyfob?

I just installed the EVO-NIST1 standalone with the Fortin RF642W RF Kit on a 2008 Infiniti G35x according to Guide 24031 and have a couple comments & questions after playing around with it:

1) LOCK x3 works with the OEM fob, however it cannot remote stop the car with LOCK x3 again. This is known, so it is not a problem.

2) After remote starting the car and unlocking it (either with door button or with either of the fobs), I can open the door, step on the brake, and I am able drive away. That works as intended, but the problem is I can drive away without having the OEM key fob around. The instrument cluster screen does not say NO KEY like it normally would if the key has left the car. In other words, one would be able to drive off without having any remote on them as long as the car gets remote started followed by an UNLOCK signal. Are remote starts intended to bypass the need to have the OEM Intelligent keyfob for the take-over?

3) While the engine is off, the LOCK signal from either the RF fob or OEM fob will lock the doors and prompt the RF antenna's LED to start flashing (blue) and will not stop unless I press the UNLOCK botton on either remote. What is this flashing for? Can this be disabled? I do not need or want any alarms or extra security features. I am more concerned about it draining the car battery. Please advise.

4) After remote starting, the first press of UNLOCK with the RF fob ONLY turns off the Antenna's flashing. I have to press unlock a second time to unlock the car, however it would unlock all four doors at once. I had configured it through Flash Link (B1 on) to unlock driver door on first press, and lock all on second press but that isn't the case. What exactly happens on the first UNLOCK that stops the antenna's LED flashes? Can I get the unlock button to unlock the doors on first press?

5) How does IDLE mode pertain to push-to-starts where the key does not need to be in the ignition? I'm guessing it is not needed but just want to be sure.

6) I had to use the RL2 connector to get remote starter to work, although the guide says RL1 for G35. This might be the issue with folks who cannot get their '07 - '08's  to remote start.


Why won't my Intellikey unlock ignition barrel after entering "idle mode"? Have to use real key...

I have an EVO-ONE installed and working in my 2007 Nissan Maxima w/Intellikey. I use my OEM fob/Intellikey to start the car(3x lock). I can then hop into my car and turn the ignition barrel to the run position with my Intellikey in my pocket still and drive away. When I park the car with it still running, I can hit the lock button 3x on my fob/Intellikey and the car will enter "idle mode". I can turn the ignition barrel to the "off" position and the car will remain running in idle mode. The problem I'm having is after entering "idle mode", I can not turn my ignition barrel back to "run" so that I can drive away without using an actual physical key! Why can I not take control of the car with my Intellikey while in "Idle mode"? The Intellikey still works on the doors while in "idle mode"(I know this because my door handle has a button I can press to unlock if the Intellikey is in range); it just won't let me move the ignition barrel. I have tried walking away from the car out of the Intellikey's range...I'm at a loss and really need this working. Without it, I have purchased and installed an expensive paperweight. EDIT:What about option 35 in the starter settings? It's "Door unlock special application". what would enabling "Activate vehicle ignition at unlock" do? will it try to start everytime i unlock my door then or will it just unlock my igntion barrel like i want it to? EDIT2:I just downgraded from EVO firmware 7.19 back to 7.18 with the same results. When in "idle mode", if I kill the starter via the brake pedal, I can instantly turn the ignition barrel to "run" using the Intellikey(no physical key in the ignition barrel). It simply won't turn the ignition barrel in "idle mode". I'm thinking this is firmware issue with the EVO-ONE.


Is it possible to remove key from ignition and vehicle continues to run.

Does this system allow me to leave the vehicle running, but take my keys with me? All without shutting the vehicle off and then restarting it with the remote start.

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