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2015 outlander euro

Hello. I also tried the master reset as you told me. I tried another device, which I tried on Ford before (001A07391859), but "take over" is not possible... it says on the monitor that the immobilizer system needs service.


2015 outlander take over

Hello. I installed Evo-Al for 2015 Outlander (PTS) Standalone. After remote start-up, we go in the car, I click 2 times on the Start-Stop button and he writes that he does not see the immobilizer (like this), and the engine turns off when pressing the brake.


Honda jenom (280Pts.)


2019 Honda HRV Push-To-Start EVO-ONE Thar-One-Hon8 "Keyless entry System Problem" message

Installed an EVO-ONE with Thar-One-Hon8 harness and a 3x Lock Start on a 2019 Honda HR-V Push Start with/ Steering Lock. As per Guide #93381, using C1, D6, D2, 38-2 options. Car starts OK with 3x Lock, however dash shows "keyless entry system problem" message. I am opening door with remote Unlock button, then push START button 1 time, then push brake. Also tried to open door by just by touching the handle, but getting the same error message. When no remote start is used, there is no any error message. Any suggestion ?


Passenger side sliding door opens when take over done.

2011 Honda odessy, evo one RF642 All works good but passenger side sliding door opens when remote start take over done. Any idea?


honda hrv 2022 push to start, evo all takeover

hi... i have installed a evo all with a crimestopper remote start in a honda hrv 2022 push to start (takeover mode) I have flashed multiple evo all trying to understand the problem as I have checked all the connections and they are perfect as indicated by the installation guide. The problem is that when I enter the vehicle and press once the button turns off (taking into account that it does recognize the smart key) but if I press it twice in a row it does not turn off and I can drive it normally, but a message comes out that says Keyless Start System Problem, And if I turn the vehicle off and turn it on normally, the message still appears. Any solution for this problem or a special software version for it. Thank you for your help.


2018 Acura MDX EVO-ONE + T-Harness w/ take over

Have such problem’s: 1) Almost always (7/10 remote starts) after successful remote start have keyless access system indicator after press and release the Push-to-Start button once 2) and I think as a continuation’s of the 1st problem do not work multi-view rear camera (also 360 view) and blind spot system. When I turn on reverse gear I dot alarm on display: rear view camera do not work when engine do not start. So only stop and start engine again fix it. Please advise


Idle mode take over no longer working? 2019 Subaru Ascent PTS

I have a 2019 Subaru Ascent push to start. I installed the Evo One with the plug and play harness. everything was working fine... I could activate idle mode by: While vehicle is running, Activate Remote Start...Lights flash...Push the PTS Button once, orange light on PTS button would come on then off... get out and lock the doors... Then Idle mode take over: I would come back to the vehicle... unlock the doors... push the PTS button once, orange light would come on then off... press the brake pedal and then be able to go without shutdown) I don't know what happened, but out of no where I can no longer do the take over after initiating idle mode.... when i press the PTS button nothing happens... no light comes on then off.... and when I press the brake the car shuts down.... I have tried reprogramming the module.... ive tried re adding the key to the module... same outcome. I am able to take over after a normal remote start... but not when I activate idle mode....


Honda drrck (130Pts.)


Takeover steps/procedures for 2013 Accord PTS

Hi. Is takeover possible on 2013 Accord PTS? If so what's the procedure? Currently it shuts off when I get in and push the brakes.


No take over procedure for 2022 Civic PTS

I see no take over is available for 2022 Civic PTS. Is that because it's physically impossible or can a possible future firmware update add that feature?


Jeep G M (13980Pts.)


2015 jeep cherockee Take Over

I have now installed evo-all (standalone) on 2015 cherokee (key). After remote start, when I open the door with the remote control, the engine stalls. Why? 001A07294438 I do not remember whether or not I turned off the A11. And how is A5 better? Turn it on or off?


Evo One not recognizing brake signal or key take over

I have an Evo One starts and stop from FTX64- 2W, tried it in two different vehicles same result. It's not recognizing key take over or 12v to black wire in 20pin connector to shut down. I read in a post, Derek mentioned wiring in a relay from the brakes that would send ground signal to the hood pin wire. Sounds like it will work. Will it have any adverse effect while driving, sending ground signal to the hood pin while driving if the key is not being recognized as being switched on?


Remote Start Takeover Alternate

Is there still no alternative to having the engine stop when the door is open on 2018-2021 Accords? Why is the bypass not using the same path as the remote start that is installed on all Accords? Every Honda Accord trim has remote start already, you just need the 5 button key fob to use it. Would it not be possible for the bypass unit to simply use the factory remote start protocol so that takeover would function as intended? Can the bypass not simply scan the canbus for the 3x lock signals and then send the same remote start signal as the factory remote does? This would easily solve the takeover situation for this car. It is interesting becuase without that fucntion, its simply a nicer remote start solution to buy the factory 5 button fob and have it programed.


Push to Start Takeover without Shutdown

I just installed my Evo-All with the THAR-CHR7. I believe all of the settings are correct, however, when I unlock the car and get in and push the brake the car shuts off. The car is a 2016 Chrysler 200. Thanks