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2015 outlander euro

Hello. I also tried the master reset as you told me. I tried another device, which I tried on Ford before (001A07391859), but "take over" is not possible... it says on the monitor that the immobilizer system needs service.


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)



I install fortin evo-all on LC200 (EURO) (standalone--408261). I release the programming button to blue. I connect the rest of the connectors. I turn on the ignition, the blue goes out and after a while the red starts flashing. Wire colors don't match either.


2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid (EURO) H-key

Hello, I'm trying to install the Evo One on a non supported vehicle. I assume all risk here. I'm using the default configuration for the North America Yaris with the only change being Hybrid Mode D4 enabled. Programming is successful (flashing blue with key turn). When I try to start the vehicle with three pushes of the OEM lock, I get as far as accessory, but not the final ready light, so the final step "start" isn't happening. If I put the key in and turn all the way myself, everything comes on as expected. I'm using: EVO-One w/harness. I did not cut the TPMS wire yet (waiting to see if this works). The only difference I see so far is that the ignition connector on this model is black, not green like the instructions. No errors are reporting and system shuts down as expected with a single flash of parking lights. Are there other settings (besides D4) that need to be changed to accommodate for this being a hybrid? Any suggestions would be appreciated. SN: 002B04 175604


Fortin Evo-One on EURO Yaris Hybrid

Does anyone know if this Evo-One will work on the European MY2015 Yaris Hybrid (key, not push button)? I can't find a solution in Europe for remote start, it's practicially inexistent. My key doesn't have an H or a G, it has some writing which I can't read.


EVO-ALL programming 2014 Ford Focus Euro spec

I am trying to use EVO-ALL with T-Harness as Immobilizer bypass in a 2014 Ford Focus European version with regular key. I followed the  install guide rev.20150427 for programming the module.


In step 8, the ignition turns ON after holding the programming button for a couple of seconds as indicated in the guide but RED and BLUE stay solid, do not flash as expected. On the instrument cluster screen, there is a warning message "Immobilizer Active, Check Handbook". Considering the leds staying solid and the warning message, it is clear that the EVO-ALL failed to program Key-bypass and CAN. I tried to program the CAN separately by release on BLUE, Key1 to IGNITION -->BLUE led goes off and comes flashing indicating successful programming of CAN. Finally, Key1 to OFF ---> No leds. I can also confirm CAN programmed properly by triggering Lock/Unlock from Keyless Entry Module to A2/A3 of EVO-ALL and further from A19 to Vehicle.


Connections: 2 CAN wires connected. Yellow/Black (KeySense) wire from T-harness connected to A1 and A16 (both Keysense). Also, Lt. Blue/Black (RX - pin4 of Immobilizer) and Lt. Blue (TX) from T-harness connected to A10 (RX) and A20 (TX) respectively


For Key-bypass, do I have to go the DCRYPTOR way of programming using the Flashlink Updater? I ask this because I think the Keys in Euro spec vehicle are highly encrypted resulting in failed programming of the module. Will DCRYPTOR solve this issue? Moreover, I came across the Russian site of Fortin and the install guide has ONLY DCRYPTOR method, link to the guide is here. Although it's in Russian, I hope you can get a sense of the content from the pictures 

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