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2014 Silverado unlocks twice & locks 3 times

2014 Silverado 1500. Standard key, with Onstar. Programmed property. Starts, runs, confirmation from remote on lock & unlock. The issue I'm having is with single press of lock button, truck locks 3 times and single press of unlock button, truck unlocks twice,,,every time.


While trying to decrypt audi key it just turns off and the evo one just flashes red

I have a 2014 audi a6 and an evo one. I downloaded everything and everything went well while programming until the last few steps when the module was flashing red yellow and blue and supposed to turn on and off the ignition I heard the ac turning on and off then the ignition turned off and instead of the LEDs flashing red and yellow it just flashed red and did not read the key


2011 Sienna crank, no start when COLD

Hi support team, My 2011 Sienna G-key start all OK in summer, but it doesn't work when WINTER is coming. S/N 002B04 241048 connected by THAR-ONE-TOY9 (just plug and play). I did connect 2 wires for sliding doors by soldering and crimper (no T-taps). Already upgrade to latest firmware. Tried TACHNESS ONLY but no hope, still CRANK but NO START. I'm connect with RFK442 remote. It happened to me last year, same issue. Work fine in the summer but when it's cold out there, the vehicle just CRANK NO START. When I get into the vehicle and remote start it, leave the key next to the key cylinder, it start right up every single time. Moreover, I've re-checked the wiring connection. There are "CUT" at the SILL data (D4&D6) and the AUTOLIGHT (D1&D3). Do I need to do anything about these "CUTs" when I'm using THARTOY9? Thank in advance for your support.


The Evo All will not program or connect to the Fortin Flash Linker tool .

The Evo All module doesn't want to connect to the Flash Linker . I have tried different cables and uninstalled and reinstalled the program on my computer , checked updates and everything shows up to date . The lights on the Module just all blink at once when connected and never go off unless unhooked.


My 17 transit starts when red connecter plugged in

17 ford transit, evo all ver 71.52. service # 001a06761904. this was purchased from 12v solutions and havent been able to help with my issue. intial harness install and module programming went well. when i installed the cl6 smartphone app module, the vehicle started once from the phone app then would not turn off from the app, or pressing brake. i had to disconnected all the connections on module. now, vehicle starts as soon as i connect red plug. b4 i return for a refund, thought id ask here


Peugeot 3008, 2019y . Integration

hello, is it possible to install FORTIN EVO car security system for use in Ukraine? I have the opportunity to buy this set from you or in the USA, and send it to Ukraine, there is a good master of installing security systems of various companies here, will the LTE module work with a Ukrainian SIM card? Also, will the application for Android work in Ukraine? my car is PEUGEOT 3008, 2019 model. if everything works, a new market for the sale of security kits for cars will open for you, because there is an acute shortage of such systems for cars in the country, as before, almost all of it was imported from Russian manufacturers, and now it is blocked.


Evo one not programing, and can't to connect auto mitsubishi pajero sport 2013 Year diesel

Hello. I will be need your help. I have a car Mitsubishi pajero sport 2013 year with diesel engine. And need used to remote star Evo One. But any conect diagram not working with program bypass system, and i tride any version firmware 74 86 and last 0.99(now light all colour led) for programing module. I seen what use evo all for working with this car, i think what Evo One will be working too. And i used 7 from 8 programing module. With 74 and 86 software i have a problem programing when turn ignution is onn but blue light is power off and all, i cheked connect to can wire connect several times. Please say me information to help, my sn 002b04 265103


Reset Long Ring remote 441

I have one all that was programmed. I followed the instructions to install the long range 441 but it does not light up. I would like to reset it.
It only flashes once when plugged in

The instructions I followed are in the attached image







I buy FORTIN EVO ONE ALL + THAR-TOY13 + FORTIN RFK441+ fortin flashlink tools

For long range remote start installation on Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020 plug to plug without cutting any cable


I followed the installation instructions, but it didn't work I installed the device and made a flash, and when opening or closing the door, it flashed in blue, but when pressing 3 times to close, the remote start did not work I tried to flash the device again but it stuck in (DCRYPTOR'S LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED FOR THIS CAR)



Can you please reset EvoAll sn: 001A07191751


FAQ G M (12000Pts.)


all 3 LED flashes

When I connected the updater to the evo-all module, all 3 LEDs started flashing. Tried another module, same thing. then I only (+) and (-) connected. all the same, the 3rd LED blinks ... Pressing the button does not help either.


Can Different Remotes Be Synced With System

I am currently running a Fortin EVO RM441 system on my 2012 Silverado. Have been using it for about 2 years now. My issue is that the standard remotes that came with the kit are built in a way that over time, they crack in the top right corner on the back. I am on my second remote and this one has only lasted for about 2 months now and it is cracking in the same spot and falling apart. My question is... Can different remotes be linked with this system? Or does it have to be the exact remotes that come with the kit? I would like to find a more durable option if possible. If it has to be the same remote, is there anywhere i can buy these spare remotes without having to purchase the whole kit? Thank you,


How to Wire Clutch Pedal Stroke Sensor for 2020 Honda Civic Type R

Hello I have the Evo-One and Fortin THARONE-HON7 T-Harness. Everything is wired up but I'm not sure how to create a relay to connect to the clutch pedal stroke sensor.