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Ford Munito (1450Pts.)


2014 Ford F-150, 2 Keys programming.

Hi there. I have one question about Ford OEM keys.I am trying to program a compustar module on a Ford F-150. I only have one OEM key and the other one is made by a locksmith (it's not a clone and it's not a copy) But I can't finish the programming because the module tells me that I am using the same key or a cloned key. My question is: does Ford split any code between two keys? If you don't have both OEM, is it not possible to finish the programming even if the key made by the locksmith is not a copy or a clone? I need some information about this. Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards.


Kia n h (230Pts.)


Can't program keys or enter valet mode

Evo One won't program key fob or enter valet mode on my 2013 Kia Soul Standard Key Aoutomatic car.


EVO-ALL solid blue and red lights - will not program 2011 F-150 OEM keys

UPDATE: Added step-by-step procedures.

Issue: The blue and red lights on EVO-ALL remain solid during and after attempting programming with 2 keys.

System: EVO-FORT4; Firmware: 71.52; EVO-ALL S/N: 001A07355490; Vehicle: 2011 F-150 3.5L; Remote: Two standard OEM keys; Guide #: 94891.

Troubleshooting: Double-checked all connections. Double-checked settings. Re-flashed EVO-ALL.

Followed procedure:

    Program EVO-ALL and flash settings (firmware 71.52) Plug in all connections (ignition, immobilized, OBD) Manually connect "Key Sense" wire (A1, yellow, 20-pin connector) to the "Key Sense" wire (purple/yellow, either the 5-pin or 6-pin connector) Page 7; Step 1: Hold button down on EVO-ALL; connect black 4-pin data-link harness Page 7; Step 2: Release button when blue & red lights illuminate solid Page 7; Step 3: Connect other harnesses (white 20-pin, red 6-pin, white 5-pin) Page 7; Step 4: Insert key #1 to ON/RUN position Page 7; Step 5: Wait 3 seconds: remove key #1 Page 7; Step 6: Quickly insert key #2 to ON/RUN position Page 7; Step 7: Wait 3 seconds: remove key #2 Page 8; Step 8: Quickly insert key #1 to ON/RUN position; wait (blue light does not rapidly flash) Page 8; Step 9: Remove key #1
    Result: Vehicle locks cycle on and off (indicating key programming); however, EVO-ALL blue & red lights remain illuminated solid (no blinking). The truck responds correctly, but the EVO-ALL does not.

Note: There's a YouTube video showing that an initial data transfer programming step is needed prior to the step 1 in the guide (shown above): hold down the button on the EVO-ALL; release on blue; insert key #1; wait until EVO-ALL blue light rapidly flashes; remove key #1 to complete. This step is not in the provided guide. I attempted including this step after the 1st failed attempt, but the blue light never flashed rapidly. I received the same result below with and without this step.


The only manual connection I made is wiring the "Key Sense" wire (A1, yellow) on the 20-pin connector to the "Key Sense" wire (purple/yellow) on the other side of the EVO-ALL (either the 5-pin or 6-pin connector; can't tell with the harness).



    Is there another connection I missed? Should the A1 yellow wire be connected to the other yellow wire (instead of the purple/yellow Key Sense wire)? Other than connecting the 4-pin harness first, do I need to connect the other harnesses in a different sequence?

Any help would be appreciated!


FTX-64-2W Can I configure the original car key to start the car, instead of the remote device?

I had the VW dealer install a FTX-64-2W in my 2021 Jetta a few months ago but i can only start the car with the remote device. is it possible to configure the original car key to start the car . Can this unit handle it? and if so, where do I do to have these addiitonal features configured?


romete key connot progrsming after press 4x the brake or use valet switch and presshols engine will start


dodge charger 2014 step 5 blue/red lights not flashing using thar-chr6

Followed instructions in guide #97711 on a dodge charger 2014 automatic. Updated module using flashlink. Have A10 and A20 wires attached to same wires coming from harness, no other wiring. In step 5 where it specifies to push the button 1x to turn off the blue led and then it states that the blue led and the red led will flash. This never happens.


3x lock, 5 red led blinks, no start

Infiniti M56x. I connected everything as instructed. Wire to wire and T-harness. During step 7 of programming both the red and blue lights up but the red light goes off. It didn't stay on until I press the start button twice. Am I supposed to press the push start button very quickly? I continued programming and dcryptor said it was successful. Plugged the fortin Evo back into the car. Press the lock 3x. The fortin blinks blue for each lock then blinks red 5x. All my connections are solid. I have the LINKR LT2 module connected also. Do I still select stand alone when programming?


Vw Jetta 2019 slow red flash step 8

Please help. Evo one on a 2019 vw Jetta up to 08-2018. I get to step 8 it the unit is not programming it flashes slow red. Followed support steps to check settings, open close door, start car and even master reset using valet 23 times... it still flashes slow red every time I try to program it. it's a manual transmission so I added the check parking brake. what am I missing? SN 002B04 131503


two blinks from red LED after step 11 Guide # 82421

I am using the following on a 2017 VW Golf Alltrack PTS w/automatic trans: EVO-VWT1 kit with harness, VW-TB, EVO-ALL, RF-Kit 411 and R-Link. when setting up the unit in fortin flashlink I get no other options for installatiom method than "key in a box" and when attempting to program the unit with the R-Link installed I get all the way to step 11 and then the the flashing blue light turns red, then starts blinking two red flashes, pauses, two flashes and so on. I cannot get anything to work to get past this.





Still trying to figure out WTF

It's been over a week and now, new problems. 1st the unit cannt be flashed anymore. Second the decryptor is not able to make a key, third, when doing the programing in the car itself, after the red and blue flash for 7 times and i put the first key in and turn to run, the red and yellow lights just alternate for the rest of the steps. nothing changes. The key code comes up on the dash but apparently this box wont program anymore. Only had it about 6 months. Does anyone have a solution or am I throwing this in the trash?


Decryptor Limit reached

Doing some troubleshooting I have reached the decryptor limit. I unplugged my module to change some settings and when I plugged it back in I got nothing from the unit. Not even a blue light when locking/unlocking. So I did a factory reset reset. Got to the point where I have to run the decryptor a second time (alternating yellow/red lights) and I'm being told I've reached the limit. If you could reset this that would be great. Thanks. 2011 Golf EVO-ONE with TB-VW


2013 F150 - EvoAll erased my 2 factory programmed keys

After I reflashed my unit I went to install to see if programming would work this time (several failed attempts prior to flashing). In the process I plugged the black 4-prong connector into the unit while holding the programming button down and released when LEDs were Red and Blue. Stupidly I then forgot to plug in the rest of the connectors before proceeding to programming. After cycling the two factory keys and waiting 3 seconds on each as the instructions say, the locks cycled and nothing happened (as expected with the other connectors not plugged in). HOWEVER, when I went to start the truck after unplugging the bypass module, the truck no longer starts. Neither key works now. They will lock/unlock the doors but turning the ignition does nothing. I realize my mistake in programming, but is there any way to reprogram the keys??? Or am I now stuck with a truck that has no remaining programmed keys that will start the vehicle let alone program anything whatsoever???