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Kia n h (230Pts.)


Can't program keys or enter valet mode

Evo One won't program key fob or enter valet mode on my 2013 Kia Soul Standard Key Aoutomatic car.


Evo start-2 mode valet

Bonjour, j'ai fait installer un démareur a distance Evo star-2 (avec l'application seulement ) chez Volkswagen sur ma jetta. Quelques mois après, j'ai du envoyer ma voiture au garage. J'ai ainsi activé le mode valet. Depuis ce temps, je ne suis pas capable de démarer la voiture à partir de l'application. J'arrive à vérouiller les portes, mais impossible de démarer. Je n'arrive pas à comprendre comment désactiver le mode valet et je ne sais pas si cela a un lien avec mon problème.


Automatically goes into valet mode while driving

Recently i have noticed that while driving randomly at no precise intervals and regardless of moving or stationary alarm chirps. I found this was the alarm going into valet mode. And regardless if it is already in valet mode it will do it again sometimes minutes later and sometimes 20 minutes later. So far it has never happened right after starting up. The alarm i have is a compustar with the Evo All. Any info or advice is appreciated. Thank you for your time.


VALET mode from crimestopper REVO4.1 remote :: Turbo mode activation

I have an EVO-ONE for remote start and built in Alarm ( using the horn ) EVO-ONE S/N : 002B04198955 The setup is configured for a Nissan Qashqai ( rogue sport ) 2019 with a PTS ( using T harness ) I have installed the crimestopper REVO4.1 rf kit succesfully and i have two questions : 1- How to enter the Valet mode from the REVO remote ( their guide is very basic and did not mention how to do so , Though i discovered by luck that holding the trunk button would disarm the EVO only for temp time till i lock again but do not know how to trigger the Valet to stop the starter and alarm completely ) 2- I cannot find a way to activate turbo mode ( it is already enabled in option 19 with 2 minutes runtime ), while the engine is running and i am inside the vehicle, i press the remote start on Revo remote ,The Car acknowledge by 3 parking light flashes then if i press the ignition push button the car shutsdown ( while it should keep running and then i should leave the car and lock it to activate turbo for the 2 minutes ) I am stuck on the part that it shouldnot shutdown when i press the push button I tested also with the same procedure but without pressing the push button , the car keeps running for more than 5 minutes ( i believe it should be in idle mode and will shutdown after the full 15 minutes but i didnot test to wait for 15 minutes ) Sorry for the long description and thanks for your support


Can you leave valet mode on most of the time ?

Can I leave valet mode on most of the time, rather than entering valet mode each time I park in garage?


Valet Button

Have bought EVO-ONE without fortin remote. Plan to use OEM FOB. How do we add Valet remote start disable support ? Can OEM Key FOB can be used ? Also; if we want to add Valet switch - what will be the part number do we need?


How can I enter/exit valet mode on an evo one without a valet button?

Remote installed is solace LCD


i tried to start the car using the remote control but it didn't start

my 2012 gmc terrain has evo all and nano GM1 the antena blue light not flushing it just on


Evo one won't go to valet mode

Evo one is NOT going to valet mode. I have all the wires checked, good ground to the module and ignition reading 12V. My issue is that evo one is doing any thing after I programmed it, NO lights at all on both sides bypass and remote starter. Anyone who can help me with the issue that I have.

service no:  002B07  100211


Cannot enter into a programming mode on EVO-ONE, 2015 Audi A8

After EVO-ONE install on 2015 Audi A8L, per instructions on this site, everythgign works. Car remote starts, etc. However, I cannot enter into the programming mode using the wired programming button. It does absolutely nothing. I held it for a minute, after the yellow LED turned on on the front of the unit, nothing. Extremely frustrating. Please advise. Here is additional information 1. Service number: 002B07308383 2. Bypass Firmware: 60.05 3. Remote Starter Firmware: 1.24 4. Per instructions, Pink ignition wire on 6-pin connector is NOTY CONNECTED to anuthing. Should it be?


Evo One Cannot Go Into Programming or Valet Mode

My Evo One will not go into programming or valet mode for me to program the RF642W remotes. The key bypass is programmed, but that is the only thing that the unit will do. Is there a way to check if the remote starter side is functionally where I can get the parking lights to flash or the horn to honk?


How to enter and exit valet mode using remote control?

How to enter / exit valet mode using the remote control ?


valet switch

where do I find the valet switch ? Thx


I cannot enter valet mode

I cannot enter valet mode for some reason. I push the start button twice to turn on the ignition, then I press and hold the valet switch, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.