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2018 Ford Focus Turbo Timer

Hi there, I want to set up a turbo timer for my ford focus its an automatic transmission with the Evo-One. What settings do I need to enable on the evo one to allow me to do this? As well how do I use the turbo timer on an automatic transmission. Do I just need to put the car in park set the E brake and hold the start button on my rfk912 remotes then promptly exit the vehicle and locking the vehicle behind me.


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)


2019 lc150 turbo timer

Is it possible to implement a turbo timer for 2019 LC150? I want to install evo-all (stand alone) on it.


VALET mode from crimestopper REVO4.1 remote :: Turbo mode activation

I have an EVO-ONE for remote start and built in Alarm ( using the horn ) EVO-ONE S/N : 002B04198955 The setup is configured for a Nissan Qashqai ( rogue sport ) 2019 with a PTS ( using T harness ) I have installed the crimestopper REVO4.1 rf kit succesfully and i have two questions : 1- How to enter the Valet mode from the REVO remote ( their guide is very basic and did not mention how to do so , Though i discovered by luck that holding the trunk button would disarm the EVO only for temp time till i lock again but do not know how to trigger the Valet to stop the starter and alarm completely ) 2- I cannot find a way to activate turbo mode ( it is already enabled in option 19 with 2 minutes runtime ), while the engine is running and i am inside the vehicle, i press the remote start on Revo remote ,The Car acknowledge by 3 parking light flashes then if i press the ignition push button the car shutsdown ( while it should keep running and then i should leave the car and lock it to activate turbo for the 2 minutes ) I am stuck on the part that it shouldnot shutdown when i press the push button I tested also with the same procedure but without pressing the push button , the car keeps running for more than 5 minutes ( i believe it should be in idle mode and will shutdown after the full 15 minutes but i didnot test to wait for 15 minutes ) Sorry for the long description and thanks for your support


How to use the turbo timer for 2015 Hyundai Veloster? (PTS)

How to use the turbo timer for 2015 Hyundai Veloster? PTS


Evo-One turbo timer

Bonjour, Sur Evo-one avec evo-start et ftx-duo, le mode turbo 2 minutes est activé dans les option du démarreur. Maintenant, comment le faire fonctionner? Le véhicule est manuel, activé par parking brake, et complété par lock. Merci


Lower turbo timer delay

With EVO-ONE, can you add more delay options for Turbo Timer ? at this time we have 2 or 4 minutes. I would like to set it to 15 seconds. or at least 1 minute. Do you have a possibility to eventually post new firmware with this small modification ? Thanks !


EVO-ALL Turbo Timer? EVO-One Turbo timer?

Considering installation of Evo all standalone remote starter vs Evo One installation in my 2011 lincoln mks Ecoboost. I would like to take advantage of the turbo timer feature. Does the Evo-all have a turbo timer feature? If not, Will the Evo One have this feature? Thank you very much

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