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2012 Hyundai Sonata PTS - No ignition control - EVO All

2012 Hyundai PTS Fortin EVO All with Fortin LTE Connected all wires as per installation instructions. Bought Flash link and flashed to 17.31 following the wizard. Programmed Frotin Evo module to vehicle(blue LED blinks rapidly). When pressing starting lock 3x - module sounds internal relay is clicking and parking light flash however dash ignition does not come on. Checking EVO all diagram - RED Connected D2 yellow/blue start+ wires goes into 1n4004 diodes - strip facing towards PTS button - then to yellow/black and yellow/orange. ignition does not turn on. Disconnected the diodes to measure direct and yellow/blue wire for voltage output...getting zero volts when remote start is requested. Tried to reflash Fortin 4 times and still have not been able to get voltage output from d2 yellow/blue. I am missing something or is there internal module fault?


2019 Veloster PTS Manual, Bypass wont program

2019 Veloster PTS Manual. Wire to wire according to https://fortin.ca/download/98741/EVO-ONE_IG_RTO_BI_KHY8-VELOSTER_2019_PTS_B_98741.pdf Bypass wont program when ignition is pressed twice. Any advice on troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.


2019 Elantra PTS, unable to program CanBus to Evo-One

Installed Evo-One on a 2019 Hyundai Elantra PTS. Verified wiring many times. When it comes to programming the module, all goes well till it’s time to program canbus section. I get it to the point the red led is flashing 5X then pauses. Push the PTS button twice to turn on ignition for canbus programming and nothing. No red led 10x then turning to blue. Any ideas into why this is happening would be great. Can usually get these figured out, but no luck here. Car has 2 different canbus hook ups, one at the obd connector and one behind the fuse panel.


2019 Veloster PTS Manual 3x Lock Evo One

Getting conflicting information from local installers. Would prefer not to have an extra remote but if need be I will purchase one. 2019 Hyundai Veloster Push to start Manual.Looking at installing an Evo-one Will the 3x lock start work? Can I set the ready mode without another remote? Any help appreciated


2013 Hyundai Accent

Hi there! I am having the next problem. When installing the Evo one on my 2013 Hyundai Accent the blue programming light turns off when I turn the car on and the light comes back on when I turn it off  have the can wires on the right ones do I need the can wires to use the remote start? What options do I need to change the serial number of my evo one is 002B04 247461 The wiring is correct and have verified continuity.  Voltages on the CAN wires are roughly 2.35 and 2.65. Could you help me please, what going on? Thanks you


Mode pret a partir (hyundai veloster manuel)

Comment ce mettre en mode pret a partir avec une transmission manuel?


Problem for instruction installation - 2013 hyundai santa fe evo one

Is no possible to information how installing evo one to 2013 hyundai santa fe push to start- i try on ios, google chrome, opera , iexplorer ... still no succes


How to use the turbo timer for 2015 Hyundai Veloster? (PTS)

How to use the turbo timer for 2015 Hyundai Veloster? PTS


Evo One won't start after 5 min or so but was working right after key bypass programming procedure

Hi, I'm kind of lost here, nobody seem to have the answer to my problem, not even Fortin when I call them for help. I installed my Evo One on my Hyundai Tucson 2020 standart key start, followed exactly all the wiring as per the guide, double check all my connection (EMS, CAN BUS, ignition wires, etc) and there's no loose cable. After that I did the key bypass programming procedure with EMS cable : hold down program button while plugging the 6 pin heavy gauge wire till it was red, plug all the others wires, press 7 times program button till it flash 6 times every second, put the key in and turn to ON. At this point the red led flashed 10 time quickly and after stayed on while the blue light started flashing quickly too. After that I turned Ignition to OFF and every light turn off. Right after that I tried to start the car by pressing LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK and the car started no problem. I then stop the car, close the door and wait... 5 min later, I tried to restart the car with the remote starter but it didn't work. The car got the lock unlock lock signal but no light is flashing on the module anymore like if it went into sleep mode or something. I tried many thing and here is what I found out : - If I unplug all cable from the Evo One and plug it straight back it then start receiving signal again for the next 5 min or so. - If I open the trunk and close it back, the module seem to start back receiving signal from oem remote. To me it feel like there is a cut off or something that stop the module from receiving any signal from the oem remote after a certain amount of time, kind if it was to prevent from draining the battery of the car. Could also be that the Evo One is loosing the key programming after current shutting off in the car but then it shouldn't start by just unplugging and replugging the 6 pin ignition wires. *Sorry if my english is not perfect, I usually speak french.


2019 Hyundai Veloster no clutch wiring diagram

There is a 4 pin plug at the clutch, 2 of them look black and the other one is red and other is white. Which one do I need to tap into and what wire do I use on the evo all 20 pin connector?


2013 hyundai santa fe ignition on but no crank

Remote start is in and programmed. Evo all is programmed. 2013 hyundai santa fe push to start. Hit lock button 3 times, ignition on vehicle never cranks. I have rechecked all connections and they are good. At the end of the evo-all programming it says the red led should flash 10 times, then blue should flash fast, then red flash fast. Then turn ignition off. The red flash fast never happens. I dont know of that's related or not.


Evo-One vs Evo-All

Hello, Bear with me, I'm new to this. But I have a 2016 Hyundai Elantra standard key, that I am looking to have a remote starter installed in. I was recommended to this site but I have no idea what the differences in the models are. The two that came up when I searched my car were the EVO-ONE and EVO-ALL so my questions are: 1. They are both able to remote start, so what are the major differences between them? 2. What is a t harness and why would I need one? Thanks in advance I appreciate the help :)



J'ai fait l'installation du EVO ONE et du module EVO-START2. Le problème que je rencontre est que les commandes par l'application ne fonctionne pas avec l'EVO ONE. J'ai une confirmation exemple au démarrage de l'auto qui confirme auto démarrer mais il ne se produit rien sur l'EVO ONE. Du coté de l'antenne, je vois la réception de msg (clignotement vert) et la confirmation (led orange) mais rien ne fonctionne. EVO ONE fonctionne avec le 3x lock pour la démarrage. Une idée?