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Hyundai sonata 2017 - diode required to install evo one

Hyundai sonata 2017 - what diode to use in installation of evo one for PTS wires and what side does the cathode/anode go?


EVO-KEY programmed for 2012 Sonata (key with immobilizer) but still not starting?

I purchased an EVO-KEY to work as the bypass on a OEM hyundai remote starter. I installed the remote starter successfully however I needed a bypass. I ourjsed the evo-key and installed and was able to get it programmed as instructed. However, the immobilizer is still not being bypassed. What am I missing here? I don't have a data link so everything is hardwired.


2008 Hyundai Sonata Evo one cant get to program

EVO-ONE with T-harness THAR-ONE-KHY1 can not get it to program. blue led stays on solid. turn ignition on light goes out. no rapid flashing. turn igniton off, blue LED light come back on and stay on solid, followed the guide with all wires. tried switching can wires with no success. Has no immo wire. also programmed remotes , car will start with exssesive crank time and shuts off after few second. get a 4 flash message no tach. please help thanks



Planning on buying the EVO START 2 to be added to my EVO-ONE on my 2018 PTS SONATA. Evo Start manual shows a yellow wire that needs to be connected to ignition. My install is a high current with 2 wires market as ignition (E1 and E5 on the high current connector). Which one should I use, if any? Is that only to monitor the state of the start sequence to send info back to mobile app? Appreciate the support. Cheers


Wires seem miss-labeled in 2015 Sonata PTS instructions

Wire colors labeled differently on 2 pages for CAN1, description section says blu/wht install illustration has yel/brn


My Hyundai Sonata cranks but not starting

I checked every wire so many times and programming was done properly but Hyundai Sonata cranks but not start. I am using evo one.


2011 Hyundai Sonata attempt to start 3x, cranks, doesnt catch

Have a 2011 Manual transmission Hyundai Sonata. In the morning, customer states that when remote start is activated, it will attemp to start three times, but it will only crank, and not run. Double checked all wiring.Checked output from remote start, IGN and Start have power while cranking, ACC and ACC2 have power while ON but not cranking. Starter is crimestopper rs4-g5. No bypass module (US model-no transponder key)


2017 Hyundai Sonata throwing CEL

I did an install on a 2017 Hyundai Sonata. I did the install and everything worked perfect. Flashed it to the latest firmware. 1 week later the check engine light is on and he is blaming the remote start and is demanding it torn out, which is not going to happen. I know a number of the chryslers need the firmware rolled back because of timing of signals on the can bus. Can this most likely be fixed by changing the firmware setting? I have not checked the CEL codes yet, and the vehicle is an hour away. I also do not have the serial number on hand, It was done with an Evo-All and Viper 4806V. I have done dozens of installs with this unit combination and never had an issue. I would really appreciate any help.


05 Hyundai Sonata will not shut off after starting with key fob.

Hi my Evo One was working great for a year. Now when I start my car with either key fob, it will not shut off by pressing the brake with the key out of the key switch. Or by inserting the key and switching to on postion and back to off. The only way to shut it off is with the key fob. Everything else is function normal.


Need help with steps 4-6 programming EVO-ONE for 08 Hyundai Sonata

I purchased an EVO-ONE, RF-ALL-642W, Flashlink 2, and a THAR-ONE-KHY1 ignition T-harness and made the following connections to my US spec 2008 Hyundai Sonata. I have updated Bypass hardware version 2, firmware version 76.34 and Remote starter hardware version 7 firmware 1.21. Flashlink updater hardware version 4, firmware version 4.03 Cut loop for automatic transmission. Plugged 4 pin antenna wire to Blue connector of 4 pin data T-harness of RF-ALL-642W kit and plugged antenna to other end. I have connected the ignition T-harness at ignition pigtail, parallel soldered the 20 pin Yellow wire to the Pink wire of t-harness at EVO-ONE. Ignition T-harness Black wire ring and 4 pin data Black (added crimp ring) to known good dash ground. 4 pin Black data connector Red wire soldered parallel to Red wire of ignition T-harness. Soldered 20 pin Black parallel to Green wire at foot brake switch. Clipped Green PATS wire at driver kick - White connector (chassis) 20 pin Lt. Blue and 6 pin Red connector White/Green to harness side of Green wire at driver kick. 20 pin Lt. Blue/Black and 6 pin Red connector White/Red to connector side of Green wire at driver kick. 5 pin Grey/Black can low soldered parallel to Yellow wire at OBD-II 5 pin Gray can high soldered parallel to White wire at OBD-II When I hold the programming button down and plug in the 6 pin ignition T harness, Release programming button on Yellow and cycle the key from off to on, nothing happens, the light stays solid Yellow. I have confirmed that the yellow wire is getting 12v only on ignition hot. The car starts and runs with the key for several minutes, I switched the green clipped PATS wire connections and no change was observed. Searching the Q&A I found how to test the can bus by plugging the Black connector in while holding the programming button down, releasing on Blue, then plug the rest of the connectors (all of the ones listed above) in and turn the ignition on. When I do this the Blue light goes out. When I turn the key off, the Blue light comes back on. I have 1.89VDC and 2.27VDC on the can bus lines to a known good ground in the door jamb. Please help! Where do I go from here?


Site only show T-Harness installation guide. Is there any additional wiring needed for the 05 Hyundai Sonata?

Wiring diagram came with EVO-ONE. But there is no other installation guides on the site other than the T-Harness installation. Does the 05 Hyundai Sonata only require the T-Harness and no other wires connected.


12 sonata pts various issues, programming?

I am installing an evoall in standalone mode on a 12 hyundai sonata pts. The unit programs fine. If I have "lock unlock lock" checked in settings, the unit will flash blue when hitting lock or unlock buttons, but wont actually try to start the vehicle, no leds lit, nothing" I called tech support and I couldnt completely understand but I understood it as set to lock, lock, lock, reset unit and reflash. I reset the unit, and checked no under "lock unlock lock" The vehicle will start now, however it will start with one press of lock, therefore starting the car if you even try to lock the doors. Also, I do not have the setting checked to shut the car down when the door opens, however the vehicle shuts down when the door is opened. I checked the keysense wire and I am getting ~5v that goes to 0 when the key is in the holder. Is this just something to live with with evo-all in standalone mode or do I have an incorrect setting? Thanks


engine light on 2013 hyn sonata push start evoall and autostart installed