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Audi JW (160Pts.)


THAR-AUD2 & Evo-All, How to Program

I just want to use the remote start function of lock button*3.
I have an Evo-All module and a Thar-Aud2 harness.
I connected this harness to the cable in the trunk side while looking at the installation manual, and I connected the extra remote control key.
And I connected the black connector while pressing the module's program button, but the lights on the all LED are flashing blue, red, and green. It's the same when I take my hands off.

Even if I reconnect all the connectors, the same thing happens.
The program doesn't work at all. What's the problem?
Do I not have to use a black connector to just use the lock button*3?

Please help me


What parts to need need for a keyed no remote 2019 F150 to remote start with my phnoe without cutting any OEM wiring?

2019 F150, Keyed. No remotes. Just want remote start from phone or from a supplied remote. Do not want to cut any of the OEM wiring.


Ford G M (13980Pts.)



There was a broken wire in the underwing connector going to the underhood button. We fixed it and the remote start worked. Thanks for support.


2019 Veloster PTS Manual, Bypass wont program

2019 Veloster PTS Manual. Wire to wire according to https://fortin.ca/download/98741/EVO-ONE_IG_RTO_BI_KHY8-VELOSTER_2019_PTS_B_98741.pdf Bypass wont program when ignition is pressed twice. Any advice on troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.


Honda G M (13980Pts.)


2019 HR-V

Hello. I installed evo-one(002B04337437) on 2019 HR-V(key). The starter turns, but the engine does not start. If I bring the key closer to the ignition, then it starts.


2019 Veloster PTS Manual 3x Lock Evo One

Getting conflicting information from local installers. Would prefer not to have an extra remote but if need be I will purchase one. 2019 Hyundai Veloster Push to start Manual.Looking at installing an Evo-one Will the 3x lock start work? Can I set the ready mode without another remote? Any help appreciated


2019 Mazda 6 not starting after successful programming with evo all

Hey everyone, I'm trying to install an EVO-ALL in standalone mode on a 2019 Mazda 6 with a T-Harness. I initially successfully programmed the module with the two keys, and then successfully completed the CAN procedure as well. Unfortunately I could not get it to start, the module would have the red and orange lights on but would make no effort to crank the car. I tried starting over by resetting the module, and now whenever I repeat the programming process I see a flashing red light, which supposedly means that the keys are already linked to the unit. Doing the CAN procedure now also results in all 3 lights cycling instead of the single blue light going off. Simply plugging the module in results in all 3 lights flashing. I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. I'd like to start over but I'm not sure how to do that.


US vs CA Model?

2019 Honda Pilot PTS EVO-ONE THAR-HON8 T Harness Install with takeover. Telling me to plug the grey 12 pin connector on the T Harness to Plug that is located at steering lock module under steering column. I looked this up and only the CA and Mexican built versions of the pilot have this Steering lock module installed. This is not on my Pilot. Can I get a picture of where I am supposed to plug this in if I dont have that module under my steering wheel as I cant find it for the life of me.Im assuming that with the wire thats coming from the EVO-ONE saying its a bypass and it being connected to a steering lock module on the other model, maybe some sort of immobelizer or something? Any help would be super appreciated! Thanks in advance!


How do I remove Fortin EVO-ONE, 2019 Mazda 6


My question is how can I remove the EVO-ONE with THAR-ONE-MAZ3 from 2019 Mazda 6 safely and take the car back to factory setup?

I looked everywhere to find a guide or video illustrate such a thing but I couldn't find one ):

Help please!


2019 4Runner alarm going off during remote start

Installed the EVO-ONE/TOY-9/RFK441 into a 2019 standard key 4Runner. Not every start, but most starts are followed by the alarm going off. It's keeping the customer from using the starter out of anxiety. Any ideas? Did I program the EVO wrong? Did I program the RFK441 remotes wrong?


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)


2019 lc150 turbo timer

Is it possible to implement a turbo timer for 2019 LC150? I want to install evo-all (stand alone) on it.


do you need to reprogram after new keys

lost my key and had to get both of my keys reprogrammed at the garage. now after 3 beeps the process initiates but truck doesnt start. 2019 ram 1500 classic turn key diesel


'19 Ram promaster

Hello, I am looking to get remote start only for my '19 Ram 1500 promaster. It does not have remote start or alarm now. It uses a standard turn key. According to the website it says I can use the EVO-ONE. Looking at the install instructions on page 5, it shows what looks to be a remote starter module of some sort?

Am I looking at the right instructions for this setup?

If so, do I need another part?


Also, is there a t-harness made for this yet?