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Subaru Jim (850Pts.)


2015 Subaru Legacy STD key alarms when opening door after unlock with key fob but not with smart-phone module unlock.

I have a 2015 Subaru Legacy that I have install an EVO-ONE (002B07172969) on with the T-Harness and have an issue with the car alarming when the door is opened after unlocking it with the key fob. If I use the smart-phone module to unlock the car, no alarm sounds when the door is opened. If I disable the alarm feature (change from option 14.2 to 14.1) everything works fine. Any ideas? On another note, the troubleshooting app for android does not exist on the Google Play Store.


2009 rx350 key sense

i have installed EVO-ONE-942 and INT-SL+. The car lock, unlock, remote starts. Everytime i remote start the alarm set off. i follow Guide # 90081. i did hook up the key sense wire. but i didint see any 2 pin white connector shown in the guide. when i remote start the alarm set off so i have unlock and lock and the car stay running. if i cant find the key sense wire. can i change the setting to unlock before start then lock after?


Evo One Alarm

Hi guys ._. / Derek, I have a generic question. I would like to install EVO ONE with alarm. Do I have to connect the lock, unlock, horn and door pin? Or should I only carry out the installation that the schematic asks for? Obviously load the firmware with remote start and alarm option, right? How to activate the alarm from an RF RFK411? Could you explain to me in more details? Until now I had not used this function with FORTIN, I was only using it with COMPUSTART.


Evo one not sensing impact sensor

I have evo one 22 civic with alarm enabled everything is working correctly including door and hood and trunk does set off the evo alarm properly oem key and with evo start lte with siren 

except impact sensor alarm is enabled reflashed decrypted a few times

impact sensor has power it flashes properly when it detects shock even tried directly quickly tapping the blue wire on impact sensor plug directly to ground nothing happens I'm pretty sure

evo One is faulty ?

sn is 002B07275028


Car alarm going off every few hour, what is the problem?

I was wondering what is the cause for the car to go off. My car is parking at a parking spot in front of my house. The alarm on the car go off every few hours. Not sure why. It never did that before until yesterday. I install EVO-ALL 2 month ago. The issue just started yesterday. What is the cause of it and how can i fix it? Do i have to re-program the device?


2010 Sierra Standard Evo-All THARGM4 No Alarm Functions

Programming was successful, vehicle starts, door locks continue to work via factory remote. Evo-all seems to be monitoring door switches as it will shut down if a door is opened when locked. However no alarms sound whether that's the factory alarm or evo-all. What could be the problem here? I was looking to supplement the factory alarm with evo-alarm for shock/glass break sensors. I'd settle for just the factory alarm working again.


2020 Tundra OEM alarm orange wire spliced in?

Hard to tell from install guide. For OEM alarm, does the orange wire need to be spliced into the wire? Does it matter whether it is spliced into the original plug or the T-harness?


OEM remote start not working. Can I use the Evo All without the OEM Alarm/Remote Start?

2006 Buick Lucerne CX factory alarm and remote start stopped working. Can I use the Evo-All as an Alarm and Remote Start for this vehicle With or without the Factory remote?


Hi, OEM key fob not controlling Evo one alarm

2015 Hyundai azera. OEM key fob won't control Evo one alarm only get horn confirmation with Fortin RF kit, is there a setting i need to change? Also OEM key fob not working with car running. SN 002B04260503


How do I activate or arm Evo one alarm?

I hookup horn wire but alarm doesn't sound when I open the door, horn is connected properly because horn sounds on 2nd lock press, i thought maybe my factory hood pin switch might be faulty but car starts. Here is the SN 002B04260503


Will I be able to connect the compustar ft-alarm-it-kit as my alarm trigger to my evo-one?

I would like to use the compustar alarm it kit since its a all in one sensor. I was not able to source any information on this topic. Thanks.


Fortin Evo All connect with Car alarm system with push button

Hello, I have Chevrolet Cruze 2012 with original key and Evo All connected with t-harness GM1v2.

I wanna to install car alarm system with push button and PKE. 

I dont wanna use original key at all, fortin should work like immo bypass. 

What I want: open car with key from alarm system, start the vehicle pushing the start/stop button and car shouldn`t stall when I push a break pedal.

How can I do that?

Sould I connect:

1) 2. IGN1 wire to yellow fortin Ign wire

2) 4. ACC wire to brown fortin wire (pic. 2)

3) Or need to use some of the fortin wires: A13, A16, A18? 

4) A8 GWR needed?

5) Reprogramming Fortin nedded? 






Alarm setting off

I installed the EVO ONE without T-Harness and RFK411 on a 2014 Scion XD (with standard key). Sometimes after remore start, when the door is opened the alarm is set off and the remote start is halted. Option D2 was inititially turned off.  I turned it on and though it improved quite a bit, it still happens every now and then.  The system is wired and configured per Guide # 102241.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.