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Passenger side sliding door opens when take over done.

2011 Honda odessy, evo one RF642 All works good but passenger side sliding door opens when remote start take over done. Any idea?


2016 Honda Odyssey drivers sliding door

I have a 2016 Honda Odyssey that I have installed a remote start on. It uses the Evo-All module, and I've checked wiring 50+ times. The issue we are having is that the drivers side rear sliding door does not function with the buttons inside the vehicle. It will operate with the key fob, but only when the vehicle is not running. If it is running, it does not work from the key fob. I've wired in the relays, but I would love to see a wiring diagram to confirm I have it wired correctly. I've had proble, after problem with this thing. The rear lift gate / door also does not operate if the vehicle is on. Any idea how to resolve this issue?


2008 Honda Odyssey right side sliding door

I have 2008 Honda Odyssey installed the Evo-one & Evo-Start2 with factory fob 3 times lock and App they are work perfect.

 i have one problem when use Evostart 2 app open sliding door only left sliding door work ,but right side doesn't work.

i use only canbus not connect any wires to sliding door.

can you help please.


Thank you. 



2014 Honda Odyssey. Check keyless starting system message on dash

2014 Honda Odyssey  push to start.  Instillation with Evo one and Thar one Hon8 tharness. Programming and dcryptor went smooth. 3xlock to  start and take over are working.  Only issue is, I'm getting  check keyless starting system message on dash at all times.  I've read  in  the fourm that this light is normal under remote start as the key is not present but should go away once  the car is started normal.  However in my case the light is on always even when I start the car normally .Any help would be appreciated


2013 Honda odyssey EX Automatic Remote Start Installation Video

2013 Honda Odyssey EX automatic with factory installed keyless door entr and Regular Key start. 

1,Will EVO-One work  ? 

2, What Harness do we need to oder with EVO-ONE?

2. Appreciate link to Installtion video for this vehicle?


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