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Passenger side sliding door opens when take over done.

2011 Honda odessy, evo one RF642 All works good but passenger side sliding door opens when remote start take over done. Any idea?


Evo One w/ Linkr LT2 - Transfer to New Car

The time has come to let the 2015 Honda Odyssey go, . I have the Evo One with Linkr LT2 for several years now and works flawlessly. As a matter of fact, I have the same set-up in 2 of my other vehicles. GREAT PRODUCT! Question, do I have to do a complete "hard" reset prior to installing the Evo One or can I use the flashlink to make the changes (new vehicle, key, etc) and update the Evo One. And would you know if I have to "reset" the Linkr LT2? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. FYI, I'm going from a 2015 Odyssey to a 2019 CX5 (I have the THAR-ONE-MAZ3 already on order).


2016 Honda Odyssey drivers sliding door

I have a 2016 Honda Odyssey that I have installed a remote start on. It uses the Evo-All module, and I've checked wiring 50+ times. The issue we are having is that the drivers side rear sliding door does not function with the buttons inside the vehicle. It will operate with the key fob, but only when the vehicle is not running. If it is running, it does not work from the key fob. I've wired in the relays, but I would love to see a wiring diagram to confirm I have it wired correctly. I've had proble, after problem with this thing. The rear lift gate / door also does not operate if the vehicle is on. Any idea how to resolve this issue?


2008 Honda Odyssey

I have 2008 Honda Odyssey installed the Evo-one & Evo-Start2 with factory fob 3 times lock and App they are work perfect.

 i have one problem when use Evostart 2 app open sliding door only left sliding door work ,but right side doesn't work.

If i want both doors to work use the aux output (yellow/black) of the evo one connect to right side sliding door what colour wire of the car. i used guide # 86291 but didn't see it for sliding door wire, can you show me where it locate that wire and diagram?

Thank you very much.





Honda akm (850Pts.)


2018 odyssey bcm location

Can't find BCM location for 2018 odyssey. Guideline point to steering area but nothing there. Please help.


Evo-all 17' Odyssey "ignition on before remote start or tach problems"

2017 Honda Odyssey push button Evo-all Crime stopper Rs7-G5 Everything seems to work fine. Lights flash, ignition turns on, lock-unlock-lock happens. Doesn't crank over. Goes through the cycle of trying this 3 times and never cranks over. Then gives me 5 flashes on the Led indicator. Crime stopper manual states "ignition on before remote start or tach problem" Any thoughts of potential issue would be appreciated!


Programming went fine, but at remote start nothing happens but flashing blue led


wiring and programming went smooth. Working on a 2015 Honday Odyssey with Evo one and THAR-ONE-HON4. After programing when I hit the buttons for remote start the van will not remote start. The blue led flashes and that is it. Any help would be appreciated.


2012 Odyssey, do the external relays for opening/closing sliding door need to have diode suppression?

EVO-ONE left sliding door control external relays, need diodes? prevent damage to unit


Decryptor Limit

Trying to program EVO-ONE. I receive an error about a decryptor error. I belive I set up the bypass incorrectly for a built in alarm. I was not certain if that was the correct choice. I did program the decryptor a few times becuase I though I had done it incorrectly. After programming the blue light would blink when lock or unlock was pressed but it would never start with 3x lock. I went back and select no alarm bypass but now I get the error that the decryptor has reached its limit. How do I get this reset so I can try again?


OEM remote does not work when engine is running (2015 Odyssey)

Hi! I connected EVO-ONE with T-harness, following instructions, including modifying the harness by cutting wire 34 and connecting it to the EVO-ONE module via green/white and green/red wires, and I also cut the white wire on the 6-pin harness. Remote start works great, but after it's started, OEM remote does not work, so I can't kill the engine or enter into the car. How can I start troubleshooting this? Thank you! Matvey P.S. Instructions on your site asked for hood pin to be installed. For this car it's not necessery (open hood acts as a door trigger and prevents remote start from activating).


Which guide to use for 2012 Honda Odyssey?

Hello, Installed a Prostart CT-3471 remote start and EVO-ALL in a 2012 Honda Odyssey that has power sliding doors but not connected to remote start. Should I use Guide #26541 or #3024 guide 5, program 1? They are both similar but programming has an extra step in #26541. Installed a week ago, everything installed, programmed, and functioned perfectly for the week. Today, started with remote start and have Check engine light with emissions fault and VRS/traction control fault. Vehicle still starts with remote start and works fine otherwise. Could this be pure coincidence and unrelated or caused by remote start install? Thanks, Mike Unger.


How do I get power tail gate & left & right power sliding doors to work on 2011 Honda Odyssey?

I am using an Audiovox Prestige 687N & an EVO-ALL. Remote start works & door locks work with engine running or not. Power hatch & both sliding doors work with my remote when car is not running, but are dead when car is running. Service # 001A06 278591 Thanks for any info.


Need Help With Fortin Evo-All and Astrostart.

I am installing a AstroStart Rss2524 remote start with a Fortin Evo-All module and its going into a 2014 Honda Push to start Odyssey. The firmware i am using on the evo all module is honda 73.12. There are two problems that i am having. One is the door locks no matter what i do i can only get the drivers door to unlock. I have tried to do a double pulse unlock output on the astro start, and turning on and off drivers door unlock only on the fortin module as well as double pulse locks on the fortin module and still the module will only unlock the drivers door no matter how many pulse i send to it. Astro start uses D2D protocol on the data wire and i have selected this in the options and still cant get the other doors to unlock every time it just pulses the drivers door unlock. the other problerm that i am having is the fortin module is not syncing with the factory keyless and reflecting those changes on the aftermarket remote. So if i unlock the doors with the astrostart and lock the door with the factory keyless entery it wont reflect that change on the astro start remote, where both of your competitors modules will. Please Help!!!!