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grand cherokee 2016 shuts down

progrmaing went fine, decrypt as well, am running evo all Hardware 6 firmware 74.39 stand alone t harness on my grand cherokee 2016 , all i need is the remote start using OEM key ( 3 CLICKS), the car now starts and shuts right away, am using the standard recommended options for standalone t harness, when i press the brake pedal its stays a bit longer then again shuts down, my car is not equipped with hood pin and i never grounded the dark blue wire, any recommendations?, beofre firmware update i was on 74.22, the car starts with the triple lock but wouldn't shut down. VIN DA4RJ6DT5G4002762


Door opening don't shut off the engine why?

I got an Evo-one installed on my Accord 2018 push to start, everything works, but when I opened the door while the remote start is engaged, the car won't shut off until I push the brake padel, already got the option on on the programming but is not working that way, Any idea what it could be ?


19' Camry PTS - Trunk release and door open shutdown

Interior trunk button release button does not work but key fob release works. Evo all open door shutdown disabled but still shutdown when opening door.


doors relock after remote start shutdown

2013 F-150 i have option checked to shutdown remote start upon opening a door foot brake off problem 1 without this option checked the remote start never shut down till timer ran out even after turning ignition on and back off i was afraid it would shut off engine while driving if i left the shutdown option off. i was trying to get away from restarting engine a 2nd time after remote start. problem 2 after remote start doors relock and arm anti theft if i key unlock door and enter vehicle remote starter shutsdown but then 15-20 sec later the doors relock, this seems like a negative feature that could lock you out of vehicle accidently any info on these 2 things would be appreciated and make this setup more enjoyable thanks Brian


Reprogram auto shutdown after door opening

After opening a door, the car stops running. Can this feature be reprogramed on Honda Accord 2019?


GMC timmerk (950Pts.)


Door status not outputted for 5-6 seconds after remote shut down

I have a recent EVO-ALL (hardware v6, firmware v70.35) on a 2008 GMC Sierra connected to a third-party remote starter (i.e. *not* in stand-alone mode). It works perfectly except for one bug: once the EVO-ALL initiates a shut-down, it doesn't monitor and/or output the door status untill about 3-4 seconds after the vehicle is shut down. The door status is outputted correctly if engine is still on or if I wait 3-4 seconds after shut down before opening the door. Could you please ask your developers if this could be fixed in a firmware update? Thank you! UPDATE: it sounds like there are relays in the EVO-ALL, and the door status isn't outputted until after the relays "click" off or on after a remote shut down. This click occurs 5-6 seconds after shutdown, so hopefully this will help your developers out.


Remote start shutdown using evo-one and thar-one-maz3

Using lock-unlock-lock to start the car which is working flawlessly however I can’t cancel the shutdown using the same process. Do have a DEI SmartStart working off the system as well and can use that to start/shutdown system. Any ideas?


issues with door locks and overtake

So I've Installed a Viper remote starter on a 05 Acura RL this vehicle has a keyless smart key and also key to turn the ignititon switch... So I've programmed EVO-ALL using only the key unable to do so with the keyless, is there a way to program the keyless? Remote starter function works properly starts with no issues now problems im facing Acura alarm has to be disarm before starting, well once it starts doors dont lock as well no status input is present I can open the door press the brake even shift it into gear and it wont shut off... So remotes and door locks become inop when the vehicle starts and after I shut it off from the remote everything works again I've double check my connections and they all are on the right spot... EVO-ALL is communication with the vehicle when off but not when engine running... Hope im clear enought Any ideas or suggestions is highly appreciated possible im missing somthing but not sure?


CX3 Remote Start Shutdown on door open

I installed the EVO-ALL and it works perfectly except when the door opens the engine shuts off. It looks like it's supposed to do this in the instructions. Is there anyway to turn this feature off?


how to get the door locks and foot brake working through data.

2010 tiguan. ct4311tw remote with evo-all and tb-vw bypass. evo-all programmed and the car remote starts but no shut down with brake and no door locks. Hard wired from remote to evo-all. Rechecked options and reset some. Now starts and dies and still no locks. Tried another cable, then another evo all same thing.


Cannot manually kill engine after remote start

Honda Pilot 2014. Evo One.Thon-5 harness. Car remote starts, but no way to manually kill engine. Have to wait for Evo One timeout, which I got set at 3 minute now. TO manually kill engine, I tried: 1. pressing break pedal 2. Insert key, turn to run, press brake pedal 3. insert key, turn to run, turn to off 4. Insert key, turn to run, turn to off, press brake pedal 5. FOB, lock , unlock, etc. 6.Master rest Evo one., then enable C1, D2, 32-3, 38-2. 7. Even tried A3 - key bypass enable/disble


XL202 rf-kit avec Evo-All Autonome


Est-ce qu'un Rf-kit XL202 avec manette Astrostart AF-RFS2625 2way, sur Evo-All Stand Alone, peut envoyer un message de shut down quelque seconde apres le demarrage? Et ce, sans que la manette d'émette de confirmation d'arrêt. Le véhicule shut down après 2 seconde (3 flash parking light), et ce de facon intermittente. Il va bien une journée, ensuite le trouble apparait. J'ai isolé, c'est bien seulement avec le Rf-kit. 

L'autre affaire c'est que ces manette Astrostart ne sont pas listé pour le XL202, mais fonctionne bien avec firmwire et programmation de Viper. Peut-être la le bogue. 

J'aimerais votre avis



EVO-ONE is freez - after power on unit is engine at once start!

Unit installed as stand-alone bypass and remote starter with oem remote. Outlander 2016MY with classic key. Installed and programming succesfully but after connected all other wires this problem: After power on unit at once engine start. After it i can't shutdown engine - no reaction on pressing lock-lock-lock, not work timer. Ignition key not witch off engine. While I not disconnect unit or battery engine will work! Unic react on CAN signal, after connect first sequense lock-lock-lock red led on, some times off. Unit was reflash both bypass and remote started parts, both reset, but no result!