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08 Lincoln MKX Thar For4 w2w viper 4806 alarm does not disarm with RS door unlock

Guide 89121 wire to wire firmware 71.49 sn 001a07 150161 Alarm goes off when using RS unlock button when opening door trunk only opens with car remote started. Does not open with car resting Viper alarm doesn't have option to pulse ignition and gwr when unlocking door it has a wire used to disarm alarm what options do I have


OEM Alarm no longer working

I installed an EVO-ALL in my 06 Pathfinder a few weeks ago and everything is working except arm and disarm. I have the unit paired with a crimesropper starter through data. There are no wires populated in the BCM for lock and unlock, so I am using the evo all to control them through CAN. The locks function, but they don’t disarm or arm the factory alarm. Is there any way to change this?


factory alarm Problem with remote start

I have jeep grand cherokee 2013 (push to start) and install EVO-CHRT4 without the rf kit when I trun remote start it was sounding horn and hazard lamp and not stopping When trying to run the car with remotes, the alarm times work and the time does not work Update my device to 74.29 Park lights and hood pin are not installed Options: C1 D1 D6 I hope to solve the problem Best regard


2018 Toyota Highlander PTS EVO-ALL 642W AUX does not operate power lift gate?

2018 Highlander PTS, from what I can gather there is no viable solution to the liftgate option without an EVO-ONE. The 642W/EVO-ALL just sends a pulsed output to the liftgate as far as I can tell, but it requires a latching pulse. Anyone know of any current solutions?


Proper setting for Evo One Function 14 Alarm/Starter with OEM Alarm

Loaded the 4.32 FlashLink Manager and it is a HUGE HUGE improvement. Noticed a few more options on the vehicle specific set up - namely installation type and alarm. For Alarm options it provides 'No Alarm' or 'Built-in Alarm'. If you select 'No Alarm' it provides no 'thumbs up' on Function 14 options. If you choose 'Built-in' it puts a 'thumbs-up' next to Mode 2 (Alarm On/Remote Start On). For vehicles with factory (OEM) alarms - is Mode 1 (Alarm Off/Remote Start On) the correct choice (that is what I have been doing)? Or should I be using Mode 2. Not sure if the term 'built-in' refers to the Evo-One's 'built in' alarm or the Car's 'built in' alarm...


evo all forgetting and acting weird on 2013 toyota highlander G key

I installed an evo all with a crimestopper remote start on a 2013 toyota highlander G key with factory alarm. I followed guide #9041 with datalink and the programming went fine. I remote started the car and the trunk would randomly start opening, so I turned off option A2 and hardwired the trunk wire from the crimestopper and it all seemed to work fine until the factory alarm went off and so enabled option D2 but after testing it a few times i saw it wasnt consistantly unlocking before starting and it would do it later. So then i hardwired a factory disarm wire from the crimestopper to the purple wire in the driver kick panel and turned off option D2, I also lowered the firmware version that seemed to work until the the lock and unlock stopped working for a day or so and then started working again so i turned off option A1 and hardwired the door locks from the crimestopper. But now the customer tells me the auto headlights turned off in middle of driving!!!!! Im really lost here! Ive installed dozens of remote starts and evo one's and evo all's in all sorts of cars but i cant figure this out! It seems to work and then a day later it acts all weird and stops functioning properly.


Proper setting for Evo One Function 14 for OEM Alarm System

I have an OEM alarm and I want the Evo to arm the alarm on lock (function 9, Mode 1) - do I need to change function 14 from the default Mode 1 'Alarm Off Remote-starter On' to Mode 2 'Alarm On Remote-starter On' ? Said differently - is function 14 used to control the OEM alarm or is that for when the evo one is the 'alarm controller' and has no effect on the OEM alarm.


2012 F150 with Evo-All and aftermarket remote start setting of factory alarm intermittently

I installed an aftermarket remote start system with push button start and proximity fobs. I wired it through the evo-all wire for wire to the remote start except for the horn which I didn't want beeping multiple times everytime I disarmed with the aftermarket fob. My main issue is with remote starting, but I will explain the behaviors of the systme in case they all add up to one answer. When I unlock with the aftermarket fob the Accessory function of the ignition turns on for about 2 seconds then unlocks the truck. As long as the doors are all closed it will lock instantly, but the dome light takes about a minute to fade out. These I can live with. Usually I can hold the remote start button on my aftermarket fob for 4-5 seconds and it starts up no problem. At least once a week, sometime more frequently lately, the factory alarm will start sounding. If I start pressing keys randomly on the fob it may stop the alarm and then start, but usually it keeps sounding until I manually disarm the factory alarm. Luckily I have the keypad on the door to disarm the factory alarm since I don't carry the original keys anymore in lieu of the new push button start. The push button start works flawlessly everytime. My Evo-All is updated to the newest firmware. I had it updated to the "Recommended" firmware, but something wasn't working correctly (can't remember exactly what, maybe the remote start, its been about 6 months). Any help diagnosing this would be awesome. I love the remote start and the push button. But its really embarrasing trying to start the truck coming out of the store and then have your alarm sound until you walk accross the lot to enter code in door keypad. Takes away some of the conveniences.


G35 OEM alarm not arming (turning on)

Hello all. I have a 2005 Infiniti G35 (automatic; not intellikey, not push start) and I just installed a Fortin EVO-ONE with the NIS2 T-Harness and a Compustar Slice Remote. I can lock, unlock, release the trunk, and remote start/stop the car. My problem is that the OEM Alarm doesn't seem to turn on when I lock the car. The alarm no longer activates when the car is manually unlocked from inside and opened. Regarding connected wires:

    A8 (Dk. Blue) (- GRW) is not connected to anything A15 (Pink/Black) (- Hood pin) is not connected to anything D6 (White/Red) (Security light) is not connected to anything D4 (White/Green) (Security light) is not connected to anything Lt. Blue on the T-Harness isn't connected to anything Lt. Blue/Black on the T-Harness isn't connected to anything I cut the security light wire in the g35 (identified via wirecolor diagrams). The wires aren't connected to anything.

Is there anything I'm missing or do I have to turn on a specific setting via Flashlink Updater 2 (which I have)?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Ford zac B (140Pts.)


I cant look at my wiring scheme anymore

I used my free vehicle key on my account that came with the bypass for my ford f150 2010 and now i cant look at the pdf anymore please help!


FAQ: How do I know/how to test if my vehicle has an OEM alarm.

Just figured I would post this as I have often been asked...


" How do I know/how to test if my vehicle has an OEM alarm?"


Really simple to check, perform the following test:.



1- Put down the drivers window.


2- Ensure all doors are closed, including the hood and trunk.


3- Lock the vehicle using the OEM remote.


4- Wait between 45-60 seconds after you have locked the vehicle to allow the system to arm itself.


5- Once you have waited the time period reach inside the drivers door and open the drivers door from the inside handle. (basically replicating someone trying to steal your belongings/vehicle).


6- At this point your alarm will either go off or it won't, answering the question if your vehicle is equipped with a factory alarm!


Side note: good way to also test to see if your vehicle has a factory hood pin that is part of the alarm system is to do the above test but instead of opening the door first, reach in and pull the hood release latch. (useful on newer Mazda vehicles with factory hood pins that are part of the OEM alarm). If no alarm goes off, then open the drivers door. If the alarm goes off when you open the drivers door and not when you open the hood. Then this answers your question if the factory hood pin is part of the alarm system.



Verrouillage après démarrage Golf 2015 (clef)

J'utilise le désarmement de l'alarme via Evo-All, et le verrouillage après démarrage. Étant trop rapide, le verouillage ne se fait pas, laisant le véhicule déverrouillé. Il est possible de verrouiller après après démarrage, 3 à 5 secondes après. Donc pour l'instant, on démarre le véhicule, et on reverrouille à la télécommande. Y a t-il une solution autre qu'un montage à 2 relais temporisé?


Jeep AJBrown (320Pts.)


RF Kit Stops Working after Arm/lock

2015 Jeep Wrangler, EVO-ALL, Compustar RF-2W704-SH 2-Way RF Kit with FT-D100. The remotes that come with the RF kit are working but they stop working after I have locked or armed the system. I cannot get them to respond and do anything until I unlock the doors with the factory remote. It's seems that once the doors are locked, the car stops listening to any input through the aftermarket remotes. If I want to use remote start for cold morning, I have to lock the doors on the jeep manually the night before.